Manual Transmission Fluid

Manual transmission fluid provides lubrication and acts as a coolant for the transmission. Gear oil is the most commonly used fluid, though some manual transmissions use regular engine oil or automatic transmission fluid.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Manual Transmission Fluid

  • Fluid will become dark and gritty
  • Abnormal noise

Manual Transmission Fluid Related Repair Advice

  • Over time, the manual transmission fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated with moisture, which can lead to transmission damage from a lack of proper lubrication. Replace at the mileage/time interval recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • We advise changing the transmission fluid when any significant repair work is being performed on the transmission
  • Noise from the transmission most often will not be resolved by a fluid change. Noise and/or incorrect operation of the transmission is normally a sign of a deeper mechanical problem.
  • High-quality synthetic transmission fluid may help extend the life of transmission components
  • Use of the improper transmission fluid can result in shifting difficulties and premature transmission failure

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