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I've had my 8 passenger GMC Safari XLS van 11 years and it's a rock. The floor is original with no holes ever, the transmission is original with only a sealant replaced once with never a clunk on shifting, and the 6 cylinder engine is the original with well over 400,000 km and counting. It is also so quiet you can barely hear it running. The driver's seat is the most comfortable place to sit inside or out, including my house, and it is just so reliable.The dutch doors on the rear are great with the convenience of a rear wiper. Not perfect of course but I love my sporty 2 wheel drive green van and I plan to keep it on the road as long as I possibly can! Never mind this is the year 2014, I'm not quitting!!!LOVE MY VAN!!!
Doing maintance like changing spark plugs, air filter, or any thing under the hood is next to inpossible. There is NO room in the engine compartment it even get your hand into it, much like see what your doing. The designer of this vehical was a moron.
After 50,000 miles the vehicle will not start after it rains,and if it does,it does not start without a lot of cranking. If it doesn't start the "check ingine light" may come on... the Crank sensor will throw a code that may indicate what the problem could be. But after rain, the problem probably will return.
I bought this van about the year 2000. Had about 55,000 miles on it I have only replaced the starter and gas pump.and brakes and drums and the minor things like tune ups.This has been a great vehicle. I have put on it 175000 miles.And it still going strong.
My car will not start. Hav e rewired it . still will not start
Bought this van brand new in May, 1998. Lots of problems with the injectors. Had them replaced under warranty. Always having misfires. Also problems with the gas cap registering in the computer as not being on right even tho I crank it on at every fill up. This is my camping vehicle and it has 81,000 miles on it. Other then those issues this car handles good and drives a straight line down the highway. On vacation this summer and pulling a hill in Maryland the car lost power and had to get towed to a dealer. It needed a tune up which manufacturers book says it should have one at 100,000 miles. Mine got it at 77,000 miles. Paid the bill and not one issue all the way home to California. Still love this car...
My van was originally from Michigan, and its undercarriage shows a lot of the effects of rust form salt used on the winter roads. In the five years I've had it I've replaced the starter, brake master cylinder, air conditioner compressor and hoses, timing belt, fuel filter, spark plugs, brake line (due to corrosion/rerouted to save $$ due to route through tight compartment), replaced the tires and had the fuel system and cooling system flushed.

Next on the list is changing the driver's side window motor, having the brakes done and changing the wiper switch (it's intermittently intermittent).

Despite all of that, I like this van and feel comfortable with my wife driving it with my five kids.
I bought my Safari for $750.00. I put a new alternator, battery, water pump and brakes on it and I have had no major issues with it. I love it! This is the second one I have bought and for me there is no better van.As long as you do proper maintnance on it is a very reliable van.
bought my van from a friend it has 187,000 miles and I use it for hauling my construction EQ the van runs great and after removing the seats have plenty of room for all my EQ and the only problem I see is the roof rack system isn't the best to haul ladders needs cross members for ladder support other than that van suns and works great so far
best new van i have ever bought havet had any magor break downs have had for 7years tires 4 front and back breakes tuneup 2 times an reular services
Bought this van with 197,000. Sometimes the wipers don't work, I use rainx, the left window is slow going up, only if you put it all the way down. At 207,000 it does not use oil, for me it is a perfect van.
The horn,windshield washer pump,turn signals,power window,interior lights all quit.Exhaust system falling apart,suspension noisy,slushy. Engine and drive train still good,so are heat and a/c.
Inner door panels keep falling off and fuel pump went out twice at a cost of $700 not a very reliable van