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Dodge D150 (3 Reviews)
My rear brake hose was melted by the exhaust how much would that cost?
When my father-in-law passed away my wife bought his 1992 Dodge D-150. It is an LE model with A/C, automatic, 3.9lt. V6. I have driven the truck for the last 10 years without any major issues. At 203,000 mile my engine suffered a major catastrophic failure. I replaced it with a remanufactured 3.9lt and it still services me without fail. I have never had issues with the brakes, A/C, electrical system, suspension, or exhust. They simply do not build them to last like they did years ago. The original paint job faded and peeled and was redone by Dodge within two years of my father-in-law owing it, it has lasted ever since. Working on it is a pleasure as there is plenty of room under the hood and under the body. One reoccuring problem I had (before engine replacement) was the distributor shaft fit into a bushing in the oil pump that over time became out of round and would cause the rotor to self distruct as well as the dist. cap. I had to replace the distributor as well as the bushing. Dodge should have issued a recall rather than a no cost to them advisory.
great truck over 166,000 miles still runs like new