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Most reported 2006 Ford Taurus problems


Verified for the Ford Taurus

The engine may misfire and/or buck while driving at freeway speeds with no fault code stored in the powertrain control module (PCM). This can be caused by an intermittent fault with the camshaft synchronizer assembly. This condition can be diagnosed by monitoring knock sensor data as per Ford service bulletin #05-22-12. Replacement of the synchronizer assembly will be required to correct this concern.

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Verified for the Ford Taurus

The magnet for the camshaft position sensor may fall out of its mount and damage the synchronizers. This causes long crank times when starting the engine and may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. If this happens, both the magnets and the synchronizers need to be replaced.

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Verified for the Ford Taurus
Bad motor mounts can damage the engine coolant temperature sensor wiring, causing intermittent full rich conditions.
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Reported by hunter06154 for the Ford Taurus

broken valve spring. broke valve stem and destroyed piston.
replace engine with ford rebuilt long block.

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