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I got my 95 for $700 from the shop i do business with, they have done all work since 96 , so i have noticed it and liked it. when a 4 salle sign got put on it i looked and all was good , however, the transmission was going out, no problem. it had new T/As , a huge single exhaust installed, K&N air, American wheels circa 95 225:70.16", new struts and poly bushings f&r. Rear Shocks. the car had a lien on it so i felt bad about taking this car for 700. I looked up the former owner and talked with him and he was glad i got it, he had seen my RoadRunner and was apologizing for the way the Transmission was. well i put a low mile used Trans in for $1000 installed. THAT car is one fast SOB that handles great, as good as my Volvo, the freeway trips are very fun. i hyad a problem with a 5amp fuse that is in the run spot kept blowing, i took it to Parker's here in Salem all checked out with no problems so they put a 10amp in and said that it had way too much running off it, other than that i am keeping it! i love rear drivers!!.
It's getting worst about everyday. I need help this car is falling apart on me. The engine has caught on fire plus got it rebuilt but now the motor is stalling at stop signs and red lights. Tranny blew at 115k miles took into several shops now car is beginning squeaking loud. I had a nice person to push me at gas station when car decided stalled at light. It idles bad even backfired while now sounds like diesel because no exhaust cat. Before bought the car was in 8 accidents maybe why it's unreliable before the owner said he put lots of repairs into it after hit 30,000 miles. I spent at least 225.00 on new parts even had to use a rental when repair shop kept my car overnight it is starting be money pit. Can't afford a newer car so I'm stuck with this crap seems acceleration is dangerous and engine misfired too hazardous for me driving this car. Definitely afraid might get into serious accident so crazy because drive with my hazard lights on because car doesn't have any acceleration as have to hammer the throttle down every mechanic take in says can't find the problem. Looking for a used car or try be able finding a new car so get out of this vehicle too dangerous for me driving around liked this or get into bad accident that be serious causing my life.
Bought the car new love it. I have had my Cougar for 13 years not a issue runs and drives like new. It's a awesome beautiful looking car as '02 model. It is well equipped with some great options very comfortable sportier on outside handles and drive real good. The Cougar is great within last 13 years I've owned it it's an joy ever driven. I'm at now 125K miles got regular routine maintenance all original has a V6 motor its incredibly nice little coupe ever WON'T DIE ON ME YET just love this car gets good mpg. Very easily using as the radius are perfect Cougar is bit lighter on roads great performance was well worth money spending getting this car.
I love this car, it's got all the power of a muscle car without sacrificing the ride. It rides like, well a luxury car, I like the "sleeper" look but at the same time it has like a sleek, sports car stance to it. The interior is equally as impressive, leather seats with lumbar support, and moonroof. And when your sitting in the drivers seat the gauges right in front of you, you don't really have to take your eyes off the road to see your gauges and it's comfortable to drive. Overall I love everything about this car, I would definitely recommend it anyone.
My dad was the second owner. I bought it from him at about 85,000 miles. The doors are long and heavy and after many years, they will sag. I have shimmed mine up and everything is fine. Brakes are good, but mine only has drums on back. It has the 3.8L and I replaced the head gasket twice by 150,000. Ford's 3.8L had a head gasket problem no matter what they were in. I finally replaced it with a 98 Mustang 3.8L. After 97 they had redesigned the decks and they don't have the problems anymore. It is bulletproof. It has over 250,000 with the original transmission and 7.5 rearend. Put an oil cooler on any Ford with an AOD. It used to slip out of overdrive when it got hot or when I drove it hard (all the time). Not a problem anymore with an oil cooler. It still has the original exhaust pipes. I put new catalytics on it several years ago. AC was originally R-12. Works fine with R-134a. Just flush it, evacuate and fill it. Heater cores are problems and very difficult to change. It is buried under the dash. I have been putting off doing it again. Get one from Ford or somewhere really good. Not going cheap this time. The suspension and steering is a lot of what set the T-birds and Cougars apart from every other American car in their day. Front and rear independent suspension with unequal length control arms (or short-long as they call it these days). It is the reason I love these cars.
I need help on find air condtioner filter on it recharged it but the filter is plug can't find it does anyone know where it is.I love my car too.
I just got a used 1993 Cougar & it was sold to me by the 1st original owner who has kept it in meant condition with only 95.000 mile on it. It had been kept in a garage with a cover over it so it's nice inside & out. But it has a few problems with it & I'm not sure how to get it fixed. The drivers side window doesn't work & the gas gage is stuck on full so we have no idea how much gas is in it. Because the car is so old I don't even know if it's possible to get the window & gas gage fixed or not but it's a real deal breaker on whether or not I keep the car because I have to have those things fixed. I just don't know where to take it to get it fixed or buy the parts & have it fixed.
I owe a 1996. And it's a good sturdy car. But I just had to replace the whole transmission, new battery, new brakes and 4 new tires. I only had it for about a year, and the older women who had it before me only drove it around town. I have already put more into it then I paid for it. Although I have bought a new car, I still keep this one for emergencies. Since I got the repairs, it doesn't run the same anymore. It's a good car, just not my first choice.
It's the light switch itself that you pull out to turn your lights on. Change it out from a junkyard one and you'll be fixed.
