Front Wheel Bearing Set

The front wheel bearing set supports the wheel hub on the vehicle's steering knuckle, allowing the wheel to spin freely while remaining secure.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Front Wheel Bearing Set

  • Wheels may make a growling, groaning, or rumbling sound at speeds above 15 mph or when turning

Front Wheel Bearing Set Related Repair Advice

  • Due to the vehicle weight transfer when turning, bearing noise noted when turning right commonly indicates a failed left wheel bearing (and vise versa)
  • Sealed hub bearings are lubed for life and require no maintenance. Conventional inner and outer wheel bearings do need to be repacked with wheel bearing grease during normal service intervals and while performing brake service and repairs.
  • Wheel bearings need to be replaced if they are found to be worn or loose during related repairs or inspections
  • Noisy tires can sound similar to a failing wheel bearing
  • All related wheel bearings seals should also be replaced during bearing service

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