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My Van has sat for four years from 2009 to 2014 and for the most part, the only thing I had to do was replace all 4 tires. It has 100,000 miles and motor runs GREAT! Really RELIABLE vehicle, for sure! New Tune Up and Oil change and she is as good as new! Starts on the first half crank! I recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a good reliable transportation; it still has at least 150,000 miles left on her to go! Great Job Dodge! I still see allot of the 95 models driving around as testimony of how reliable they really are!
I bought this 1999 Van Caravan new in Dec 1998. I have kept it serviced and changing oil every 4000 miles. I have 248000 miles on it, replaced transmission at 231000 miles replaced water pump 232000 miles replaced radiator at 233000 miles and replaced fuel pump at 247000 miles other than the usual upkeep and maintence This vehicle has really served me well.I would not hesitate to buy another but I probably couldn't get the service out of it that I got out of this one, I`ve never had a problem with the air conditioner, altanator or any other problem.
This car has been remarkably reliable and is the most comfortable, practical car I've ever owned. I hope I can get it to run forever! Would not hesitate to buy it again and recommend it to anyone.
I have a 2001 Grand Caravan Sport 3.3L V-6. The transmission differential just went with 215,000 miles on the van. It was running excellent.just put a new set of tires all around and now this. I have a few buddies that are qualified to fix the problem but none have a working environment,it's not a "parking lot" job ,so I would have to take it to a shop.Anyone have a ballpark figure in what the cost would be.I'm sure labor and part's on this type of job could get steep, is it worth fixing??
Body & interior has held up great. HOWEVER, the brake syste has had to be replaced atleast 4.5 times; only once under warrantee. We DO NOT drive it hard, the last time the dealership did pick up most costs...because we had JUST replace the brake system & they told us the drums were bad; go figure. a few gaskets leaked after 5 years, radiator has been replaced twice, now its the Front Cylinder head --- dealer says its $1969 to repair. Plus it also need rack & pinon full repair. Expensive repairs for one that takes care of their cars.
we bought our 1996 dodge caravan new and it has 110,000 miles on it. Replaced transmission with 70,000 miles on it and recently two fuel pumps in an 8 month period. Starting to cost me $800 every time I pass a repair shop. Latest problem is a surging at idle and just about any speed. It is not consistent and happens about every other day. Seems it wants to stall out but hasn't yet. Anybody have any ideas?
Dodge Caravan 2005 Only has 55,000 Miles and had to replace sway bar bushings twice. Now my machanic said I'll need a to replace a rack & ponion; that's a $700. dollar job.
check engine will not go off everyone said it was the gas cap bought a new one and after two weeks it is still on.
Bought her new Jan. 2000. Love, love, love this van. It drives and rides like a dream. Great mileage...25mpg on the road. I wish I could purchase one like it new but the "shorty" is no longer made. I have only 83,000 miles on her so far...I shouldn't need a new one for a long time. I go camping in her, haul furniture and lumber and whatever I need. Just had her detailed at Medford Lithia Dodge and she looks great. I have low profile wheels and tires on her and she looks super going down the road.
i love my 2000 dodge caravan,but lately i have had 3 rebuilt power steering pumps put on and it is still having issues,im at a lost as what to do!! but i still love my van...
2000 dodge caravan speedometor quit working slowed down to make a turn engine died started back up went to make another turn engine died again .if anyone can help
Have a 2002. The second I paid it off I had to have the transmission fixed, replace the fuel filter and pump. Now I have been fighting with a clinking noise in my front suspension even after I replaced the sway bar bushings, struts, links and tie rods. My power stearing constantly hums as I come to a stop light and sometimes stops working, front windshield pump went out and the reaer defrost and wiper doesn't work. Went thru two sets of brakes and rotors in one year driving normal and the chrome in the headlights are pealing so now I have to replace them too. They need to sell these vehicles a lot cheaper if were to dump a lot of money and time to fix them. I miss my jeep wrangler.
2003 regular Caravan, SXT, now 75K miles. Chrysler definitely value engineers this vehicle. Clunky sway bar links, door lock issues, lots of plastic inside and out, paint does not buff out well, but is standing up to the sun, dual sliding doors are nicely done, and the window tint is excellent. Easy to clean and care for. I knocked the EVAP canister sensor pump off at the beach, has anyone else seized lug nuts, or was that just Firestone service? Replaced the headlights as units as they were glazed, parts are generally affordable. Now the blower motor makes noise and it may be a clogged duct? Hard to believe, the inside coils are clean. Careful if you put aftermarket speakers in the doors, that they clear the window slider. Gas mileage could be better. It coasts very well.
