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GMC Acadia (13 Reviews)
Bought the car new in Feb 2017. A few weeks ago the check engine light came on. After the third fix I email GMC customer service to complain. I received an email that said I would be contacted w/in 1-2 business days. A WEEK LATER, someone finally called. After the third fix did not take care of the check engine light and a promised phone call that wasn't made, I got ahold of the customer service agent and asked about getting my money back. She said she did not make those decisions, but she would route the request up. Last night I received a call from the agent stating that GMC would not give us our money back. I asked why not and she said she did not make those decisions. I expressed how I though that it was messed up that I was given an answer, but no reason for the answer. She said again that she does not make those decisions. When I asked about getting the contact information to the person or department that makes those decisions I was told - NO. Apparently a ghost runs that department.... I recommend STAYING AWAY from GMC!
I purchased a 2007 GMC Acadia.. BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life... 70,000 miles transmission went on it... 75,000 miles timing chain went on it.. 80,000 miles censors went on it... Now timing chain just went again 2 days before I have to go back to work.. I'm a single father raising 2 kids and can't afford this shit.. I am totally screwed...
This is the worst piece of JUNK we have ever bought. We have spent a ton on money on this piece of junk and it still doesn't run right. Wish we had never bought it.
My family and I bought this 2008 GMC Acadia when it had 34000 miles on it. It was and is one of the biggest purchase mistake we made. At 36,000-ish miles the daylight burned out twice. At 38,250 miles the brake started to make noises. Brake fluids were flushed but that did not make anything better. Some parts of the brake was not right and the dealership covered 50% of the parts cost at the time. Then when returning from the dealership after the brakes were fixed, the steering wheel started to make clicking noises when turning. Steering wheels were fixed at the customers expense. Around 42K, the passenger seat would not glide up and down and was fixed at $900. At 50K, the air conditioning worked only for the driver's side, the rest of the car vents blew hot air. At 62K the transmission failed and was replaced with a new one. Now at 63K, the air conditioning system has failed once again and is blowing out hot air in this very hot weather. So far, the reply I have been getting from the dealership on every complaint is that there has been no recall on anything for this car. This car definitely needs to have to be recalled completely and SHOULD be taken off the market. I'm stuck with this car and its payment. We had to bear all the responsibility of all the fixtures with the exception of that one time where the dealership paid only 50% of the parts cost.
This car is a piece of junk. I was stuck on the side of the road with my 3 children in the car with a broken 35R clutch wave plate. Had to have the transmission rebuilt at 48k miles. The car had been driven less than 10k miles a year for 5.5 years. It is just 6 months out of warranty and GM is not honoring it. I would not recommend this car to anyone.

Very poor gas milage if you ask me. For the price should of purchased a Yukon. More comfortable then the Acadia. Also things seem very cheaply made in the Acadia. Sorry but you want an honest opinion and thats what I have to say. The only reason why I still have this car is the 0% financing offered at time of purchase.
I've had my Acadia for 3 1/2 years and I absolutely love it. It has been very reliable. I feel safe driving my truck, and it gets really good gas mileage for a vehicle this size. It is very comfortable and roomy, especially on long road trips. Couldn't live without my OnStar!! No regrets what so ever!!
I bought this car used with 14,000 miles on it for my wife. This was the worst mistake I have ever made on a car. We owned this car a total of 8 months, the transmission went out twice, the A/C went out twice and the steering was making a noise when we sold it. I can understand a new model has to have some bugs worked out but GM has no concern for its customers. The first time the tran went out the dealership said to us that “We could not find why it was not working we rest the computer which erased the code and it is working fine, you are going to have to drive it until it breaks down again” I called GM to go above the dealership and they gave me the same response, like I said no concern for its customers. My heart breaks to say this but DO NOT BUY THIS CAR or any other GM product. I have a 96 GMC P/U with 200,000mi on it and no problems. I use to be the first one to say buy American, after this we are a new owner of a Honda Accord.
cooling system problems dealer's mechanics can't find anything wrong with it, late acceleration love it but I will have to let it go
The number one problem with this vehicle is the radio. We paid extra for the Bose upgrade--which requires a DVD player we did not want--this stereo has an annoying hum coming from the unit itself. GMC has not responded to our concerns, seems they don't care about customer satisfaction as much as the commercials would have you believe.
I have loved how my Acadia drives. It has 52,000 miles in 3 yrs. -rides even smoother with new all terrain Michelins on. BUT --- I've had water leaks from sunroof and latest, a clogged AC drain line - all causing water in the floorboard that over time corroded electrical systems. I've had numerous recalls, but none that have corrected the water problems. Now I have new front jute under the floor carpet, new airbag wiring and who knows what else new wiring. But the water leaks from sunroof (when it rains) continue. I've got to part with it. The dealer sold to another and new service dept says sorry, can't help.
i dont like this vehicle transmisson not smooth,also frontend making noises when i hit bumps ....i have 50000 miles on vehicle..
My crossover SUV is a 3.4L V6 with dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and pulls around 275HP.
CONS: This vehicle’s power train is not for serious off road driving or heavy towing. Front struts and independent rear suspension does not offer a smooth ride. Cheap “plastic looking” dashboard.
PROS: Because is a Front wheel drive model I get up to 24MPG highway which is very good for the 8 passenger and cargo capacity. The seats slide and fold for a wide access to the third row. Stereo easy to read and use, with a mp3 player jack for my ipod. We like the dual air conditioner climate zone controls for driver and front passenger.