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Ford Explorer Sport Trac (39 Reviews)
bought my 2002 sport trac new with 7 miles on it. Still have it 13 years later with 279,000 miles on it. She still runs and rides great. I still enjoy my road trips in it today. I truly believe that if you complete the maintenance when it is due, your vehicle will last a good many years.
Ford really messed up taking the sport trac off line in 2010.
Never buy a 2004 sport trac with vortex engine. There is 3 thats 3 timing chains on this engine.If any one goes bad means engine replacement is the cheapest way to fix advise from experience don,t buy a sport trac
This 2007 is a piece of junk! Had a 2001 and drove it for 9 years and loved it. Purchased this 2007 W/91,000 miles wanting later model. Almost immediate problem with overheating. No prior warning from heat gauges, etc., until by myself at dark-thirty on narrow highway. Pass another vehicle and engine starts to knock like crazy and all computer lights on dash flashing, engine starts to die almost immediately and lock down before I can get off asphalt. Engine ruined. And all you mechanics do not go there....this pickup and the other one is and was always serviced regularly. Now after $4,200 to replace with another engine which had 65,000 miles on it and 30 days later after passing another vehicle, no noise, just smells funny so start to pull over and steam vapors coming from under hood again! Do not buy a 2007 unless you are rich and have lots of time to call wreckers. I wanted to buy American made but you Ford engineers need to get your stuff together!!! I am one unhappy and broke Texas Nanny!
Just traded in my 2003 with 318,648 miles on it. Probably could have kept going but it just seemed like time. No major repairs just preventive maintenance. Bought a 2010 with 90,000 mile son it. We will see how it holds up.
The secret is out. This may be the best vehicle Ford has ever produced. This was a one year old dealers personal car.
Originally there were some problems, all covered under warranty.
The driveshaft had to be replaced, as well as ome other parts.
Much later, around 70K, the exhaust system was leaking.
The front hubs apparently, like brake shoes, need replacing every 60K.
Since then I have been careful with the maintenance, so now it looks, runs and feels like a new car.
I replaced the exhaust system with a SS upmarket version. The air intake horn was thrown away and an L and N filter installed.
The dealer had a performance chip installed so it runs best on premium gas, with ethanol its OK.
The difference in power is quite a surprise. This is a 4 wheel drive with all options.
Originally I had the only one in my area. Not anymore.
I've done 6 very long distance drives, on one I pulled a sailboat on a trailer , over 4,000 pounds, for 1800 miles, lousy gas mileage.
Bought my 2002 sport trac new in 2003. love this truck had a few minor issues, first year rear door handles won't open from the inside. second year had to replace mass air flow sensor, 3rd year gas gauge only works once in awhile. I have 120,000 mi. Minor issues until now driving along heard a clunk and the front wheel locked up.
2010 bought brand new and had a hub go out and replaced, told it was leaking fluid again and backup light leaking around seal, now light on one half the speedometer not working. Lot of things that are expensive to fix went wrong.
2010 explorer sports trac 62,000 miles and the motor has thrown a rod. Now I need a new motor.
Well first we gave the truck a check up before we left to bc because the truck was said to be doing great. We'll like the 5 day in kamloops, bc are truck u you see the truck was heating up so we looked for somewhere to pull over and we pulled over and droped are radiator bloow up on the one side. So we got it towed to a machine shop ( Canadian Tire)and they told use are transmission was going and we are going to have to wait till the radiator came in entill we could leave so leaves me to this question how is it to fixed the transmission on the truck as everything else works fine it
bought in 2005, needed harmonica balancer 2 yrs ago..constant squeek we thought was belt related. now needs a thermostat housing replaced as it's leaking antifreeze which took us 6 mos for it to become a real bad leak that we could find. harmonica balancer reasonable priced repair, this new one a bit high. found solutions on internet from other sportstrac owners. thanks. leather front seats needing major repair from seat warmer function being too hot for material. plastic moldings are coming unglued from florida heat. has been a good little truck in the long run, but cd player has never released the cd's properly. possible heat related from florida sunshine. radio has been excellent tho.
brakes fail under 5 mph
Bought a 2007 sport trac brand new in 2007 > transmission went out at 77,000 miles on March 15 2013, just got a quote to rebuild for 2695.00. The transmission was faulty to begin with by all the complaints on this truck but no recall was ever given. Average miles per year 13,000.

Very disappointed and this will be the last Ford I purchase. Writing the Ford motor company a nice letter, driving a vechicle 13,000 miles a year for 6 years my transmission should have never gone bad. Sad thing is they new they had faulty transmissions in these trucks.
got a 2007 used sport trac..wheel bearing is gone bad tapping on left side of engine..what is next?
2005 Sport Trac...bought new...Transmission went at 46000 miles. Vehicle started stalling in the road (no reverse, no drive until you killed the motor and restarted the engine and move the gears around). Then it drove just fine until it decided to do it again. Really strange and hard to diagnose at first. Warranty was gone but Ford paid the bill except for the $500 our part. THANK YOU JESUS! 130000 another Transmission leak...estimation at $700. Working on getting that one fixed. 5 sets of brakes on this vehicle...but this may be the way my 22 year old drives it (regardless...still not very happy with the brakes). Other than this it has been a very reliable and good ride.
