Remote Car Starters: Why They're Great and How to Choose One

October 5, 2017

A quality and properly installed remote car starter can improve your safety and quality of life. Imagine having the ability to remotely start your vehicle and never climb into a freezing cold or a sweltering warm car again Once you get a taste of what life is like using a high-quality remote starter you won’t want to go back to life without one. The affordability and ease of installation have made remote starters one of the hottest vehicle advancements.

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5 Benefits of a Remote Car Starter

Remote climate control and defroster control

Whether you want to heat the car up, cool it down, or turn the defroster on it’s all just a click away with a remote start. Some equipment will even allow commands to be sent to control features in the car. Depending which model starter you purchase you can activate these features from a specified distance away from the vehicle. Purchasing an affordable remote starter can eliminate harsh conditions when you get in your car or the need to scrape peepholes through windshield ice.

Easily locate a parked car

Have you ever wandered the parking lot trying to remember where you parked your car? Turn on your vehicle with a remote start and never wander aimlessly searching for your car again.

Improve vehicle safety

Having an advanced alarm system on vehicles seems like a necessity nowadays. You can add or improve vehicle security with a remote start system. If security is a concern, look for a remote starter with integrated security systems.

The cool factor

Though the excitement of a remote car starter may wear off for you over time, anyone you give a lift to is sure to be impressed with the near-magical feature.

Quality of life

Throughout our hectic lives, we search for ways to make our duties simple and efficient. Take the extra ten minutes getting ready in the house rather than waiting for your windshield to defrost. Automatic starters can also simplify:

  • Synchronizing your smartphone and car. Use your cell phone to control functions within the vehicle remotely. To unlock additional features, make sure the automatic starter you select has cell phone integration systems.
  • Locate your car anytime. Ever let a friend borrow your car? Have a new driver behind the wheel? If for any reason you want to know the location of your vehicle at any time your automatic start can allow you to do that. If you want this feature you should purchase a remote starter with GPS tracking systems.

Tips for Picking the Best Remote Car Starter

Here are some tips to help you get the best deal on the best remote start no matter whom you purchase it from.

1. Purchase and install with the same company

People often shop on a price basis for electronics. Having access to the Internet has made this much easier. However, ordering a remote starter from one source and having it installed with another can be a costly mistake.

Let’s say you purchase an automatic starter online and bring it to the installation shop. Although they can install it, they cannot guarantee what they are installing. You are at risk of them starting work and then realizing the starter is defective. This can cost you money and time dealing with multiple parties.

2. Look for a warranty

Be sure to ask this question when shopping for an automatic starter. Most reputable manufacturers will provide warranty for the main systems. Typically their coverage will be offered for the life of the vehicle.

The next part of the warranty to consider is for the installation. Make sure the installation shop can provide warranty for the installation labor. Anytime you allow someone to do work on your car make sure you verify their track record and legitimacy. This can improve your chance of getting the best installation.

3. Bargain hunting can cost you money

When purchasing complex systems such as remote car starters, buying from the cheapest place can ultimately cost you more money. Do your homework, find a reliable source, ask for referrals, and make sure the installation company knows what they are doing. Taking shortcuts to save some money can lead to long-term problems, improper installation, and more.

4. Shop in store and ask for help

Similar to bargain hunting, taking shortcuts to save time can also cost you. When it comes to remote starters there are many variables impacting the price and quality. Going to the store and speaking with a consultant can help you gather accurate information on pricing, product, installation, and more.

Remote starters can sometimes require additional equipment to ensure proper performance. These add-on items can often be overlooked on phone or internet quotes, so shopping in-store can help you get more accurate installation prices. It’s also a good idea to allow the installer to look at your car prior to installation to identify any red flags.

Take the time to pick the best place to do business with for your automatic starter. It’s important to explore your options before picking the perfect starter for you and your family!

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