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GMC Jimmy (24 Reviews)
Bought from a friend with 88,000 in Kentucky now I've driven over 256,000 miles runs fine only thing noticed lately be temp coolant gauge gets stuck but never overheats or leave me stranded. The Jimmy does well in MN snow very reliable driving this SUV nothing never need replacing my closes friend took really great care of this SUV gets good gas mileage. Cloth seats are comfortable has lots of power with 6 cylinder engine it is in good shape. Love it, would definitely buy another of these something ever happen to this one I am changing original spark plugs one of wheel bearings needs replacing so far the Jimmy has been a very good SUV hasn't suffered rust yet though be in snow a lot for a Southern SUV happy with it.
My friend bought a 1999 Gmc Jimmy on a good buy ..She bought it in March 2014 since then we had to replace spiders for the fuel injectors,converter,ball joints, tires seem to leak was told cause they are aluminum .Not only that gas milage 13 to 16 when we were told it should get 17 to 22.body is in nice shape.but the truck is starting to be a nightmare,..
I have 2000 GMC SLE Jimmy which I bought new. It's been nothing but a nightmare since I've owned it. I've changed the water pump 3 times. A defective radiator seal caused fluid to leak in the oil compartment which cost over $1000 to repair. The A/C condenser coil water leaks on the passenger carpet and the GMC dealership NEVER correctly addressed this problem, while it was still under warranty. The problem still exists. The dealership also never correctly addressed a wheel knock issue on the front right area, while under warranty. Their lame answer for both problems were, "We can't find anything wrong." A World War II Sherman tank has a more comfortable suspension than this royal piece of garbage. I've changed every sensor and switch imaginable, that should not have gone bad, but did. The most qualified mechanics are dumbfounded about the many other problems I continue to have with this vehicle. I would recommend a jackass and buckboard before I would recommend a GM vehicle to anyone. NAFTA has destroyed American manufacturing quality! Our elected officials are bought and paid for traitors!
I bought a 1997 Jimmy SLE about 4 1/2 years ago, The transmission was out when I got it, It will shift 1 2 3 but will not go into OD and leaks fluid from the front around the seal or pump, I parked it and it has sit there for over 4 years, I thought I would rebuild the transmission now and got a new battery and installed it and now it will not start, I think the fuel pump has went out from sitting in the old gas, Anyway I poured a little gas into the throttle body and after 4 years it started right up and there was NO smoke whatsoever, So now I'm ready to fix this Lil 97 2 WD and drive it, I will update this thread after a year or so, Because I just know this Lil Jimmy be be a great Truck.
we bought this jimmy back in jan.cant keep bearings in it'fuel pump'4 front tires'front end replaced'lights stay screwed up'pops and cracks all the time engine light comes on'have it checked fine'radiator'waterpump'paintbad; the way;doors will lock automaticly'MAKE SURE TO HAVE EXTRA KEY HANDY IF DOOR CLOSES!DONT EXSPECT TO HAVE EXTRA MONEY JIMMY GONNA NEED IT!WOULD I BAIL OUT G.M.NOOOOOOOOOO!THEY SHOULD BAIL OUT THE PEOPLE THAT PURCHASED THEIR PRODUCTS!GOOD LORDS WILL THIS WILL BE THE LAST G.M.PRODUCT I WILL OWN!IF YOU GOTTA GOOD ONE MORE POWER TO YOU MAYBE I WILL BE THE LAST ONE TO SQEEZE THE LEMON.
1997 gmc jimmy dash light wont come on when key turned on engine turns no start herd could be anti theft if u have any idea call me 5027675985 please. only way to get to start is if i let my batt. drain down turn key to pos. rite before you start u no when the dash lights should be on then hook jump cables to it then the dash light come on then it starts but only that once cant turn off then start back please if you have any info love to hear it thanks.
got my jimmy in march had some problems with 4 x4 replaced the 4x4 computer moduel located inside by passange door had no problems mine also tends to rock had to replace front end n shocks other than that ita a good buy
Bought my 94 GMC Jimmy about a year ago for $1k with 167***miles, I put i little work into it and have never had anyproblems with it.