My 2004 explorer sport trac was all i ever wanted until major items like not being able hook up and tow any thing with it by law with any towing equip. And also at 100,000 miles my compass went out and also my auto drive at the same time. Ford,it not your fault its mine for not EXPLORING more options you get it(ExPlOriNg).
Follow up. Slave cylinder went. 105,000 so i'm personally pulling tranny and replacing clutch as we speak. Slave cylinder, clutch kit and trans fluid and dot 3 i'm out 400.00 bucks. I will not pay someone 1200 bucks to do it. Still got faith in my girl/truck.
took my 02 sport trac to the stealership this morning for a coolant leak (dont know where the leak was coming from). they replaced the thermostat housing, put new o-ring inside the housing and replaced two rubber hoses for under 200 bucks. but here is the fun part. got charged almost 500 bucks just for labor alone. which means, it took a certified mechanic almost 5 hrs to do the job. a job that would only take 1.5 hrs, tops to do. it cost me an arm and a leg,,, plus,,, two ears,three fingers, one eye. and my motgage for this month. and not be able to pay my mortgage this month???... priceless
Have a 2008 Sport Trac with 122k. Truck needed rear axle at around 30k (warranty), blew wheel bearing n hub around 90k. Transmission gone at 122k. I am religious with regular maintenance; change oil every 3k..
Is a Great truck-Very nible (i live on top of mtn on wooded lot-very harsh winter conditions, truck is a sure-footed goat!). I have no complaints other than big-ticket items failing!
New transmission is $3k!!...Disappointing maintenance-wise!..
my 2003 sport trac rack and pinion went out at 3000 miles /two windows quit working/thermostat housing went out129000miles/ rear passenger disc brake on that one wheel locks up smells really bad/but im still going think ill buy diesel ford next time
I own a 02 sport trac bought used at 60,000 miles. Two problems right rear window works intermittently and big one here slave cylinder on clutch. If you check blogs on the net it's clear. Expensive to fix. Transmission has to be removed to change it, OUCH. So I start it in gear. I'm used to it now. I love the truck though and do maintenance myself. Great truck buy the automatic though. 98,000 miles currently.
i have a 2004 sportrac lxt with a 133000 miles run good i put black 22 inch rims on it makes it look aggressive and mean get lots of comments saying cool truck
I own a 2004 Sport Trac, I bought at the end of 2005 with 18,000 miles. I now have 68,900 miles its been GREAT TRUCK!!! A.ROD.
I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Except for the alternator going out at 85,000 miles, it's been a pretty good truck. Now, I have an issue with my brakes squeaking when I back up - only when I back up. I've spent $500 on new brakes, calipers, etc and it still squeaks. My mechanic even put in Ford parts - no change. It's very annoying
Have had my 2001 for about five years. it now has 199,00 miles on it and is doing very well in all regards. I do regular maintenence at local Ford and a few small garages in town and have only had 1 major issue. The rar differential began to whine at 165, oo miles and was replaced for $900.00 at local was a salvage yard part.
Second major scare was caused by the bearing at the front drive shaft. It is NOT something that gets lubed during regular maintenence and mine went bone dry and began to shake rattle and clunk while transporting a friend home from a cardiac stay at a hospital during NWArkansas' 2 foot snowfall. Thanks to a caring truckstop mecjhanic it was removed packed and installed in 60 minutes and cost thankfully only $35.00 !!
Had problems with this truck from the beginning on repeat issues and ford shops could never find problems. Well , its funny had they found the problems now..after warranty is up...which will cost in the thousands and I will not sit on this.
I finally had to replace the engine, rear timing chain started making noise at 254k! I personally blame this on Lucas Oil Treatment, thinking I was helping an old engine, 1k miles later the noise starts? Who knew. Great truck all around, I think the only other problem I had was the fuel pump went bad at 190k, dropped the tank and fixed it.
We have had our 03 SportTrac since Oct 2009, and the only problem I should mention is the crappy positioning of the inerita switch right under the passenger dashboard. If you have a long legged person riding shotgun, you need to make them aware not to put their feet too far up under the dashboard by the passenger door, or YOUR TRUCK WILL LOSE FUEL TO THE ENGINE AND YOU WILL LOSE POWER STEERING!!! This is actually a safety feature to keep you from being cooked alive should you be rear ended or in some other kind of accident, which isn't a bad thing, as long as you are aware of where it is.
I loved this truck until the thermostat housing leaked causing the truck to overheat without letting me know. I pride myself on how well i took care of my truck, and everybody that drove in my truck told me how smooth it sounded and drove. Anyhow, the temperature gauge never went above halfway. One day, on my way to work, it made a weird sound wouldn't give me any power when I pushed the gas and turned off as i exited the freeway. It apparently overheated, warping 4 of the valves and frying the pistons. Because of this i will never buy another ford.
bought my truck new in 2005, trying to keep it til june 2011 which would be my last payment. not running right now. Give me so many problems i can't name them all. The body work is beautiful, but the repairs are costly, make you want to pull your hair out!