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Honda Fit (16 Reviews)
I was very impressed with my Fit until the head on crash test results were aired on TV. I have had no problems except the battery would not hold a charge very long. It is true that I don't drive it for weeks at a time. I took it to the local dealer and it turned out to be a defective battery. They replaced it at no charge. I have had four passengers inside with no problems picking up speed. When you are inside you swear you are in a mid-size car. I put the back seats down to form my mini-mini van and actually picked up a 2"x4"x8' the other day. For around the City cheap transportation this is the car for me.
2007 Honda Fit... approaching 213,000 miles. No major problems with the car except for one item while it was still under warranty. I don't even remember what that was. I think it was something with the computer... I love my Fit. Hoping to get 300K on it.... Yea, the exterior paint is fading from the sun...but it's a 6 year old car with a lot of miles on it. It won't look new forever. As long as it runs, that's what counts for me. I average 33-43 mpg with it.
My fit is terrible.
the paint is fading,have engine miss problems,bad coil after 38000 miles,bad engine miss
right now it will not start possible fuel pump?
I am trading it as soon as possible, has 55000 mile and nothing but problems. battery bad after 1 year
Generly speaking Fit is OK, enough room, diving feeling is good!
Had an 08' Fit until it was totaled. Loved that car. But this is an even better car. Was not sure I would have liked it as much as the 08', but after time it is just a more substantial car. More room in every direction, far better milage, better ride, fit and finish etc... With the 08', I had a hard time achieving 35 MPG. The 11' easily gets that around town. Drive 55 = 46 MPG, 65 = 39 MPG, 75 = 34 MPG. On most back roads where you can drive 50+ I get over 40 MPG. Both cars have been dead reliable just replacing wiper blades, washer fluid, air & cabin filters and oil changes every 12K per the maintenance minder system. What is their not to like? My 11' now has 36K in just over 1 year! Now, if we put that kind of miles on our 05' Pilot, we could pay for the gas and the monthly 11' payment for what we would have paid just for gas for the Pilot!
Great design, space & flexible seat options. I get 31-32 mpg. Biggest complaint is the 'firm & responsive' ride - you feel every little bump and the steering requires constant correction - no 'hands off' here. Very stable though .. a passing car cut back into my left rear fender, spun me across 4 lanes of freeway, and I was able to drive it back to the shoulder. The click of the directional signals needs to be adjustable and made louder. Little rubber cover on fuel lid push lifter fell off. Honda wants $30 for a 20 cent part.
i have 111,000 on my car and it still runs great its been around the world to diffenent place and i would not trade it for any thing else when it is time to get another car it will be another fir everything about this car tis great and it is still roomy enough for teens with long legs
Very fun daily driver vehicle! Excellent gas mileage!
this car is a lot of fun to drive. i bought the 5 speed. i have 17,500+ miles. cross country interstate @75mph yields 37-38 mpg. around my small town, driving all short trips, i get around 35. driving a very comfortable 60-65mph on two lane roads i get 41-42 mpg. the handling is precise and sporty. my only complaints are: i've got a dreaded dashboard rattle. just above the center a/c ducts something is loose. it occasionally rattles at the base of the windshield, too. i'm guessing it may be a loose wiring harness. it started about 2 months after leaving the dealer. my only other complaint is the gearing. if honda had installed a six speed tranny, the car would be considerably better. it needs a sixth gear. the ratios could be tightened around 2nd and 3rd, and a tall sixth would increase the mileage. at 75mph i'm turning 3550 (+-) rpm. a sixth gear would make it a great car.
Best compact car ever
I love my little car ! enough said and she gets 40 mpg on highway
Excellent handling and surprisingly roomy. I average from 32 - 36 mpg in mixed city/highway driving and upwards of 42 - 45 mpg in constant highway cruising at 60 - 65 mph. Maintenance costs are extremely reasonable. I have accumulated nearly 22,000 miles since I purchased this new. Parking is never a problem and the fit and finish is much better than you would expect of a car costing less than $17,500. Highly recommended! I would definitely get another one.
never stalled during the winter. very reliable!
In very few words .. this is appropriate for those who wants to ride well
Having problems with wouldn't start 2 weeks ago when weather turned cold. Though it was weather related so I took it to honda dealership maintenance where I bought the car (battery is under 3 year warranty). Battery check out okay...was told I needed to drive the car more or further distances (I work for an airline and ttravel on a weekly basis). My car usually sits for no more than 3 days at a time.....I've never had this problem with other cars before..... I would like to know where to find a battery that doesn't start draining so quickly. VERY dissatified with this battery...may have to sell car .
2008 Sport with automatic transmission. It's small, but roomy and gets great mileage. I bought it when gas was $4.00 per gallon, and have been pleased with the vehicle. The only con with this vehicle is the small radio antenna. Had to buy a longer antenna to get local stations.