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My daughter has a 2004 Stratus that we are prepairing to retire. She takes very good care of her car and has all the recommended oil changes, tune ups etc. She got the car in 2011. in the 4 years she has owned the car has had numerous problems including the check engine light going on randomly with no explanation after having it checked multiple times, it makes a loud whistling sound when she accelorates, and her timing chain self destructed last weekend. The body has held up well however.
Good reliable car runs and drives great. We bought the Stratus in 2003 with 40,000 after doing that time never once gave us a problem. I am still happy to be driving this car its at 185,000 no issues with nothing or breakdowns. Took care of everything on car oil changes, filters, plugs, brakes, rotations and more would not retired yet on us being a good little car ever owned. It was 1st car ever had purchased gets good gas mileage very comfortable with nice interior materials all of power equipment still works flawless. Just get engine oil change with using 5w20 Synthetic change plugs and rotate tires the car will last in a heartbeat being road worthy ever driving last up 200,000.
Play has developed in the crankshaft/harmonic balancer area and in turn the front seal is bad and leaks oil. 140,000 miles on car and being told by mechanic that seal replacement by itself is no good. would need to drop pan and replace at least front main bearing along with seal and with the miles probably the timing belt and water pump as well but cost may be prohibitive and may or may not be worth repairing. Anyone else experienced something like this?
We have a 99 Stratus we bought new with a v 6 & we love it. I change the oil every 3,000 miles, & rotate the tires every other oil change. It has 150,000 miles on it & still gets 29 MPG on the highway.
2000 Dodge Stratus 199,432 miles ,as far as the the body is concerned ,my rocker panels are decaying like cancer. the brakes i take care of , front pads and rotors about 25-30 thousand miles . rear 75000 or so. drive train , had to replace the shift solenoid at 65,000 miles, been good since.the timing belt went at 161,000 yeah i was dumb enough not to replace it earlier. electrical and lights, the only door switch that works for my dome light is my drivers door,the light for the shifter comes on and off sporatically.engine knocks a little when i start it up , i change the oil. as far as emissions, had to replace the gas tank filler neck , and as of 02/25/2012 sounds like i have an exhaust leak. i put many dollars into the suspension , seems like a weak part of this car. getting back to the hvac i let the the a/c go i dont use it,the heat is still very good although. any questions contact me. i have 199,432 on it ,i cant complain since i bought it new ,its still my still gives me 25 mpg.seriously!

217000 miles.This car has been a jewell!!! It had 60,000 when I bought it. The A/C pump went at 15000. Timing belt had never been replaced till 216000. Brakes, oil, lube, just regular maintainance. 32mpg on the hiway. The fan control switch only works on hi but for the miles, it's always been on. 2 years old when I bought it. You couldn't give me my money back for it now. I'll have it resprayed and completelly gone thru in the spring. Hoping for another quarter million miles. I add Dura Lube every 20,000 miles. No oil use between changes. I bought it 9-11-01, the day the towers went down. Ronnzo
We bought our dodge new in Kitty Hawk NC from a dealer.
The brakes squeak and always have however, the dealer and his repair shop always say that nothing is wrong.
Why then; do the brakes squeak?

We told them about the problem from the beginning. We were told a couple of time that it was only a moisture build-up.....but, why???? just on this car???
And why does it continue to squeak????????????
My 1999 Stratus has over 218,000 miles on it and it is still running strong, needs new tie rod ends and shocks though...very reliable car
I love my 02 Dodge Stratus. It has alot of miles but it keeps on going. At least, it did until today. The left front steering knuckle and lower tie rod completely separated. I have looked on the internet and have found recalls for just this problem. How can I verify the recall notices and if I can't get verification of recall notices, how much will it cost me for repairs?
My grandmother gave this to me as soon as I got my license! This thing has been sitting in front of a barn for about a year and a half to two years. Ever since I had it, it's been running like a TANK!!! The only things that needed to be replaced were the catalytic converter (much more expensive in California because we're all hippies), the brakes, and now the oil pan so I'm loving this thing more and more! Definitely a gem of a normal, casual 4-door.
2001 Dodge Stratus 2.4L DOHC. 176K. Car has been relatively trouble-free. The suspension is getting soft but it still rides well. Nothing major has gone wrong except the PCM. Had to replace tie-rod ends, valve cover seal (that was a bitch getting to the bolts in the back), PCM went out, door window motor. Paint has held up and the interior looks great still. I'm getting a whistling from the dash though that occurs around 70 mph.
Since I purchased this vehicle we have had to replace so much it should have been left where it was. I will never buy another Dodge Stratus. The purchase price is very reasonable but you more than make up for it in repair costs. If it isn't one thing it is another. I liked the cars ride, size, and gas mileage. In order to make it worth the cost it needs to be able to stay on the road and running. I baby my vehicles so it isn't becaue it gets treated rough.
