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Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 (15 Reviews)
besides my current problem with the 4wh. drive, i absolutely love my avalanche... i will never not have one. it is by far the smoothest ride, the back seats are just as comfy as the front, and it is the best drive in movie vehicle ever... with traveling coolers built in. Love this truck!!
I have a 2006 Avalanche that the doors and tailgate keep freezing. If anyone have suggestions please let me know.
I am a pilot car for the oversize loads and travel all over the country. I currently have 360,000 miles on my Avalanche and it is still in great shape. I have had trouble with the instrument cluster (speedometer not working). Have also had trouble with the heating/cooling functions. Other than that, it has held up well.
I absolutely love my 02, Brakes are a slight downer but I absolutely love this vehicle. The plastic cladding is a lifesaver in campus parking lots, and when they fade just slap a coat of Refinish Restore on it and its good to go. I put a Cold Air Intake in it and a cat back exhaust and it howls, sadly im pushing 120,000 miles, but I might turn it into a million mile chevy just because I cannot bear to part with it
my husband loves this truck but i am the one who gets it serviced the electrical system sucks have and 21 sensors replaced and the tail light work when they want now struggling with electrical issues in the transfer case modual and dont even ask about the front ends under this vehicle found out after we bought it they were a problem have pretty much replaced everything shocls stablizers wheel bearings tyrods you name it eats them up and i didnt go cheap on repairs went heavy duty now i got a clunk in the steering no one can solve this vehicle has less than 80,000 miles would i recomend this vehicle to anyone NO
For about a month my truck has been cutting back while driving on the interstate when I press the gas petal. I thought that I solved the problem when I had a full tune-up, and I replaced the fuel filter. The problem continues to exist but just not as bad as it was. What should I do next?
bought my 2003 new - like it but do have a couple problems -the last 3 years in a row ive had to replace all 4 rotors due to rust (truck has 63k miles)and sometimes it decides to go into 4wd by itself when you start it.(already replaced the switch) right now i need to replace the tailgate handle and need to know do i have to remove the interior panel to do this google says no but i cant see how to do it with the upper trim on any help would be greatly appreciated - please send advice to
why doesn't my chevy avalanche pick up speed fast what could be something that can couse this?
Use Mobile 1 synthetic oil, at 119,000 miles low oil pressure sensor light came on, had checked at Auto Zone, said oil clean and levels correct. Recommended purchasing new sensor. Started home and within two miles truck locked up. I had someone's driveway blocked and had to restart engine to move the vehicle. Engine locked up due to oil pump failure and had to be replaced. Now I only get 10 to 12 mpg on new engine. I thought the sensor was supposed to shut your vehicle down to prevent the engine from locking up.
I love my Chevy Avalanche, it is the most versatile vehicle I've ever owned but I have one complaint. It is on my mind right now as winter is beginning. In the winter the tailgate freezes closed and when I do get the door loose, the latch freezes so the tailgate falls open when I drive. Sometimes the handle frrezes so I can't operate it to open the tailgate. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to see them.
I love my Avalanche and would get another one if I got another truck. I love all of the little compartments and features of it, and especially the factor truck cover. The compartments in the side are great for in the winter to keep an Ice Scraper in so that you can just open it up and start cleaning off your truck! I love it! The only problem I have had is with the braking system, which includes the emergency brake and the regular brakes. The regular brakes wear through faster than most vehicles.
I loved my 2002 Avalanche! When the miles started getting high (80,000) I decided to trade for a new one. I'm a female and spend alot of time on the highway long distances. Soooo disappointed in the new ones! They don't have the compartments the older models have and the leather seats aren't nearly as comfortable! Really miss my '02
I love this truck! I use it as a daily driver and for scuba to securely load all my dive gear in. just minor issues so for headlight burned out and multifunction switch (turn signal - wipers - cruise control) broke but was covered under warranty. I will buy another!
I too love my Avalanche. Love the compartments and the factory back cover to keep things dry and how you have the option of just removing one panel if thats all you need. The only draw back/complaint I do have is the problems with the brake system including the emergency brake. I really feel this is a Chevy problem since I am not the only one having this type of issue.
I love my 2003. I have made several upgrades that makes it eveb better with great gas miles. The one thing I don't live is that the drive side fog light burns out about every other month. I also notice we I see other ones that this same light is out on thier truck too. I think it's a Chevy problem. The self leveling thing is a little bit of a pain in the a$$ when towing. Other then that I tell everyone to buy one. My brother bought one after seeing mine. GREAT Truck! I wish Chevy could make more like it.