2004 Buick LeSabre Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Buick LeSabre owners review and rate their 2004 Buick LeSabre.

2004 Buick LeSabre (8 Reviews)
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BEST CAR I'VE EVER OWNED. My Buick finally over 200,000 miles never gave me problems it has religiously been fully serviced at dealership. Never put a dime into minimal repairs got a 3800 V6 very nice car while still comfortable. I definitely would buy another Buick this car runs amazing went on several trips no problems. Has lots of spacious plenty of room it's a bigger car enough dimensions perfect sized car I have ever owned pln driving until it all breaks free.
Purchased this car when we were in MAINE.It was a program car from DETROIT,MI and had 5240 miles on it Rides like we are on a couch. Had to replace both front wheel Bearing Hubs and the usual Brakes.Gets great
gas mileage 28-32 so can not complain for this size car. I now have 171,000 miles on it and hope to continue keeping it as compared to all these new cars all getting recalls.Best car I ever had. Thanks GM !!
Purchased used in North Carolina in 2008 (It was a NY car originally). Had 47,000+ miles then, has 311,000 now. Main problem is under body rust caused by salting roads)

Most other problems caused by towing things since it does not have a towing package. Otherwise biggest problems are the front wheel bearings and o2 sensors, intake manifold will be another. So far it is holding up but is showing signs of needing replacement. Will wait until Fall 2014 to make the decision. If replacing front wheel bearings always buy the ones with lifetime warranty. Bearings are made cheaply so why pay for them more than once. If frame holds up (does not break due to salt) I believe the car could easily reach 400,000.

It makes sense why Buick discontinued the Le Sabre ..... it is too good of a car and lasts way too long.
it's a wonderful car. I bought it used in 2000, and have had absolutely no big problems. It has 96,000 miles on it now. one thing, I had to have my heat sensor replaced twice, and it was not even that. after I wised up and put my buick gas cap back on it instead of the locked gas cap I bought at walmart, it has never had that problem again. it was confusing the computer, I think. the light turned off immediately upon putting the original cap back on. then I had to replace a right front brake pad. and then too, the top came off the console. I have that just laying there where it belongs though and no one is the wiser... I think this car is great for a senior woman as myself. I have taken several long trips. never any problems. Thank you GM and thank you Lord!
What a great car! Over 8 years old and 170,000 miles and still going strong. It's taken us on numerous long distance family vacations safely, smoothly and reliably. Minimal repairs. Love that 3800 Series II engine; I sure wish they still made it today. Today's cars can't touch its power or fuel economy!
I bought this car as a used company fleet car in 2005. I always get over 26 MPG in city driving, better than any of my friends! Remember Savannah is on the Atlantic Ocean, so it is very flat terrain here. I am fanatic about the oil changes & tire rotation. Quiet and comfortable ride! My third Buick. Only little things have gone wrong, like the backseat cup holder fell off & I just now replaced the brake pads. Good car & carries 6 passengers comfortably. Wish it had a "pass through" from the backseat to the trunk however. What's a drive train?