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Buick Terraza (8 Reviews)
I bought my Terraza used with just under 100,000 miles on it. I have replaced the tires twice (first set was a cheap choice) and other than normal wear and tear that would come with any other vehicle with this many miles on it (wheel bearings, brakes air conditioner line) I have had no problems with it...we drive this thing everywhere and it has proven to be very reliable. I did not want a van but the look of it changed my mind. Our family is very hard on interiors and this one has held up to several kids and carseats like a champ. I could not have chosen better...
WORST VEHICLE EVER!! Suspension and traction control are screwed up and they eat tires and brakes like they are breakfast. Driver's passenger door had to be disconnected due to random opening while driving then sticking open. Windsheild wiper linkage keeps loosening u p and that piece alone is expensive as crap...everything we do to this vehicle lasts for about 6 months tops before it has to be replaced. We have had to replace the front drivers wheel bearing every 6-12 months...I'd gladly trade it but there is no value at all in it!!
My wife was in an accident and totaled our van while we were out of town. So we were duped into buying this hunk of junk in an emergency. We have stuck more money into this than any other vehicle we have owned. From sway bars to electrical to sliding doors. Wiper motors to dvd player. Heated seats to hood latch. Flickering lights you name it. I have always been a fan of Buicks but this one has put them on the S@#T list. So many people have problems with this vehicle and yet the makers take no blame. It is a vehicle that relied on the bells and whistles to sell it not the quality. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!
We had to replace the "Head Gaskets" due to manufacturer problem and this was covered under warranty. Our van is converted by Braun for wheelchair use and constant problem with wiring harness breackage to compressor for air shocks due to corrosion in wiring harness- moisture from somewhere in van since harness not exposed. Warranty won't cover expense-GM problem from factory design. Would appreciate any feedback to correct this problem. Otherwise, satisfied with van performance and handling, except in high wind conditions.Also had to replace heating lines going to back due to corrosion.
We have owned out Terraza for 7 years, we have had to replace the transmission, 3 bushings x 1, all four bushings x 1, sway bar coupling x 2 and have had numerous problems witht the electrical system. The driver's side passenger sliding door cannot be used because to do so will create a loud beeping sound that we can't fix for under 500-800 dollars. The warning lights on the dash stay on, all the dash lights bleep on and off once in a while, the sliding doors open automatically even tho we clean the area out throughly. This was an expensive learning curve for us.
This vehicle was the biggest lemon I've ever owned. We have replaced windshield wiper motors multiple times, the passenger sliding door is completely non-functional because it opens and closes randomly, the handle broke off the driver's side passenger door, and the heat only blows hot out of one vent, the rest blow cold. I have replaced brakes and tires a ridiculous amount of times for a vehicle of this age and mileage. The biggest problem, however, is the traction control. Soon after we got it, I'd be driving down the road at any speed and perfect weather conditions and the van would activate the traction control and pull me off the road, usually to the right. I got NO satisfaction from Buick, the best they'd offer me is free oil changes if I'd go away basically. REALLY? If one of us gets killed in it, it will cost them a lot more than that. I can't let my teenage drivers use it because I'm always afraid it will activate in a horrible situation. We missed out on the lemon law by a few months, and there is virtually no trade-in value because everything about the car doesn't work right. I know why they don't make this vehicle any more, and it's unfortunate the company wouldn't stand by it.
Have had car for 5 years, I have had to transmission rebuilt at 76000 miles, had problems with ABS and Traction control lights coming on. Fortunately was still under warranty and repaired for free, This happened 3 times each time costing $500 plus in repairs. Now have problem with major drop in fuel economy, down about 30%.
We love this van (SUV) it has everything we could ask for. There are a few short falls and that is with storage inside for small items. Besides the clove box there is no extra places to store any CD or Videos for the DVD Player located over head between the front seats. The sound system is great so is the cordless head-phones that helps to keep the kids quite and occupied while the rest of the passengers can talk without the loud noise from music or movies.