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Cadillac Fleetwood (6 Reviews)
I have a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with 36K. I love it!
Just like the day it rolled out the showroom.
My land yacht is just like driving my sofa down the highway.
Can pop in and out of the car with no aches and pains.
I think 1995 is when GM started messing around with paints. As this car is a Montana Blue....From a distance looks green, up close more blue.
What a sweet car !
mayne im swangin on these hoe's every day... lemme hit da switches on these fuk niggas!
It´s my second Fleetwood since 2006 with now 180.000 miles and still a amazing car. On German Highways (I´m living near Munich, Bavaria - Germany)it´s the perfect car for long distance rides;-)

Our 3 kids love this car with a lot of space. Everything is working fine after 22 years. For Germans parts are cheap and easy to change. 12.0 liters of Gas at 140km/h ( 3.2 Gall at 80mph - its a need of 19.5 miles per Gall)on Highway is perfect. A Mercedes S Class with a 5.0 L V8 Engine needs more Gas.

Only one point of critic is- the inside roof lining is a desaster. Lots of Bumps and dents are not fine. Just looking for a idea to fix this problem.

Nevertheless a beautiful and smooth running car.
i've got 400,000 km on this and still can't imagine ever getting rid of this. some sensors are going now in a domino effect, but still it's the best car ever. the only rust is the back bumper, but since this is canada it's very good. i use crown rust control every year. it's hard to find ww tires for this but pep boys had good tires in wwall in the proper size. can't say enuf about this fabulous car. may keep it forever. while i have a fla. zip code i live in canada most of the time
An excellent highway car with plenty of low end torque. Rides like those old 70's luxo barges but gets 21 MPG highway instead of 8MPG! The self adjusting rear suspension will give out early, install $100.00 air bags in the rear, they work great. Leather upholstery is shot and looking to replace with vinyl. Expect to replace normal wear and tear items but also expect no rust anywhere, a workhourse TBI Chevy 350 engine and mechanically linked TH400 transmission. Parts are available and at a good price.
I'm riding a fleetwood 91 for 6 years now and still love it like the first day, with more than 400000 km the engine is still running smouth and strong, and never failed starting even at -40c (im living in Montreal,Canada).And those who cares about fuel economy, for it is a V8 4.9l engine it's swolowing 11 L/100km on free-way (at 100kmh) and around 14 L/100km in town, considering the high millage it's a good score.