GM Oil Life System (GMOLS)

Overview of GM Oil Life System

The GM Oil Life System (GMOLS) is a computer-based algorithm that assesses engine oil condition and optimizes oil change intervals based on vehicle and environmental operating conditions.

Benefits of GM Oil Life System

1. Saves customers time and money, while protecting their investment

2. Simplifies decisions about frequency of oil changes and other required maintenance

3. Makes it easy for customers to have their vehicles oil changed and all routine maintenance performed during the same service visit

4. Lowers overall operating costs, because oil is changed only when necessary

5. Reassures consumers that their engine is always running with good oil, which improves the long-term performance and reliability of their vehicle

6. Takes the mystery out of maintaining GM vehicles and provides benefits to the environment

Environmental Impact of GM Oil Life System

Reduces oil change frequency by using the GM Oil Life System.

According to the American Petroleum Institute website in 1997 more than 640 million gallons of motor oil were sold, with about 345 million gallons purchased by do-it-yourselfers. In the same time, do-it-yourselfers recycled only between 43 to 62 million gallons of used oil.

GM has built more than 20 million vehicles to date with its OLS. In the next five years, if the GM OLS is used as intended, almost 100 million gallons of oil could be saved.

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