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Honda Passport (22 Reviews)
At 330,000 miles I've driven it around the country through snow and desert. If you keep up with it and can afford the fixes and maintenance, the car will certainly be good back to you. Although there has been a few occurring problems such as alternator, and oil leak. Not to say this isn't a great 90's SUV, but I'm at the point where if the catalytic converter needs replaced, or its just getting to old and expensive, I may have to put her down to parts..The little problems grow as with any older car
i've had this passport 4 1/2 years never had any problems, except it would have lifter noise when you first started it in morning.our temps have dropped to around 0degweather it has started tapping at low idle high idle, it sounds like a lifter i had going bad in a 350 once and i ran it like that for 5 years, am i going to get lucky with this one ???????? please help me ive got a big trip this monday and don't want to damage it more. please feel free to call me my number is 775-636-0066 my name is larry. thank yo so much
Pros :

Good-looking vehicle. Very quick for an SUV. The 24 valve DOHC V6 is a great motor - never any trouble in 180K. Handles pretty well for an SUV, too. 4WD is easy and effective. ABS 4-wheel-disc brakes work well.


Has a bit of a noisy ride. Body parts (especially the door skins) are made from paper-thin metal. (every one I've ever seen has a hundred dings) Hood hinges rattle.

I love my Passport. Warts and all.
The day I drove my passport of the lot my trouble began. The fuel sensor went out 400., the windshield wiper on the back window, and the other sensors that also went out lite my dashboard up like a christmas tree. One day my motor started ticking and sure enough there was no oil in the transmission, although I had recently changed it. No oil was in my driveway to give me any indication of trouble, it has all been shooting out the exhaust so I had no idea. Now it has set for 2 yrs. and I am going to give it a try and replace the tranny at at least 2500. on a vehicle that I payed off to have sit in my pole building. Don't buy one of these
I have my Honda Passport since 1994,never had a problem with my car,but now, I loosing presser on my manual transmission,it leaks oil,what can it be,and how can I fix it
i have 98 honda passport it was working just fine when you turn on the ignition everything turns on but the passport my man put a wire under where the passenger side and put a turn on switch can you help me with this problem
My truck has been sitting for almost 2 years. Whenever I go to start it I charge the battery and it runs like a champ.
i just bought my 1996 Honda passport
the heating and A/C work fine, it does leak when raining from the front just above the windshild due to some rust on the top of the windshild frame, other than that it seems to be a good vehicle.
so far good on gas and does not leak any oil, feels more like a late 90's jeep. oh and there are no freakin cup holders
And it climbs and mudds alot better than the 1994 jeep Cherokee that i had in high school

The more work i put into this SUV the more i like it. doing something as little as replacing the brakes and shocks did alot more than i thought it would to the overall handling
this rig is terrible on gas!!!!! i have replaced alternator twice and now my guages have stopped working. i have replaced the water pump and had th put in a new thermostat. this rig will drain all of your hard earned cash and i DO NOT reccomend it.
I hate this vehicle it had fourty thousand on it when brought it BAD CHOICE. I had to havce the Transmission, altenator, catalytic converter, air conditioning, and get the engine rebuilt. So many more things, oh yea it leaks like a sixtys corvair remember those. Water leaks in from the sun/moon roof luckily I can finally replace it now, have spent way too much money keeping it running. Why you think Honda discontinued it. A real deal piece of CRAP!!!
98 Honda Passport LX great value. Now has just under 300,000 miles and I never provided regular maintenance so I definitely got my money's worth. AC went out few years ago (did not fix b/c cost was almost as much as the value of the vehicle) and have replaced alternator twice over its lifetime. Now, ts leaking oil pretty bad from underneath the timing cover and trying to decide if further repairs are worth it.
Hard on brakes and leaked oil from day one
I have a 2000 Honda Passport. I bought it used in '03 with about 50K miles on it. I have put less than 100K miles on it since then and already I have had to replace both the engine AND the transmission. This car has a nice interior, and looks classy, but without the function of the two main working components and nearly $8,000 of repair later, I wish I could take this hose beast out to the back pasture and put it out of its misery. A friend of mine once said that cars either have a great engine and bad body, or a great body and bad engine. This one definitely fits into the latter category.
94' Passport bought 3 yrs ago as my first car. It had 130k miles on it then and now its at 150k. Since I bought it, its needed new exhaust, alternator, thermostat, and recently a $300 fuel pump since everything underneath rusted away and leaked gas. Before I bought it, somebody stole the Cat Converter. I love this truck, but it's starting to suck up all my cash :(
I've had my 1995 Honda Passport for 10 years. It has a manual transmission and I've had to replace it 2 times already (and no it's not me because I've had a honda civic ex and bmw 325e for almost as long). So there seems to be something there. It's a honda, so little annoying things break..

