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2000 Acura RL (2 Reviews)
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I bought a 2000 Acura RL with 90.000 mi 4 years ago. Now it has reached 100.000 mi. I went one time on a longer trip (6.000 km in 2 weeks, the car was driven up to its maximum through Germany and elsewhere), for the rest the car is used very seldom (my main car is Volvo 940). Shame to say I did not do absolutely any maintenance on the car, except changing 2 tyres. Not even the motor oil or any filter, as I em reluctant to give it to any local workshop, and always postpone to do it myself. The car still has its original timing belt, which can cost it its life as a repair would be impossible to undertake if the timing belt breaks or slips (I live in Holland, but I guess anywhere else if the timing belt fails it would be the end of the engine).

It is kept in a garage so it keeps its nice look. There is no rust anywhere, and the paint finish is excellent. I find the interior made in a very quality manner and extremely user friendly. The sound of the factory installed hi-fi unit (Bose) is superb, and its controls are greatly designed. The car does not have too many and unnecessary gadgets or steering wheel switches, what it has is just enough for highly ergonomic use. Bad remark can be made to the fact that (at least on my car, and that is very strange to me) there is no light on the A/C control unit switches, so in the night it is not easy to choose the settings.

I am planning to overhaul the brakes (rotors are causing vibrations at higher speed sharper braking, which considering the mileage I find normal and part of regular maintenance) and replace oil, ATF, cooling liquid etc and all filters. Also to somehow inspect the alternator for brushes wear, and replace all the belts, and timing belt and tensioners.

Car behaves excellent on the road and is very easy to drive. I gave it all maximum ratings as I never experienced any problem, and it is obviously not perfectly maintained at all. Another minus point would be the design of the upper edge of the inside door panel (upholstery). This can probably understand only drivers of Volvo 700/900 series, as the design on the Volvo is unmatched by any car I drove earlier (possibly older Mercedeses can be compared to Volvo). The Acura inside door panel is at the "wrong" height (too high) and it is rounded (while the Volvo design is rectangular and wide enough so that the complete lower arm can be rested on it (with the window closed). There is an armrest on the Acura RL door panel, but it is too low and not suitable for me.

I've had and driven many cars, and my belief is that Acura RL can be a very long lasting car if maintained used correctly.
Kingsley Bayoh

I have a 2000 3.5 RL, bought used in 2003 with 50000 miles.
I now have 360,000 miles. A great car. I kept all maintenance. A lot of money was spent to keep it top notch. A very reliable car.
The following were problems encountered since I bought the car 10 years ago.
1. emission control
2. Electrical Problems, such as alarm sounding off un-necessarily, that causes the fuse to blow off. Trunk does not open from inside. Steering adjustment control does not work.
3. Brakes does not apply immediately, even with new rotors including new brake pads.
4.Numerious gasket replacement problems, which is very costly.
5. Door regulator problems
6. Shock assober or strut problems.
7. Interior leader seats cracks, driver door shoulder rest, venial and seat bottom covers are not good.
Overall the car worth keeping to the end.