Exhaust Tail Pipe Replacement

Exhaust gases are emitted from the engine, routed under the vehicle, and expelled at the rear of the vehicle. Exhaust gases are noxious; the exhaust tail pipe ensures that the gases exit and do not get trapped under the vehicle where they could leak into the passenger compartment, causing harm to the occupants of the vehicle.

The vehicle exhaust system should be inspected periodically for damage that could cause restriction of the exhaust, which may result in a loss of power. The exhaust system should also be periodically inspected for leaks that could become potentially harmful to occupants of the vehicle.

Mechanics Corner: More Technical Detail

There is more than one purpose for the exhaust tail pipe.

  • The primary purpose is channeling the exhaust gases past the rear of the vehicle so they will not enter the passenger compartment. Even though the Emissions System works hard to convert all vehicle emissions back into safe gaseous chemicals it is never 100% effective under all running conditions.
  • Another reason for the tailpipe is to tune the sound of the Exhaust System to give it the appropriate ‘note’ so to speak, a high performance sports car will have a different sound than a luxury sedan.
  • The tail pipe can also be part of the styling of a vehicle. Many tail pipes are shaped and chromed to reflect the ‘image’ of the vehicle and complete the lines or styling intended by the designers, while other tail pipes are almost invisible and whose primary purpose is one of functionality.

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