But all in all it was/is well worth what I paid for it and would buy another (though maybe not a stick) for the same price...
rear suspension to soft, helped it with air bags, engine used to much oil, first gear in auto transmission went bad. vehicle will run well as long as the owner will keep dumping cash in it.
bought 1995 honda passport, brakes drag like car will not go, transmission oil leak and the seller said he didn't have problems with it.
I just bought a 2002 Passport as my first car and I love it! Saves on gas better than other SUVs of that year do. I did have an issue with the brakes after almost a year, however my car was a hit and run victim. The damage ended in loosing the hitch. But now I dont have to listen to it hitting the underneath of my car!I love the way it drives, easy steering, and smooth ride. I would recomend this year and version of the Passport to anyone looking for a 4WD, starter car. I dont want to give my car up now, I have become attached to it.
I love my 1997 Honda Passport EX, it's 4 wheel drive if I ever need it. It has a sunroof/moonroof which I have never used due to the fact that it has a round hand crank to open, don't mind that part except it will only "lift up" about 2 - 3 inches in the "open" position.
Now that it's older, it leaks when it rains. NOT GOOD.
I would love for anyone out there to please let me know of any suggestions. I have acually hand sealed the roof window closed with Silicone ! Only to have it wear away with time and
weather. It's leaking once again. Not sure how, but the gallons and gallons of water sound like they are "stored" under the passengers seat. I actually hear it sloshing around if I brake or pull off fast. I would love to find out if there is a rubber seal that can be purchased somewhere so I can just replace the original "dry-rotted" one. That seems to be my only last idea. Anyone out there with an idea would be greatly appreciated.
I can be contacted by email at
MANY THANKS ! Love Honda's, this is my 5th one.
I have owned this 1994 Passport since new. This Passport has been an excellent vehicle.
1. Body, Interior & Misc.
a. Interior does not have cup holders.
b. Interior todate is original and like
new. Very little wear.
c. Luggage rack. The luggage rack could
be a little stronger with longer
primary slide rails.
2. Brakes
a. Brakes are strong. Smooth braking.
3. Drive Train
a. Well balanced. Smooth.
b. Transmission. I am on my 2nd
transmission due to a Honda Service
Center not refilling after service.
Other than this issue. No problems.
4. Electrical & Lights
a. Reliable and easy to locate a loose
ground wire.
b. I have replaced two alternators.
5. Engine
a. Original engine is going strong,
occasionally I get a little tapping
valve noise but it doesn't stay.
I have the original engine, it's never
been overhauled. It does not burn oil
and the engine does not leak any
6. Exhaust & Emissions
a. The exhaust has been replaced one time
from the convertor back. No problems
with emissions.
7. Heating & Air Conditioning
a. Heater core was replaced in 2007.
Always great heat when needed.
b. Air Conditioning
System was totally replaced in 2006.
A/C in 2008 was not consistantly
blowing cold air. Shop found the power
relay sending signal to compressor was
weak. Replaced relay, A/C now blows
cold air when selected.
8. Suspension & Steering
a. Suspension is original. Performing Honda recommended regular maintence the suspension is flawless.
b. Steering. The HYD steering was rebuilt
in 2006. Like new again, works perfect.
No leaks.

I'm very diligent about having the Passport serviced regularly. Per the maintence schedule published by Honda. I know this Passport is labeled as a Rodeo, but believe me it is NOT entirely a Rodeo. The Passport rides much better and smoother than the Rodeo. My Passport will exceed 250,000 miles in 2009. I'm looking forward to driving it 500,000 miles plus. I would recommend the Honda Passport to anyone looking for a good ride and reliable performance. To maintain my Passport in a like new condition, I spend on average $1,500.00 annually. This includes tires, wipers, etc. The vehicle looks great, it's safe, and reliable. Keeping in mind this year vehicle has solid chrome steel bumpers, built to last. I've been hit by two other cars, they both had major damage while the Honda barely showed a scratch.
This was my first Honda and it sure didn't live up to the expectations I had. I later found out it's an Isuzu Rodeo! The engine and transmission leaked oil, and the alternator went out. It didn't have very good power and didn't handle well.

Since it really is an Isuzu, I may try Honda again, but I'll make sure it's really a Honda!
Horrible Gas and oil consumption.