Power Door Lock Actuator

The power door lock actuator is an electric motor that turns a gear mechanism, which either pushes or pulls a linkage in order to lock or unlock a door.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Power Door Lock Actuator

  • Door lock may only lock or unlock, operate erratically, or not at all
  • Alarm systems may malfunction
  • Before the actuator completely fails, you may hear an abnormal noise from the door as the lock is operating

Power Door Lock Actuator Related Repair Advice

  • Failure to eliminate the door lock electrical circuit and the lock mechanism as a source of the problem may result in the replacement of a fully functional door lock actuator
  • On many newer vehicles, the complete lock assembly must be replaced to correct a door lock actuator fault

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By , August 17, 2017
power lock dont work trunk dont work flat tire light is on

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