The RepairRadar Blog: The New RepairRadar Tool is Here to Make Understanding Your Car Easier.

July 13, 2017

Unsure on when your car should be getting a repair? Want to learn about a tool that can provide you personalized recall information? The world of automotive recalls and maintenance can be met with confusion and mystery. Many people are unclear of where to find the information they need and how it pertains to them and their vehicle. We have found that customers have commonly expressed that both recalls and when/where to get maintenance for your car is difficult to know and understand. We’ve heard the distress and worked to end the disorientation with the installation of our new system: the RepairRadar

This new system has an interface that’s easy for anyone to operate and understand. RepairRadar is a source of convenient and accessible information for all customers that need assistance or have questions on scheduling maintenance and recalls.


What exactly is a maintenance schedule and why does it matter?

Scheduling maintenance is the suggested ‘life span’ of your vehicle, which tells what kinds of repairs you should be getting, and after how many miles driven your car should be getting them.

RepairRadar displays the 5 most common repairs for the make and model of your car, when you should expect your car to need them, and the cost range for each repair. All you have to do is enter your car’s information and a timeline of your vehicle's expected maintenance will be presented to you, easy as that! All of this will be an organized spreadsheet to help you be prepared and informed, all to have your car run like it’s brand new for years.

How do I know about recalls for my car?

RepairRadar is also a source for assistance with recall information on your car. With RepairRadar, you will be able to see the past and current recalls on your vehicle, helping you to stay cognizant and up to date. With the RepairRadar pamphlet, you can also see the best and worst brands for average recalls per model, an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle, or simply looking for information on their vehicle.


To download the full pamphlet, click here.

No longer will you need to worry about finding information on recalls involving your car, leave that hard work for us! RepairRadar is here to make dealing with recalls and maintenance scheduling as easy as possible, being both informative and helpful for you. 

Go ahead and give it a try!

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