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1995 Buick LeSabre (10 Reviews)
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MY 1995 buick lesabre has been sitting for 7 years. does anyone know what I should replace other than belts and hoses? would be greatly appreciated.
The car might look bad but it's reliable purchased in 1998 from a friend who took his kids around my son's drove it but they have abused my Lesabre looks like been in a crash dummy that is what you get handling over the keys to teens. I am getting it fixed up still reliable just in bad shape it won't die. My friend bought this car new he kept it up now looks like a rag on wheels planning to drive until motor quits.
I would loke to know how long it would take to replace the intake manifold gaskets on my 1995 buick LeSabre?
Bought my 95 Lesabre June of 2007 with 160,000 miles on it. It now has 272,000 miles. I replaced the water pump, a pulley and right wheel cylinder. It has been and is a very reliable car. I am impressed with the ride comfort and not afraid to put it on the road. The 3800 v6 engine is powerful and economical enough. Thank God for this car!
i smell gas when the car is running with the AC is on
Bought my 95 lesabre limited about a year ago. Great car, comfortable ride and excellent highway mileage. Have done some basic routine work to it so far. Bought it with a snapped front sway bar which I guess is fairly common. Engine runs great at 170k. Struts are shot and looking at replacing them. Wondering if anyone knows what kind of struts the car has? Are they air or what?
love this car except for the rust problems
I have a 95 buick lesabre bought it used 5 years ago with 50,000 miles on it. After reading all the great reviews on the car decided to buy it. BAD MISTAKE. My car now has 93,000 miles and in the past 5 years I have put more into the car than I paid for it. I have put almost $3,000 in repair. The car looks like it is in mint condition beautiful looking car but I can not trust it.You name it, it has broke on ly car. Just got my car tuned up and drove it 160 miles before the power steering pump went out. Beofre that the computer,fuel pump,gas tank,alternator,brake lines and brakes,fuel pump,the list goes on and on. The cars sound great so sad because when my car runs good I love it! Just a lemon I guess I baby the heck out f it and still everything brakes.
with 150,000 miles all Ive had to replace is my master cyl. and my power steering pump. It has been a very good car. Reached 26 mpg on roadtrip lastr summer.
Great engine. Electrical gets a little touch and go as the car ages. Hate all the gaps and joints in the body - lots of places for water to run and debris to accumulate = rust problems