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Original owners of our 06 CXL. In 9 years we've replaced alternator-battery-water pump-thermostat-normal oil changes-tail light bulb and third set of tires with 118K miles. Just replaced wheel hubs (preventive), rotors and brakes then drove 2500 miles round trip to Florida with the odometer starting at 115K. Only vehicle problem that occurred on the trip was a anti-sway bar link broke due to the road salt used in home state of New Jersey. Two years ago brakes failed due to rusted brake line also caused by the road salt.
Only "major" motor work was at about 100K had the intake gasket replaced due to leak. Had a code that came on a year ago indicating a tranny problem, shop quoted $1600 to rebuild, our mechanic did some research and found that it was a dirty sensor connection, cleaned it no charge, no code again.
We are VERY happy with our vehicle
had to to major front end work at 61000
had to replace the computer at 62000
had to replace the EGR servo valve at 65000
engine also has a knocking rod, i chose to trade it in and not repair, i have driven a couple of park avenues and the lucern is not the same quality, it is crap
i traded this lemon in and got a new Nissan maxima, the difference in quality is astounding, GM will not survive, Obama will pump billions into to it until it dies.
bought 06 lucerne with 21k. had the car for 6 yrs. it was in the shop over 30 times with problem after problem. i spent over $12,000 on upkeep and repairs. this is a lemon. will never buy a buick again. this car is a money pit and completley un-reliable. problems included door lock solenoids, always vibrates, paint swirls, power window problem, ratttling noises in the right rear door, transmission lines rotting out twice, wheel bearings shot, front and rear suspencion, water pump, heating and cooling issue,clunking hard shift i the transmission at times, multiple brake problems, air bag problems with the sensores, door handles broke off, antenna broke off, window washer pump broke and on and on and on a real POS.
I bought a used Buick Lucerne in 2011 with 30K miles. Right away it started to have a rotten egg smell. I took it to the Chevrolet dealer in my town and they couldn't smell it. I continued to return it and at that time they smelled it and said they to use high test fuel and they cleaned out the fuel injectors. Problem still existed. Back to the dealer. They smelled the sulfur coming from the car and installed a catalytic converter. Smell continued. Back to the dealer and the service department installed another converter. Meanwhile, the door handle just came off in my hand. Had to pay for that to be fixed. Just got the car back from the service department and was told the problem was because we didn't drive it enough and should take the car and drive it on long trips. We were told by the service writer that he could go on the lot and drive any car out there and it would do the same as ours. They loaned us a 2015 Chevrolet Impala which was only driven a total of 30 miles in two days and not once did it have the rotten egg smell. Our old '97 Buick Le Sabre was a wonderful car. It had well over 130,000 miles and still ran and drove like a new car.Leather interior, good steering, good gas mileage and very dependable.And now Buick is selling a car that stinks, not leather all around the seats, steering isn't that great and the worst of it is... The service department can only come up with "It smells because of sulfur in the gasoline, it's not driven that much and all the cars are doing that. Don't believe it. Lest I forget, we had to have the rack and pinion replaced.
Car has 43,000 miles,always serviced before it's called for and the transmissions gone, needs replacement, had all sorts of problems with lane sensor, side obstacle sensors, on star and ignition switch, but nothing like the huge expense of having the tranny rebuilt. GM just isn't what it used to be. Beautiful car but not built to last and it wasn't cheap either.
I will never buy a Buick ever again. General Motors knew problems with these cars never put on a recall I have a 2006 Buick Lucerne its been nothing but problems with doors not closing properly and engine has tons of issues my car is low mileage (98,000 miles) burns oil like crazy took into shop no oil left into engine because of faulty pre cats I am looking into a salvage engine. The brakes aren't good have replaced 3 sets already so sick of this piece of junk want to get out of this money pit. Bought used with 32000 miles 4 years ago now its a lemon time push over cliff I like elegance styling but characteristics a very unreliable car I also got 6 wheel bearings replaced. Body isn't good the whole front bumper has come apart I don't drive hard or abuse vehicles seems like this car was in a Crash Test Program even transmission slips into 2nd gear now wouldn't go into drive had me stopped right in middle of my driveway had a neighbor help push it back into driveway until call for somebody help me I've spent $2345 on a new transmission now seems problem happening again because feel some hard jerking I absolutely hate this car. First and last Buick hopefully find an auto dealer take in my trade so get out of this junk.
