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Cadillac STS (17 Reviews)
Stay on top of the maintenance.
Don't treat it like a comaro when its a Cadillac.
Don't complain about the small things..
Can't speak for the other sts owners, but mine is fun to drive and looks "saf" (black on mat black) :) peace.
the RADIO!!!! other than that a DREAM! jus cause its a caddie the price inflation on parts is ridiculous! WOW!!!
Engine sounds like a deisel at low speeds had to the dealer 2 times the first time with 20,000 miles last time with 54000 miles they said rattling moter was normal both times???.
the car has all the power you will need. it rides like a dream
Bought the 2008 sts v6 premium with only 15000...was a certified lease of the best caddies i have ever owned..keyfob is the only problem, it shorted out and wouldnt remote start, dealer replace under warranty...24-28 mpg..only other thing is rides very firm....which i dont mind unless its a bumpy road...overall a great car and put together better than prev GM cars, and caddies Ive owned...looking forward to purchasing a Cadillac ATS coupe!
my STS is a nice looking car but I have problems after problems
one of the air suspension went out cost me 1000 dollar to replace it
right now it's making noise. i beleive it's a electrical problems now.
I will never buy another cadillac.
it doesn't hold its value, The back bumper coming apart.
and it hard to find someone to work on them beside the dealers.
Nice car. I have the V8, LOTS of power and pretty good mpg. Handles great, looks great. Had some issues with windows, misc noises.
V8 STS Amazing car, best car we ever had. We have owned Mercades BMW's Audi's. We also owne a 2009 Mercades E430 V8 the Mercades is a sharp car but the Caddy wins hands down it has smooth power and shifts so smooth and rides and handles better the the E430. The STS is the best car we have had by far.
I have 208350 miles on my Cadillac STS V6. I have owned BMW's and a Mercedes and this Cadillac is the best of them all. I do need to change the oil every 3000 miles or it will sound like a tank, and the rear pulls a little but this vehicle has never left me stranded in 6 years. Yes I bought this new and it has performed. Newly engineered and rear wheel drive(first time in 30 years) they got this car right.
car drive tran roars bad not suspenison system rough and sounds like a rattle trap will not let inbody ride in car $40,.00 ans i am asamed of it dealer not helpful
se no evil hear no evil speake no evill you sould be assamed of a car like this 12,000 miles and sould be in junk yard car run good. sick
Door locks have major problems + $$$ to fix!!!! Speakers aren't great either =) The horsepower is very nice, car looks great too! Seats make you feel like ur in a bucket! So, dont' buy it if your less than 5'9!!!! I'm 5'4, 115lbs, and can't see the hood of the car!
I had A lot of trouble with car
wheel hubs went bad within 20k miles and has become very noisy, overall satisfied with my cadi !
Great car. Drives and handles perfectly. Only complaint....Almost .No storage spaces.
One of the nicest cars I have ever owned. Other than a bit of cheap interior pieces I love this car. It has been trouble-free and quite comfortable to drive. Mileage has been good too. Now have 52,000 miles on it. Thumbs up.
i bought this car new and now have 47000 miles and dealer cannt find out why car will not start trouble with fob
I purchased this caddie used with 12,000 miles on it. It now has 26,000 miles and I have not had one problem with this car. Lots of power and handles great. With gas mileage of 23 MPG at 75 MPH on level highway... better than I expected.