Identifix is one of the best resources for knowledge on what breaks, what vehicle it breaks on, and how to fix the vehicle correctly. Products and services include Identifix-Direct Hit and the Repair Hotline.

Why We Think Identifix Membership Is Important

In the automotive industry, access to knowledge and data is key. Identifix members receive continual analysis of data gathered from nearly 250,000 calls received each year from technicians seeking assistance in diagnosing vehicle repair problems. Identifix employs a staff of 45+ factory certified, ASE Master Technicians and provides the nation’s most comprehensive on-site library of factory vehicle service information.

Identifix Provides These Services to Its Members

Identifix-Direct Hit

  • Award winning online diagnostic information service
  • A combination of the industry background of Identifix plus the extensive automotive information databases and the knowledge of its ASE Certified Master Technicians to form a user-friendly site that can be operated by anyone, from technicians to service writers to counter staff.

Identifix Repair Hotline

  • A pay-per-call, telephone diagnostic and repair service that provides professional real-time assistance to technicians working on hard to diagnose issues
  • A final resolution rate of 98.9%
  • Five diagnostic teams consisting of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Asian, and European

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Shops who join the Identifix Network are committed to performing excellent repair and service work, in a timely fashion, and armed with the latest data and technology


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