Knew original owner since they bought it new, I bought from them at 10 years old with low miles. Generally do not like Chrysler products, quality not that good but this car is ok for the $. Car is peppy, good gas mileage, cheap transportation. Body, rocker panels, rust pretty bad, keep clean and in garage to help reduce. Trans is a problem, rebuilding it is likely (this one done at 30,000out of warranty, if I had to pay the $2000 for the rebuild I would have been furious). Likely to leak engine oil when older from gaskets/seals/etc. Again, if you can buy one with lower miles, they are cheap used, get good mileage, and if you get the larger 4cyl engine it is fairly peppy.
overall my car is GREAT! I have had no major problems other than an a/c compressor going out! Powerful V6 with autostick is fun to drive, suspension is tight like a sports car! Great stereo system, great gas mileage, an all around smooth handling car! Has 156,000 on it now, last stratus made it to 225,000 before handing key to my son, hope this one goes as long and seems that it may! Only complaints would be dim headlights and the problems with the heat/ac switch going out all the time! Just upgrade to HID lighting and really improved the visibility of headlights alot! Very good car, but I guess I'm lucky to have had three and all of them have been great cars! Don't know what others have done with their stratus' but apparently they don't know how to properly maintain a car( fixing things before they break!)
My 2002 stratus is great, but lately as I'm driving it loses power, my RPM needle goes down and then the engine shuts off, it's not the fuel pump, so sometimes this happens not very often.
I have a 2004, the transmission is slipping, needs a new timing belt,
the brakes are squeaking.Other than these problems everything is
havent had any problem with this vehicle except for the normal wear and tear
great car very dependable. Ive put 50k miles on mine and has had minimal problems and complaints. Blower moter seems to only work on high setting, fixed it but quit working again about 1 month later. Brakes sqweek but are in good shape. Head lights are small and not real bright.
I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus. It's a nice looking car and very comfortable. I've had it for years now and the only major fixes were to replace a water pump, rotters, and the gas hose neck. At over 265, 000 miles my car is still a great running, dependable car!
bought my 2000 dodge stratus in 2004 with 86000 miles. Made some initial investments I knew I would need at the 100000 mile mark. Change oil religiously. The car is at the 201000 mile mark and I think I'll reinvest. It handles great, looks great (little rust at corner of hood in front) Am very happy with it. Hope it could last forever.
4-Door, 2.5 V6, Autostick. Best car we've ever owned (better and more comfortable than the 03 Buick Rendezvous we had). Originally bought it in 2000 with about 25k miles on it (it had been a Budget Rental Car). Earlier this year at 170k miles, we replaced timing belt, plugs, wires, distributor, crankshaft position sensor, and brakes. Still has original shocks and other suspension components. Now has 185k and still runs perfectly.
i love my car i just cant fix it
i have a 2000 dodge stratus and while driving i felt the car shifting funny and noticed my speedometer jumping then the speedometer stopped working completely and transmission would not shift out of low gear.i have an automatic transmission and i believe its something to do with the transmission control module but not sure how to find out for sure which part it is,the fuse,relay or the tcm.any help would be appreciated.thanks,andy
I got my car in 2005 it had about 90,ooo miles on it .Its been preetty realiable,besides the fact the brakes skweek even thou the pads are fine.I also have a problem with the tranny shifting roughly at 35 to 40 , during eccleration.Does anyone have any advice . Thank you
i have had my 1999 stratus for 3 years.have 121000 mile an still going complaints just had to replace water pump an belts,other than that its been a good car.
my car has 252000 and still runs strong
In May 2001 I bought my dodge used with no more than 20Kmiles, really good shape the exterior color was not to good to say. I have over 180K miles on it now and the only major problem i have with it now is that i need to replace the AC compressor. I love it and would buy another one if i got the chance. Spacious smooth riding not to expensive to fix. Overall Good Car for ME =)
Bought this car 4 months ago from a dealership..Car had 60000 miles on it..Spent $700 in repairs for oil leak from crank seal..It did same thing again just to find out that the crank has play in it and is knocking seal out..Told I need to replace engine to fix..Dodge only gave 36000 mile warranty for this car for good reason it seems..They do not stand behind what they sell or it would have the 100000 mile warranty the love to advertise on TV..Now I have a car that I owe $5000 and is worth $0 unless I spend another $3000 or more to fix it!! Never buy another Chrysler product..I should have known better..
I bought this car from a friend and it was great for the first month. it had 105,xxx miles when i purchased and within a month the fule pump went out and left me stranded. Then a few months later I had to replace all the bearings and tie rod ends. A week after that the piston rod started knocking and then a massive transmission leak! It always shifted bad and felt like it was always in second gear. Horrible turning radius for a small car and very little power. The body is completely shot due to rust and the suspention is rough. These cars are money pits and I have always kept up on regular oil changes/tune ups. They are known to throw a rod or the trani's go before they hit 150,000. I guess Im just used to my hondas, but this car is a nightmare!