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We bought this 2003 PT Cruiser from a Dealership in another state. I'm surprise we made it home and was able to drive it for almost a month before we started having all the problems we've had. One day it just wouldn't started. Took it to our mechanic and they check it and said it was the starter. So we put a new starter in and then about a week later it wouldn't start again, so back it went to the garage and again they said it was the starter and the ignition and our mechanic who happen to own his own garage told us he was going to not charge us for the new starter again or the labor. And he call the parts warehouse where he got the starter and told them he needed a new starter and that he felt like they should have to help with the cost on labor on my car because the starter that they put in the first time was bad. Which the parts warehouse did so with no problem. Then again about 4 days later it stop running again and our mechanic finally said he wasn't sure what was wrong and that it had to be a short or something like that coming from the computer brain. So they rig up a wire where my husband had to open the hood every time we had to go some where. He had to open up the hood and take this wire and touch it to the battery to start the car. Until we could get it into Chrysler and have them test it on there machine that will tell you just exactly what the problem is. Then after that the car started over heating and we had to replace the radiator it was totally clog up. And then we had to replace the heater core and then the water pump and timing belt and believe it or not the car is still over heating if you drive over 50 miles an hour. So now our next item from what we have been told is to replace the computer on the engine cause that is what probably is the main issue now we have and then the car should be fixed. All I can say is my husband and I are both Senior Citizens and we are on a fixed income and I thing that Dealership in Oklahoma did us dirty and thought well now here are a couple suckers. When we are honest and try our best to help anyone who is in need of help. We had a 2005 PT Cruiser and we love it but my ex son in law wreck it and totaled it out. Now we have to wait and try to get the computer for the 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo when we get our next retirement checks if we can swing it if not we will just have to save the money up until we get enough. Why do people and Car Dealerships have to be so crooked. I need help in finding out if we replace the computer on the PT if anyone knows from what all I said was wrong with it that, that will really fix it right.
Good looks,ride and room I like it its almost like a truck
I have a 2003 Cruiser Limited. I like it pretty well, but am going on my 3rd starter since November and the last replacement was just a week ago. So I'm w/o transportation again. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this to happen?

Don't want to be stranded,
Bought car from original couple. When I first bought it started off being a lemon out of Detroit the car has approx. 110,000mi so that is low for a 14 year old car but guess it hates me or I was scammed by crooks. Early one morning had gone to start the PT Cruiser nothing all lights came on dash and made a beep as every car before or after starting up. I took to a shop one of the coils misfired #3 - I got the 02 Sensors, 2 gaskets and bad alternator changed. The doors seems liked this car belonged to the late Herman Munster they just unlock or lock themselves for no reason. Cruise control switched quit working the indicator light starts flashing had checked believed its a malfunction clicking noises from dashboard someone else I've seen on thread had this problem. Engine burns 1qt of oil at every 2,000 miles and lots of sludge buildup blew a heavy white cloud of smoke one day after starting/sputtering. I've taken in too several mechanics no one can't figured out be the problem all tells me just have deal with the problem. Gone to some discounts even called a AutoZone in Las Vegas see could ship parts. This piece of junk had to be towed back to my house was in Buffalo the thing stopped right on freeway. Dash lights not working and speedometer rpms are going crazy kind of freaking me out because the accelerator seems get stuck and engine revs as km goes up/down. Stereo sound full of static - radio doesn't work well all stations would switch themselves there is a problem. I bought the car from couple in their 60s so why in the world is all these problems are happening after bought it or maybe this was a 1st hand the previous owner just has a cursed of me driving vehicle or sold as death car. Well I loss so much just finally left the junk along bought another car this time its all brand new maybe whoever will be buy that thing probably applaud after taking to a junkyard letting the crane crushed as a pancake because that was is going to happen nobody will not put up the PT Cruiser - Junior Problem Child 4 (2015) no longer like with me.
I bought this car used. I was told that the car was a good deal. I had the car about 2 1/2 months when a popping started when I turned or went over a speed bump. Then I was trying to make it up a hill when the car suddenly began to roll down the hill. I stopped just short of colliding with a bus. I had the car in drive but it only went in reverse. I had it towed to my house and then I couldn't get it to go in reverse or forward. This car does not have a smooth ride and it is not dependable. I regret buying this care tremendously.
Ive had the cruiser for a year and have had to re
place the lower radiator hose and cluch. I think the previous owner didn't know how to drive a standard transmission car. The car handles well, good gas mileage 20 MPG city handles well on the hiighway and pretty quiet.
Wish it had a little more HP but with the stick its not too bad. I'd buy another.

