Idle Air Bypass Kit

An idle air bypass kit is a computer-controlled electronic shutter valve that allows measured amounts of air around the throttle plate to increase or decrease the engine idle speed as required.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Idle Air Bypass Kit

  • Incorrect engine idle
  • Illumination of the Check Engine Light

Idle Air Bypass Kit Related Repair Advice

  • The throttle body and idle passages should be cleaned and the minimum idle speed verified whenever the idle air bypass kit is replaced or serviced

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By , June 15, 2011
my truck was running yesterday i drove it 130 miles no problems except the brakes so i replaced the pads a rotor and a caliper now i try to start the truck and it stalls out after about a minute of running does any one know whats wrong and how to fix it? would apperciate the help

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