How to Perform an Oil Pan Reseal

If the oil pan gasket is leaking, the engine oil pan will often need to be resealed. There might also be internal seals in the oil pan that seal oil passages for the oil pump—if these leak, the oil pan will need to be resealed.

The oil pan is sealed with a gasket, which can be made of paper, rubber, or a sealing liquid (liquid gasket).

How to reseal the oil pan

  1. Drain engine oil
  2. Remove oil filter
  3. Remove oil pan
  4. Clean off old gaskets or sealing material and the oil pump pick-up screen
  5. Install new gaskets, seals, or sealing liquid
  6. Install oil pan
  7. Add engine oil and replace oil filter

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By , May 06, 2011
On the How to Reseal the Oil Pan section, Number seven, wouldn't you replace the filter first and then add oil? There are people out there that would add oil first!
By , May 16, 2011
The oil filter is typically above the oil level, and the oil pump is used to pull the oil from the pan and send it to the filter. As long as you have removed the oil filter and the old oil, the order of install of the filter/new oil doesn't matter.

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