I have a 2000 V6 Mercury Cougar and it is the biggest death trap I have ever seen in my life! To be honest, I cant even find an owners manual on it online or at any autozone. I have replaced the transmission, gotten the exhaust fixed twice because everything rusts out on it. My gas tank is being held up by a ratchet strap because the metal holding that up rusted off too. I have replaced all of the wheel bearings and 2 rear struts. Just replaced the sway bars the other day. Replaced my alternator twice. Had to rip out my ABS because the front breaks were breaking at different speeds and it would have cost more to fix than the cars worth. This car will not even turn over if it is below freezing outside. I replaced the stock radio because that completely took a dive as well. My driver side seat does not pull forward to let someone sit in the back. My accesory lights as well as my headlights fade and dim rapidly. And lets not even talk about that flimsy CUP HOLDER that snapped off waaay back when. I have been stranded many many times in this stupid cheaply made car. Or maybe I just bought I car that was sunk under water for a year. The only thing I like about it is its tight steering. But thats not much of a reason to buy a car now is it.
I have a 1993 mercury cougar xr7. my dashboard lights and tail lights just recently went out, all my other lights work perfectly fine. i've checked the all the fuses and bulbs. Any suggestions on what it could be or how to fix it?
I love my Cougar!I have owned 4 cars and 3 of them have been Cougars.I currently own a 2001 Cougar.Its got almost 60,000 miles and have changed 1 fuel sensor so far besides normal maitenance.Very dependable and sharp.I get tons of compliments on it.
CAr runs fine while idleing and you can even drive it as long as you excelerate slowly.if you press the gas pedal to go faster the car boggs down and has extremly low power. has all new spark plug,wires and air filter.we had a mechanic ? look at it and he said all catalatic converters were stopped up so I unbolted the exhaust from the car and stll bogged down every time the gas was pressed. do you have ant suggestions on what to check next
About the worst car I have ever owned
I am writing this review based on 5 years of use and abuse of this beautiful car. I have never had any major issues, but I will point out a few minor complaints. Exposed brakes lead to quicker than normal brake pad erosion, but that's true of all open hubs that sporty cars have. The only other points I removed were for Steering, the wheel is solid but seems to be slower/wider turning than most cars, taking more effort in major turns.
On average I get 17mpg city 23hwy.
ive had this car for five years and never had any problems. i love my mercury cougar
i have had my 2000 cougar since it came out, when i was young i drove it hard and raced it all stock, now i use it as a daily driver, and only one thing has went out on my thats the passenger side window controller, fantastic car to have.
I bought this car at 112,000 miles. I absolutely love it. It is very dependable, comfortable, drives wonderfully. I have had no real problems with the car. I will drive it till it dies!
Engine blows head gasgets around 100,000. Transmissions acts like you go over speed bumps. Change trans.oil and aid slick 50 will fix problem. Trans downshifts at strange time. Speed sensor on outside transmission goes bad. $200 part on dealer. Suggest go to pick a part and buy a couple for $5. 15 minute job to replace. 94 car had a mechanical update. Most very bad. Buy you a 93 same body better 83 mechanics and more reliable.
What about the trans. I have a '94 Merc. Cougar and the tran. will drop back a gear or two when in Drive....Help Me....
Purchased this car used (68,000 mi). Although it is an older car, it was well maintained. Thus, it drives like a new car. Some issues I have are:
1. retrofitting A/C.
2. none of the upgrades like current vehicles.
I bought this car for 1200 dollars. Has lasted two years + with very little repair. Have had to get A arm repaired twice. Just had to replace key assembly. I was even in an accident and it's still running well. The transmission has skipped since I've had it but I don't push the car much, yet I do drive a lot. I used to drive and hour to band practice and back 3 times a week, and I drive to NYC and Philly a lot. No problems.
I bought the XR-7 built to my specifications brand new. It has given me good service over the past 16 years. My annual costs for fuel and maintenance were about $6,000/year until this year. Time finally caught up to the vehicle and I had to have the transmission overhauled at something over 131,000 miles. The odometer died at 131,501 and can't be replaced according to the FMC folks. The remote and alarm functions of the security system bit the dust, but the rest of the system appears to work okay. There have been no major problems over the years and I have been quite happy with my car. Too bad the Ford Motor Company (FMC) no longer makes cars like this and no one else seems to make them at the right price either.
I love my car but more for it's looks than it's dependability. Since I've bought my car 2 yrs ago, I have had the transmission rebuilt, , the electrical wiring is all shorting out, the blower stopped working for heat and air, electrical short. The power windows only work sometimes- electrical short. The tail lights were shorting out also. Now, it's running hot, the cable wire to open the hood has stretched out and no longer opens properly. This car is a money pit!
cool car handles great!
i love my car. its so relaiable. i rather drive it than drive one of the new models. never had no serious problems with my baby.
This is my second Cougar (my daughter totalled my first), and I will never drive anything else. With all the talk of ergonomic design in the new cars (upwards of $30,000), they could all take a design lesson from the cabin of the amazing Cougar!!! Looking forward to someday owning the 30th Anniversary Edition.
it is an incredible car, I had to have it.

I was looking for a new car, when I saw the 1994 Cougar, it was, in my eyes, the best looking car in the lot, among all 2007 models.

At it has been a total pleasure driving it around...excellent. I do not want to have any other type of car.
I sold all my other cars , for I only want to drive my Cougar.

This vehicle Is a bit older but Its very roomy, Comfortable,And Its an affortable car to own you won't have to take out a loan to get a water pump replaced.