This is the worst engineered vehicle I have ever owned. Have had to replace both front drive axles due to problems with ABS sensors at cost of almost $1600. Just replaced brake line which had been poorly positioned. Shocks and struts seem to wear out quickly. Seat belt does not retract properly and hangs down far enough to get caught in driver's door. This has caused a crack in the body where the door hinge attaches which, in turn, has caused the trim to fall off the door. Button to shut off overdrive is located between rear window wiper button and rear window defrost button. Problems with drive axles and ABS have led to failure of transfer case bearing. Engine still runs well at almost 200K miles but would like to throw the rest of this lemon away.
Front crankshaft oil seal popped out onmy 2006 Dodge Caravan 2.4L engine with 34500 miles.Warranty had expired (36 months).I notifed Chrysler,they sentme to my local dealer to diagnose the problem.They found the crankshaft had excessive end-play causing seal to pop out.They replaced the engine block for my co-pay of $1500.Considering my warranty had expired,I am satisfied with with Chrysler,Love my Caravan SE. Ed K
Have a 1991 Caravan C/V Van has over 350k and still running strong... Trans rebuilt 80k ago
My 2000 Dodge Caravan is wonderful. bought it used with 40,000 miles on it and it now has 250,000 miles on it. It has been across country twice. We have never had to replace anything until a month ago when we had to replace fuel filter, fuel pump and alternator. Still running great! I love this van! i wouldn't mind having another one.
My Caravan has 198,000 miles it has been through floods where it was floating in muck haven't had to replace anything except the starter after the flood. The transmission is now going out and I want to replace it as this van keeps on running it's a real beast and still looks okay.
I bought the van with 54,000 miles on itit now has over 120,000 miles the first problem I had was the water pump , but other than that I've had only minor repairs on it , brakes etc. just resently had to replace the sway bar bushings but thats after all those miles good car ,change the oil every 3,000 miles.
Everything still works on mine....but it has started having a problem with a "warped-sounding roaring" which a mechanic tells me I need a new air conditioning compressor for $600-$700. The A/C works great, but the belt as it passes has this awful noise coming from it sometimes. Has anyone else had this problem? Car has 121,000 miles on it, but I have taken excellent care of it.
my 2002 dodge caravan is amazing bought it in 2003 it's my truck moved many of my friends and relatives in it, i just bought a new battery three month's ago 2010 i had a mopar battery, 7 years not one time did i have a problem never replaced anything on it but brakes and pads, i have life time brakes only pay for labor check out pep boys they stand 100% by their products i would not give my van up for no one
when it's time i will be buying another one.
Bought in 2009 w/ 32,000, air bag light "warrenty", for a driver its fine, for a Porche want to be it needs more, but I bought what was practical. Does the practical thing Great. Would rather have a Grand Caravan but this is just fine, Mor Power to MOPAR!
The automatic power locks on the doors have been a problem for the dealer to ever get fixed right from the beginning when I first bought the car brand new in 1996. Never worked right and still don't work right.
over all a great car mine has over 200k miles on it still runs like it was new other than a few electrical problems and being a pain to work on when things need to be changed out...
never again will i buy a dodge had enoughno air bulbs keep burning out windows not working
powersteering problems. air conditioning leaks condensate on front floor.
My fiancee owns this workhorse of a van, and it's amazing how it holds it's own after all these years of wear and tear. The engine still has LOTS of grunt, even after 120,000 + miles of use, and it shows no sign of giving up! This tank has been used often to haul the family around (5 kids plus 2 adults), and it doesn't falter under the load. What's even more astounding is the fact that even though it has some minor electrical problems, it works like it's almost brand new!
I brought this Van used and 3month in the Transmission started giving me problems then leaking oil and transmission oil now she is sitting in my parking space..
My brakes keep wearing out too fast, the lights in the buttons around my radio keep blinking, auto-transmission sticks when I try to switch from reverse & drive & my horn (brand new) wont beep.
This is my 4th Chrysler made mini van, my first was a 1986 and I've had one ever since. They have all been great autos and have gotten better with each new year. When it becomes time to get rid of this one, I won't hesitate to purchase another one. The new ones look awesome and the the fold down seats make it easier to create storage space.