I purchased my 2007 Buick Lucerne in July of 2006. It was on the dealers showroom floor and I fell in love with it. After 7 1/2 and 71,000 miles, I still enjoy driving it. It's the best car by far that I have ever owned. The dealer in Summerville SC I purchesed it from is the only place I have ever had it serviced. They preform the required maintenance and don't pressure to have things done that don't need to be done. Thumbs up to GM and the 2007 Buick Lucerne CRS and to our local dealer here in Summerville SC.
I like the car but the mileage really stinks, 18 mpg is not exactly my cup of tea, however, like I said, I like the car, now if only I can figure out the bluetooth telephone system in it, I'd be over. I've yet to find someone who has figured it out. I guess I'll have to try a GM repair store.
I bought my 2007 Lucerne used with almost 27K miles. I now have over 94K. I love the reliability of this car (hope I didn't jinx myself). I love the roomy interior. My only complaints are the lack of glove compartment space and the blind spots. The many airbags take up a good bit of room and I notice quite a few blind spots. Only other problem was the tail lights, they seemed to go quicker than normal and it is a pain to replace them. I wish Buick still made the car
Just spent $286 to replace headlamps bulbs !
Also, driver's interior plastic door handle broke. All insides must be replaced at a cost of $800 !
I have an 08 lucerne cxs with the north star engine. When I first purchased it was a dream to drive and then it hit 50k miles and everything went wrong. First some relay kept going out because the voltage was set too high that ran me a grand. The next problem an oil leak near the crank shaft that blew the oil back onto the engine therefore I never knew the oil was leaking and burned the engine up. Now the a/c works on the passenger side when the heater is on and when want the a/c it only works on the driver side. For a $40k car its noisy I made the mistake of leaving my Deville to go to this Buick. If you are considering this vehicle please reconsider.
The back door on one side will not open and on the other side won't close. This is one hack of a problem that I need to solve.
We were out & car would not start, had it towed to a mechanic, he replaced fuel pump Then found relay switch melted in fuse box, replaced that & it started, we went to get , it ran about 12 miles & just quit again , had it towed again to another garage,& was diagnosised as needing a fuse box finally found a fuse box put it in , now running again. after spending $1500.00 We found on internet that GM had recalled 2009 Lucerne but was told it was not our vin. no.altho it was the same problem as ours, they put a harness on it, to solve the problem so I think it is GM's fault.
this is my 2nd lucerne .. nice size comfortable .good on gas..wish buick still had a car of this size.
I bought my 2007 lucerne used.1year ago, I currently have 70k miles and am starting to have buyers remorse. It burns oil, i have added oil after 2k on more than 1 occasion. I have a 2005 grandprix w/180k miles I have always gotten oil changes at about 6k-7k miles and only had to add oil 2x in 8yrs and that was when I failed to get it changed after 6k miles. In my buick I am occasionally smelling fumes not sure what it is but I remembered smelling it as a child in my grandparents cars. My interior lights are barely working including the steerig wheel lights radio etc. I keep losing air in my tires more frequently than I know I should. A buck has ben my dream car and Im growing concerns about that. Oh yeah my passenger side door mirror(glass & frame) popped off while driving and now I have to replace the entire mirror thats the housing included.
My 2008 Buick Lucerne, V8, is nearing 100,000 miles and it is time for a whole bunch of maintenance and repair items, well over 1,000.00 worth of repairs/maintenance. I am very satisfied with it and it is about to go out of warranty. It has been driven to Washington, DC multiple times, DisneyWorld and many, many other places from Indianapolis, IN and still going. I had the same problem with the driver side door handle falling off in my hand just out of the blue and found out it is just a manufacturer deficiency and I had the dealer replace it. The brakes on the Lucerne are rather delicate as the discs tend to warp with excessive lateral runout even when using really good ceramic brake pads, but I do the brakes myself and it does not get that expensive. There are no oil leaks and I do my own oil changes. The transmission seems to be working fine, now I have noticed recently that if I take off at maximum speed going from zero to whatever with the pedal to the floor, the torque thrust is rather extreme and the car moves from side to side almost uncontrolably until it reaches a certain speed, of course I do not recommend anyone do this. After it goes out of warranty in the next month or so, I am going to add a computer chip to allow me to use HHO gas from water and modify the car to run on water as a supplement to gasoline and see what my gas mileage becomes. I love this car as I have taught my oldest daughter how to drive using this car and my family has had many exciting adventures in the Lucerne.
