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1998 Buick Century (5 Reviews)
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I don't understand this car has very bad brake problems they sound metal to metal all the time have replaced 2 times a year is only drove around town local. Maybe someone can tell me about these brakes the back wears not the front, and every thing that can be change has been and still doesn't work. please email me with any help
replacing head gaskets
My girlfriend bought her Buick Century new in 1998. She`s gone through two sets of window motors at a cost of $400 each. That`s $3,200 total! Now the brakes have the car in the shop and she won`t tell me how much it will cost. But she did say it`s over $500 at the dealer. I think she`s getting ripped off there. I paid to get her A/C fixed for $1,300 at the dealer. Again we got ripped off I feel. The car still runs great at 80,000 miles but repairs at the dealer are very expensive. The plastic interior is cheap and the summer heat ruined it. From the outside it still looks new and rides beautiful. Buick needed to address a few flaws to make future buyers happier.
I have a Buick Century 1998 limited it has 227k miles. In the summer i fishtailed into a swamp engine first. I thought it was done for but she keeps on going with minimal repair, this car is a fighter thats for sure. For my first car i gotta say i love it!
This car is awesome i have hardly any problems like not even no major only minors and it has about 300,000k miles and its still running good noting wrong with it so i strongly recommend this car and any Buick.