1991 Toyota Celica Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1991 Toyota Celica

1991 Toyota Celica Problems

Automatic Transmission May Not Shift Correctly at High Mileages

The automatic transmission may not shift correctly. This can be caused by the throttle position sensor being out of adjustment or a shift solenoid needing to be replaced. Typically the transmission does not need to be completely overhauled.

Hesitation or No Start Due to Internal Distributor Fault

The ignition coil inside the distributor may fail. Our technicians tell us this may result in a hesitation on acceleration, especially when the vehicle is warming up on cold, rainy days. The pickup coils inside the distributor can also fail and cause a no-start condition. There have also been some failures of the radio noise suppressors inside the distributors, which can short out. Our technicians recommend replacing the whole distributor with a complete, genuine Toyota distributor if any of its components fail.

Power Steering Leak From Pump and/or Hose

The power steering pump and power steering hoses tend to develop leaks and require replacement.

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1991 Toyota Celica Questions

Why won't my car start? (1 answer)

Car wont start with just the turn of the key like it should BUT if I spray starting fluid in the throttle body and then turn the key it'll start right away and stay on and be driveable.


Where is the fuel filter location on 1992 toyota celica GT (1 answer)

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1991 Toyota Celica Reviews

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On my 1991 Toyota Celcia I had to replace my fuel pump twice. First one only lasted a year and half.
I bought a 91 celica gts, and i like it, however, id love it if it ran, i drove it home the day i got it, the very next day it died, it would try to start but wouldnt hold. We replaced the fuel pump, and charged the battery, now the car wont even turn over.....any suggestions, or ideas.
Cool Car.chick Magnet!!

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