I have a 99 GMC Jimmy and it has been great. I carry a ton of sports gear in the back at all times. It tends to rock rather bad when I am driving on the interstate, but that is probably just the suspension from all the gear. The only big problem I have had is the 4x4 electrical buttons are all on and my 4x4 no longer works which is a bummer and my Jimmy acts like it wants to switch into 4x4 sometimes but other than that its a great SUV
1995 jimmy eveday driving for the last 8 years 219k still going run like a rolex
we got ours in 99 its been great a little repair here and there love it hope its mine soon just scrubed carpet but the worsed is the driver seat is broken!!!! thats all love the car
Bought a 98 Jimmy in 2007 and have not stopped repairing it since! Total lemon and the worst used car/truck I have ever owned in my 25 plus years of driving. In the first 3 months I had to replace the fuel pump, radiator, ball joints, idler arm, brake pads and as I type I am waiting for my mechanice to replace wires and plugs. Still need shocks, my a/c compressor leaks and I have not had a/c for two years (cant afford the $1000 plus to fix it). Leaked oil everywhere until I had the oil assembly replaced. Oh yes, and front brake pads replaced. My husband tried to recline in the passenger seat this summer while we were taking a road trip and the lever literally snapped off in his hand! I now need a multif function switch replaced as my right signal light is clicking rapidly when I use it and makes a sputtering noise in the cold weather. A money pit that I am going to get rid of asap and NEVER buying GMC again. Back to the Hondas and Toyotas for me.
When I bought mine used, dealer had to replace gas pump. I have issues with the steering being loose and the suspension being swaying and bouncing, yet when I took it to dealer, they tell me that it has a floating suspension. Ummm. no, I don't think so, I get whiplash when driving it. They eventually replaced the idler arm, and tightened the pitman arm, but I will be needing a new one soon. The brakes ABS system fails now and then, and the security light comes on alot and the truck will stall and sometimes not start. I am getting all this and more fixed next year. Other than that, its a sharp looking vehicle, love the leg room and storage space.
2000 jimmy has 104 k on has been a p o s sense i bought it replace the whole front end uppers, lowers, inners, outters, idler, pitman,front wheel bearings,the motor,fuel pump.2 make a long story short this has been the worst jimmy i have ever 98 2 door had way less problems than the 2000 4 door
Have had to install new fuel pump,catylytic converter,brakes,heater core and wheel bearings. All happened at around 68,000 miles. I currently have 70,400 miles on vehicle and it is running fine except for a whinning from alternator which dealer can't find cause.Today I noticed a smell of rubber burning which seems to be coming from rear wheel.
I have had this Jimmy for 4 yrs a everyday driver have only had to replace the fuel pump once ,wheelbearings once and serpentenie belt once has been a great SUV
I got my '94 with 175k miles on it and enjoyed it for the first... few months. I have put a lot of money into engine and transmission repairs. Also the interior console is loose and the drivers arm rest ripped off from everyday use. Great drive, when it's all put together.
Have owned for six years, although I hear people talk about all the problems they have had I have not had any problems. Fun to drive. Wish they still made them, would love another.
I just sold this car, and it was easy to drive. Besides the alignment problem, and no heat or ac, this was a decent car. Brakes always wore fast, and the rear wiper never started working. Can't expect much from a vehicle this old though.
Have 220 k miles and it still runs like a champ. Have had the Jimmy for the past 50 k miles. No issues whatsoever.
overall not bad if you stay on top of repairs
ok truck
As a whole, the Jimmy V1500 is a great truck. The interior trim, weatherstrips & electrical components are it's weakest features. The 5.7L is a solid, long lasting engine and the TBI fuel system keeps it simple and dependable. This generation truck is not quiet on the road like the new ones, lots of wind noise, it's a truck and it rides like one. Good off-road truck for exploring and camping in remote places. Mine is 20 years old now with over 260,000 miles using only synthetic oil (5w-30) getting ready to overhaul the whole truck. It's paid for.
I loved this truck when I got it and it was pretty trouble free for the first year but then trouble started and it has not let up. rust is a big problem and the trim and interior is in bad shape. i replaced the water and fuel pumps early and the check engine and ABS warning lights are always coming on, even after i take it to the dealer in Philadelphia. i did all the maintenance GMC said and it still has lots of problems like the transmission seals and it leaks coolant into the cabin sometimes. this reminds me that i should sell it.