Engine Valve

An engine valve is what allows air into (or exhaust out of) a specific cylinder. Each cylinder has at least one intake and one exhaust valve.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Engine Valve

  • Engine misfire
  • Excessive oil consumption

Engine Valve Related Repair Advice

  • The cylinder head should be thoroughly inspected if valves are repaired or replaced
  • Some engines have problems with deposits on the intake valves that can reduce engine performance
  • Fuel system additives are available that can help keep the intake valves clean
  • Improperly adjusted valves can overheat and fail

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By , October 24, 2017
My engine valve is bend due to breakage of timming chain,I replace new timming chain ,tensioner and all related to chain and when tje mechanic open the enginer it was found that rocker was break so I replaced rocker also but the valves where bend a little but I neglected it because lot I dont had time o stay vehical in garage so now my car is running properly but sometimes it stop in middle and after two and three attempts it get start so what is the problem is there a problem because of that bend valve plz suggests

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