Bought a 2007 PT Cruiser base model about 3 years ago for my Son's first car. If you don't read any further at least read this NEVER EVER BUY ONE OF THESE JUNK CARS. I laugh at these PT forums where they think the car is so freaking great.

The car looked great, base model, silver, chrome wheels. But in my gut, being an experienced backyard mechanic I knew Chryslers poor quality history but my Son wanted it. I wanted him to be happy. The car only had 37,000 original miles bought privately.

Where do I start? I am sure I will forget a dozen things. lol. Assembled in Mexico. Burns engine oil, about a quart in a 1000 miles if you use 5w 20. A/C reeks like cat piss in the summer. Takes your breath away. Button for recycling interior air fails to work all the time. Idles terribly. MPG avg 17. Never ever got 20 mpg. All engine mounts torn and replaced. Tail lights both let water in, leak. Control arm bushings both bad. Complete rebuild front end. Struts went bad. Replace entire new strut units but front end continues to clunk. Could be the drive shafts but I not replacing them. Spare tire is loose, makes noise over bumps even when installed and inflated correctly. New starter. Car needs like another high gear. Engine revs too high on highway. AC lost all refrigerant. Stalls when idling with AC on at times. Rear soft touch hatch release works when it feels like it. Gas cap seal failed, check engine light came on.

Other than that highly recommended. lol. Do yourself a favor. Buy a Honda Civic.
I bought this car in August 2014. The car only has 32,500 miles on it. The complete AC unit has gone bad. Thanks goodness I bought extended warranty and the only thing that is not covered is the ac belt which will cost me $67.00. The sensor for the airbag on the passenger side has gone bad and needs to be replaced which is not covered by warranty and will cost $200.00. I find it odd that I have driven cars that have had well over 100,000 miles on them and never had a airbag sensor go bad and this vehicle only has 32,500 miles and its gone bad. Other then those 2 things I have had no problems with this vehicle
At 62000 miles no real problems. Replaced 2 tail lights, the plastic cover on the left side of the drivers seat replaced 2 times. the worst is gas mileage. local driving around 20. long trips the most 27 per gallon. I also have a Neon and it gets 26 around town and up to 38 on long trips. Same engine type. It must be the design or body style.
new radiator, brakes two times already before 60,000,suspensine fixed three times, oil light comes on, air conditioner fixed, heater fixed,, transmission replaced, car is junk
very small inside. Handle on glove compartment cheap plastic. Brakes are good. Drive Train slow changing gears. Elec & Lights always something 'ON' and back lights go out everytime it rains. Exhaust & Emissions passed so far. Heating & Cooling AC kills my battery and nobody knows why. Suspension & Steering feels like a wooden wagon on a stone path when driving. Steering OK. Perhaps I was sold a lemon. I don't know but I do know I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER!
I bought this car in October, 2013. I had rented one for a week & wanted one ever since. Main point for me is that it's an affordable car. I love it. It's fun to drive. I wouldn't take it across country thou.
Brought my 2008 PT cruiser two years ago. I love the car, the only issues I have with it is the engine mounts I need to replace every two years. I live in a city full of Potholes and just assumed they are the reason.
I love my car the only thin is the dash lights only 1\2 are working left side that all
I bought this 2010 PT for my wife, who liked the retro styling and the convenience of a wagon. 60k miles and three years later, problems are beginning to appear, in spite of better than regular preventive maintenance. The gas mileage has slipped into the high teens, the front, lower control arm bushings have failed for the second time since new, the car is burning a bit of oil (Mobil 1) after the first two thousand miles and, most recently, the second ABS wheel sensor has failed. Overall, these are problems which one might expect at 120k miles, not 60k miles. For twenty grand, a Corolla or Civic would be a MUCH better value, I am sorry to say. Looks are fleeting; quality means everything. This is a practical design, but with less than quality engineering applied.
we have put 2 batteries in it and it still keeps dying no lights on no radio on starter and alternator is good what is the problem
I bought my PT Crusier GT new in 2006, I have spent a lot of money on tires, and keeping it running, I park in my garge 6 months ago, and stop driving it, due it was always breaking down, the turbo stop working, go through tires, engine light is always on, due something is wrong, I bought the top end, black with crome packet with GT, looks good park, as long you don't drive it
I love my PT Cruiser. However at 109xxx miles I have had to replace 2 motor mounts.....brakes roters and i still need to replace power steering pump and have my transmission rebuilt.....after all this I will make sure I keep this car till the very last day I can.......but I would never buy another one!
Have had my little car for about six years now. Hardly had any problems with it. Very reliable and fairly good mileage. Only have about 48,000 miles on it, however. I was trading in used cars regularly until I got this car. Negatives -- have to open back end with a key, turning ratio not easy. Love my car!!!
I bought this pt 2008 new, and never had a problem everithing is workink properly, i changed the brakes pads and rotor after five years of use not bad! my car has 42000 mmilles
Don't ever buy a PT Cruiser. I have had nothing but problems since about 35,000 miles. I have replaced the clutch, replaced the power steering pump, I have to get new tires every year and brakes! And today the transmission went out at 95,000 miles. I can't wait until me and this hoopty can part ways. Good riddance!
Purchased new 2006 GT Convertable, Had several electrical issues,Cam sensor replaced twice with less than 20,000 miles,Timing had to be replaced with less than 60,000. Lights flicker and dim while driving,windows freeze in the winter. Brakes and rotors problematic. Tires wear very fast.. Its a good thing chrysler discontinued this vehicle..
I brought my first 2004 pt in March of 2012 and from the first day that i get it was having issues with it the back whippers did not work so they call themself fixing it and it worked for a while then stopped. It would still when i go to 30mph they fix it .The wheels on the car have been replaced 5 times and still need more now. It was knotting and they claim to have fixed it but it still knotted. the inside light not come on where the gas hand is and sometimes all the inside lights would go out even the radio.I just had a fire. The front bumper was hanging on one side paint was bubbleing on th hood. I just wish that we would have saved that money that we put in it. The oil lecked and so much more.
I bought this car used in 2007. I have had nothing but problems. First the convertible top stopped working, then problem after problem. The first year I had 4 flat tires. replaced the brakes 3 times, check engine light comes on all the time for who knows what. spent $600 to fix spark plugs and other computer issues that caused the car to just shut off on the freeway. Now the front axle is leaking grease, the clamps that hold the engine in place are broken, and the top is still broken! I wish I could just trade this lemon in and get a foreign car
I bought my car used in 2011 after a car accident. Wasn't even considering buying a Cruiser.

