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Honda Prelude (12 Reviews)
I have owned over 20 vehicles and my 1991 prelude is one of the best to drive. Handles amazing and is all around excellent. Only complaint would be my automatic transmission shifts a little hard.
i love my honda prelude si h23 with 4 has a coolant leak, and a couple oil leaks.... i really want to keep it but im a female that is only slightly mechanically inclined.... the four wheel steering turns off and the car starts to act slightly sluggish when its really hot outside... the car is so amazing when its a cold day outside, 4ws works it runs brand new can it be the oil leaks and the coolant leak.,.... i would love to keep the car its the best car ive drivin,,,, - woman who loves her prelude???
My 1995 Honda Prelude brake lights and blinkers will not work when my headlights are on. I really enjoy this the body style and interior. I have only had this car for 2 months.
Ok, Almost a year later, after buying my 2000 Prelude(base model),my 2nd Honda...I made a second trip back in June (2011) back home to Ohio! I Drove my Prelude to & thru Nashville,TN (to visit & have dinner with Steve(& his wife),the man I baught it from), then up to S.Ohio, then upto N.Ohio! Round-trip...I ended up putting almost 2,700 miles on it, and she was fantastic! Air & cc worked beautifully! The body has 167,000 miles, and only about 6,000 on the rebuilt motor! Great cars!!! Thanks! Don, TX
Im new to owning a Prelude, about three months now! I'd recently flew to Nashville,TN to look at, drive and eventually buy the 2000 Honda Prelude that I currently own! The man I purchased it from was UNbelievable, and I wish we were nieghbors, but I was very happy with it, and afterwards I was nervous about it, simply because it was a car I had never owned before, and had approx 2000 miles to put on her til I got back to TX. Needless to say, she rund and drives beautifully and so far with no problems! This'll make my second owning of any foreign car, and it doesnt look good for the domestics for me, in the future! Thank you Honda, AND thank you Steve, for a wonderful car!! Don, TX
I have only driven this car for a few months so hopefully I can change this rating when I know more about the car.
Obviously, I love my 98 Prelude SH since I bought it new and put over 200K miles on it. It's fast and handles very well.

That said, I've experience the majority of the "common problems" listed by RepairPal... could be because I've had the car for over a decade though.
Just drive one!
Ive got a 89 prelude and the car is a Beast!
Engine could have been the 3.2l vtec
This is A sweet car to have and will soon be A collectors item?
260,000 miles and I still drive it daily. Best car I've ever owned. Don't buy a new car. Find a babied Prelude, not modified, adult owned. They are out there!
It has had the usual stuff done for repair and maintenence and I change the oil every 3-4000 miles. I have the VTEC.