Oil Pan

Mounted to the bottom of the crankcase, the oil pan is a reservoir where engine oil is stored and drawn from.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Pan

  • Oil may leak onto the ground and be seen on the underside of the vehicle

Oil Pan Related Repair Advice

  • The oil pan is sealed with a gasket, which can be made of paper, rubber, or a sealing liquid (liquid gasket)
  • Some engines have an upper and lower oil pan gasket; the upper oil pan may also be referred to as the crankcase
  • The oil pan is on the bottom of the engine, so any oil leaks from the top or front of the engine could drain down and look like an oil pan leak. It's important to verify that there are no other leaks before having the oil pan resealed.
  • Over-tightening of the oil drain plug can damage the oil pan threads, requiring replacement of the oil pan

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