I had gotten a great deal on this car. Now that I have it, I love it. Has plenty of room, a decent radio, lots of bells and whisles. I have only had to replace 2 tires on the car b/c they were worn when I purchased.
All I can say about this PT which I purchased new in 2006 is "I'm glad to see you gone". Maintenance issue after maintenance issue from the time the car turned 36 months with less than 36,000 miles. Spent $3,000 - $4,000 in miscellaneous repairs from months 36 - 72.
Bought this car new 2008. I had a 2006 PT at the time which ran great, until it turned three years old and then little by little, maintenance became expensive with the same issues. Now the 2008 has turned four years old and I am having major miscelleaneous issues, one by one causing me to kick myself for buying this hunk of junk. I like the styling and it's great for the family pet to get in and out with 1/2 of the rear seat removed, however: at 12 nonths I replaced the battery, at 24 months replaced the hub bearings, at 30 months (29,000 miles) replaced the rear shocks, and the brake pads and rotors, at 36 months replaced the battery again, at 48 months replaced the throttle body plenum, engine mounts, replace the CAM sensor and the fuel injector and was told that next time in, would need front and rear shocks AGAIN! Almost $3K in repairs and the car has only 45,ooo miles at 4 yeats old. Problem is, I just can't afford another car at this time.
2003 pt Loser, is a nickle & dime machine! Has any one other then me had a problem with breaks locking up after driving 10-15 miles? I think this is it with chysler products. After i get this last in the line of problems taken care of, it will be time to go in debt. again & get something(anything) else
Although this is not my first choice in a car, for the money I find the pt cruiser fun to drive and a good value. I have only had my 2009 cruiser for 3 months, but have not had one complaint.