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Buick Riviera (15 Reviews)
Love the car has some electronic issues seats quit working and cruise control switch malfunctions but runs well with 3800 engine I did pull the battery because this car would crank real slow plus had a mechanic run some coils but nothing showed about problem. The fuel pump was replaced as alternator but problem occurs which think Rivieras had common problems love the car it's a good car but has some design flaws. I am thinking of doing some mechanical work by hand saving myself some money bought it used last year paid $800 guess the owner didn't want to put anymore work into the car he told me all the things had to be done on car which makes the 4th owner driving it. It is a nice looking car but has lots of mechanical problems it hiccups when driving acts like going to stall don't know if car is on its last leg but will get everything fixed going to Auto parts store getting parts much cheaper.
Have owned 2 99s and 1 98 which are effectively the same car. Obviously I love my Rivieras That said, they all have had supercharger coupler failures, leveling system failures, and trunk leaks, all of which are relatively easy to repair with the leveling system the most expensive to repair. One had a bad intake manifold gasket that leaked antifreeze into the intake that I never repaired. Have problems with the transmission shifting that was fixed by replacing the fluid & filter and then driving it for a couple months. Replaced 1 radiator, 1 oil pressure sending unit for Misc other problems & issues but have been driving these cars for almost 15 years. My current Riviera is a Silver Arrow.
I have a 1997 buick rivera I start my car in the morning and drive for about 15 minutes my car cuts off while driving i then put the car in neutral while driving the car starts back up. it does this twice a day. after that I have no more problems until the next day. what is the problem?
My 1995 trunk keeps leaking but i cant figure out from where. When it rains, the trunk fills up with wanter and the carpet is always wet and stinks like mold. How can i find the leak? The seals look good,.
Love the body of car but it has some serious design flaws, i.e. the battery is under the back seat. What moron thought of putting it in such an inaccessible place? If you ever need to charge it, you have to pull out the back seat..what a pain. I loved the way you could adjust the electric seats until that went out and now it's stuck in one place and can't move it. Another common problem I've now found is that the passenger side heater quits working and blows cold air.

The biggest issue is that the car "hiccups" when accelerating and the check/service engine light comes on (turns off when you turn off the car-until the next time it hiccups). It makes it difficult to pass another car on the highway because you don't know if you are going to stall out or not. I have had it to mechanic several times, new computer modules and motherboard put in which did not solve the problem. I am ready to junk out this car, I cannot afford to keep putting money into it when new things keep going out on the car.
I am having severe electrical problem with my Buick Riviera. My lights flicker inside the car and my headlights. My security light has always stayed on and now the airbag light flashes on and off. Sometimes the airbag light will stay on. Does anyone have any suggestions?? My dad's mechanics can't figure it out!!!!!
Car is stuck on low cool won't move. cant get it on heat or defrost

1996 buick riv. turbo.

thanks ,
i just got a 1995 riv and its been sitting up for months, 32,000 miles car is ok body is in bad shape, thats not a problem, changed spark plugs and wires, transmission flush, the car sputters when i first drive it off and then rides smoothly, but i hear a wierd noise , sounds like the fan or something , any suggestions
The car has been a gem till lately... It will cut off while IM driving , (no stalling , no noise or anything it just shuts down) I took it to the dealer paid $500 for them to say they dont know what it is. The AC compressor went out ...I paid 776 for it to be fixed and 3 months later it only blows hot air. Now the car is just sitting up because im scared to drive it around.
Purchased new 1997 Riviera. The paint started peeling off after 2-3 years. Noticed this problem on many other Rivieras. Was told it is due to a poor seal coat on this model. Brakes were always a problem. Now the ABS AND T/C LIGHT STAY ON due to major problems...needs new ABS system. Had to replace engine due to two rods broke. It turns out there is (3) different series engine for this car the first (2) series engines had cast iron rods and they would break. Problem was finally fixed in the series (3) engine when they went with steel rods. My engine was replaced with the same series (2) which was in the car, so I am waiting for rods to break again. These above problems are common in this model.. If it were not for these problems, it would be the best car I ever bought. I do take care of my cars other being a 2005 Park Avenue (same series (2) engine (no problem so far)
Love this car, but there are a bunch of little problems.
I bought a 1998 Riviera for my wife new in late 1998. This has been the best car we have ever owned, everything is original and everything works like new. the car now has 142,000 miles 11-8-10. The only thing ever replaced was the normal maintenence items like brakes spark plugs at 100,000, on the 2cnd set of Goodyears, replaced at around 55K, front struts replaced at around 75K. The only bulb or light replaced on this car has been the center brake light. The riv still drives nice and smooth, the seat are soft leather, no rips. Paint is shiny, one of the best cars ever made.
still going
a freind gave me this car when he had it,it ran great it cut off on him and had it sitin for 4weeks so i said let me have it 1995,3.8,v6supercharged i havent drove it yet the car shut off on him so i check the oil no oil so i put oil& chared battery the car started with no problem,oil was all over the floor i looked under the car the oil filter had ahole i think that caused the car to turn on him i hope,am a replace oil filter with a k&n and work my way up!!!
Purchased off lease in 2001 with 35,000 miles. Car has been trouble-free mechanically. I've replaced the power windows switch on the driver's side, the struts twice, and the battery. Everything else is routine. I now have 132,000 miles on the car. I did recently have the car repainted. GM's clearcoat failed all over the top of the car at 10 years. I have always had an aggravating highway-speed vibration on this car. Using Google to search for possible fixes, it seems that GM has a ton of Park Aves, Cadillac Sevilles, Olds Auroras, Bonnevilles, and Rivieras with the same shake. Multiple sets of new tires, even a new rim have not solved the problem. The shake is just enough to annoy you at 68mph. Other than the shake, the car is beautiful and has held up well.