My 2008 Buick Lucerne Cxl has had several repairs and it does not have 33,000 miles on it yet.The 1st repair was the steering system it had a whining noise when I was turning the wheel and backing up at the same time, 2nd was I smelled gasoline coming in thru the airvents and to this day I was not given a reason why that was going on, 3rd my check engine light came on and there was loss of power while driving it, I was told that it was a Purge Solenoid that was not functioning properly,4th the door handle on the driver side just came off no questions asked, this car was purchased brand new, I am losing faith in GM cars but it is still under waranty a good thing everything is showing up now instead of later.
We are having problems with our tires as the air keeps leaving them has any one else have this problem if so whats the fix for it?Also we are having to replace the struts on it already and its only a 2007
We bought in 2006 and it's the best car we've ever owned! We love it still today!
I purchased my 2007 Lucerne new. It uses 2 qts of oil between oil changes at 3000 miles. This week the driver's door handle broke. It has 58000 miles on it so "It is no longer covered." Any one else having this problems? It is difficult for this 72 year old female to crawl in the passenger side and then over to the drivers side. Oh boy. will I continue with Buicks???????
Purchased new - currently, 5yr old w/57k miles - @ 1k miles driver door handle broke, warranty - @ 48k front motor mount replaced, warranty - @ 57k miles replaced front wheel bearing x1 and water pump - (had to replace coolant in reservoir every 3 to 4k miles, could not find any in oil or transmission or from rear exhaust as vapor - small amount leaking from water pump weep hole only when running, engine heat vaporized and never leaked on ground. Had to replace one taillight bulb, access is over engineered.
I have owned 2 Buicks, the first was a LeSabre, at 30 thousand miles the Transmission just came apart at 30 mph with my wife driving. I had to pay the dealer to replace it.
I sold it & purchased a 2006 Lucerne (new), now at 37701 miles the transmission it it did the same thing, came apart, only this time I was on the highway at 65 mph. Since the car was out of warrenty, the dealer would not repair it. I found that the factory had put out a bulletin about the transmission having problems. I reported this to the dealer, and was told they received the notice, but didn't pass it on to the customers. Their customer service is "If it breaks under warrenty they would fix it, but if they waited it out, then the customer would pay for the work!" After 2 Buick Quality issues, I WOULD NEVER BUY A BUICK OR GM CAR AGAIN!
Car looses 2 quarts of oil between oil changes... Dealer replaced valve guides. Still does it. Dealer says " GM considers this to be acceptable". 2 qts REALLY!

This car has been into service for an raspy acceleration sound that sounds like a large wooden croquet ball bouncing around in a thick plastic box between 1800-2100 rpm. At times I have to turn up the radio and roll down the window to INTRODUCE enough sound to drown this out. Of course... they can never hear this when it has been in 3 different times. They just say... eventually it will break. OMG!

Never again... My advise.... BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!
The problem i am having is the remote for the door locks and trunk sometimes works sometimes it don't don't know what to do battery not low in remote can anyone help me.
car is ok,brakes are terrible,GM.tells you to gear down,to cool brakes,so they know theires a problem.
I love my 2008 Buick Lucerne CXS. I only wished the car had a battery volt indicator like my previous park aves had.The D.I.C. center in my last car had this. The look/ride comfort is great. Besides the lack of battery volt indicator, the dash buttons are not as friendly as my last park ave. Even a rental chevy colbalt had the buttons in the steering wheel. Its hard to set and see what the car is doing,the way the buttons are on the left dash.Outside this it;s a fantastic car. I hope my next full size Buick is rear wheel drive. And I want a 2 door like i had in my 1989 Buick Le sabre T-Type. Bring back a look that that again.2 door.console/looked like a grand national.Buick used to have comfort and hot rodding like my 1969 Wildcat 2 door. Make the name Wildcat come back boys at Buick. A life time Buick man. Thanks TIMOTHY JAMES SIMPKINS