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Buick Rendezvous (36 Reviews)
Great vehicle very good running cond. I have never had too many problems with my Rendezvous CXL replace steering pump, set of new brakes and engine module also last year had master cylinder replaced. Overall it runs and drives mint, no problems that be expensive on Rendezvous. Has lots of room like a mini van seats and interior in great condition like the climate control system and power sunroof. Get oil changes at 3 thousand miles recently got new plugs at 150K miles no oil leaks or running hot with an overheated engine. Love everything on my Rendezvous it is the best ever had still looks good in/out handles very well. Plenty of power with V6 in class couldn't ask for a better vehicle as my Rendezvous planning driving until finally retires on me but has well cared routine maintenance 3 thousand miles no warning lights or other problems having out of the vehicle.
Bought my SUV used in 2010 love what counts on my Rendezvous CXL no issues still peppy took few trips out of town plus gets decent gas mileage. I got spark plugs changed at 102,000 miles and set of new tires drives solid has awesome handling believe long term reliability is no problem. Good sound system love the comfortable seats materials are nice came with a sunroof . I like the style of this SUV it is a nice Buick bought used all my maintenance are cheap getting things done on it. It would make a great family SUV being more affordable for the buck never left me stranded took a trip down to Atlanta this Rendezvous handle interstates very well I appreciate all monies worth getting out of my Rendezvous.
Very pleased with my Rendezvous purchased it new. She has 240,000 miles no problems I just bought a Enclave since love Buick's for life u just can't pass their reliability.
I myself own a Buick Rendevous. When purchased it had 120,000km it now has 150,000 roughly. The only problem we had was the steering column. I see that was a recall and dont' know if anything can be done now. Had to replace something in the steering column and of course had to get another key. The Dealer would only make one. Well that's okay if your the only driver, I'm not. I was told it would cost 225.00 to have another key made and computerized by GM otherwise it is no good.
The one that is no good we use to lock/unlock door.
Love my Buick because so comfortable and easy to drive. However, have had to replace wheel bearings twice, has a clunk in transmission occasionally but my transmission guy says not major problem, the back suspension is now rough and the traction light comes on when I turn but doesn't show a problem on the diagnostics. The problems have come at 208000kms though. I would buy a Buick again.
I love my Rendezvous it drive on the highway but it does a little jurking but it will come out.I am having with my steering section.
I bought my SUV used and really do like my car other than the issues we have had. . First we were experiencing the abs and traction control problems that others have noted when hitting bumps and turning and after replacing everything the mechanic told us to raise we found out the wire harness was bad on the wheel hub. So we replaced both wheel hubs abd sensors only to find out it was a cheap fix in the first place. The rear hatch will not open unless you have the mod to use. Sometimes when I stop and go to take off it jerks really hard like it wasn't in gear. The starter sticks or something because when I start it it continues to crank and then dies again so I sometimes have to start it a few times and give it some gas. I really do like the comfort of driving it and it does look really nice especially considering I work for a downtown law firm and am not embarrassed to park with the attorneys. I drive an hour and a half to work everyday and I enjoy driving it. It has a lot of power and the stereo system is wonderful!
had problem with oil pressure sending unit, had changed 5 in a 2-1/2 year period, also, looses antifreeze, don't know where. Use it as a secondary car now.
Love everything about this car, Great on gas, smooth ride
I have a 2005 Buick Rendevous, Since the first month Ive had it Ive experienced several issues, the fuel mileage is horrible-$55 to fill. Im having security issues, all of my lights come on the dash and the windows wont roll up or down and the car keeps beeping. If Im breaking and turning at the same time my brakes slide and wont stop, Security light blinking telling me to service engine soon, traction off, low gas even though I know I have a full tank, Ive also experienced several dead batteries becuasue once the security feature is active the head light wont go out,, its a real headache no more!!
honey i bought this car an my car is heating up and at a certain level it starts to jerk when it is hot what seems to be the problem
my radiator always overheat and it seems to lose coolant. I don't see any leaks anywhere, not even in the oil. my heater is not working ether.
do not buy this car !many problems ,broken springs,abs system failed,differential system humming,repalced fluid due again this month. transaxle bearing leaked,no interior light for maps,struts are rusting out,transmission not shifting properly,boots from standing start. junk car
I bought my 2005 Rendezvous in 2006 with 19K miles on it. No significant problems, mechanically. The rear right arm rusted out and had to be replaced in 2008. Rusting seems to be the biggest issue now, but it is 7 years old and the car has about 150,000 miles on it. Overall, it's been a good vehicle. Very roomy, easy to drive.
i have had window problems they keep coming off the clasps and falling into the door and the light comes on constantly saying change engine oil even when its not time but other than that its really good on gas and has lots of room in trunk and seats and drives good
I have 149,000 miles on my 2004 Buick Rendezvous and I have not experienced any major problems. Oil changes, brakes and tires have been my only major expense. I was impressed how well it handled in snow and I only have front wheel drive. Excellent gas milage and the third seat has come in handy on many occasions.

I like the feature of the seats folding forward or being able to remove them for additional storage space.
I have had mine for 4 years and I love it

I have always had Buicks so fixed the head gasket brakes

system shocks struts gas pump drivers side window buttins

tune up oil changed every 3000 miles speed senser oil sencer

I was tolled this stuff was wronge when I got it its running

like a dream now.
I bought my rendezvous in 2003 and have had nothing but trouble. All the windows have fallen of their tracks and then the gas tank (thank God it was a recall item) now my window has fallen again AND my break sticks and I ride around with the lights on all the time. I have put so much money into it that I could have had a new car with LESS headaches. I think a problem like the breaks should be taken care of under a recall as well but its not...and the windows falling WHATS THAT ABOUT??? once a year for the last 3 years.
just bought it and I keep hearing so many bad things about it. I've had it a month and so far terrible gas mileage is the problmem so far. Pick up on it wasn't what I expected for a 3.4 V6. It's slow and tends to bog down. Time will tell about other issues that may come up. Overall I like the car but I don't think I'll buy another Buick. I'm going to get the new Kia or a Chevy candy apple red Chevy malibu. I traded in a 07 chevy impala for the Buick. )- : DUH!
It has 90K miles on it and the mechanic can't seem to fix my issue with the brake lights coming on will never buy a buick again
I owe to much money to be having this many issues with this car. Sometimes when starting it, it acts like the starter is stuck,rearhatch locks by itself,power plugs dont work,preset radio stations were deleted on there own,rotors are warped took it to dealer to fix them they did ,it lasted a month clip on brake pad keeps breaking all of this and I havent even hit 45000 miles yet!
i have owned this vehicle since early 2003. i have spent big bucks on it 2 times and preparing to spend yet another $1100 on a head gasket repair. i will nevber purchase another Buick
Bought this car for my wife and I would have been better off getting her a puppy. It is the Ultra model, with all possible upgrades. Granted I bought the car from the dealer wiht 10K on it, we have had major service issues with it and the dealer has done nothing to support me buying another American car brand. The upgraded chrome wheels have all peeled causing valve stem damage and all 4 tires had to be replaced. Buick did step up and cover $ of wheels, but not the taxes and resulting new tires. $1200 out of pocket. 2 years later, same problem. Back gate latch doesnt work, rear suspension compressor out, numerous other small issues, fuses, you name it, all taking it toll financially on a car with only 61K on it. I would recommend anything but this Buick. If you own a Rendevous sell it while you can
140,000 no major problems.
I bought my 04 RDVU on Thanksgiving Day 03. Its got only about 74000 miles on it. I'm only on my 3rd set of tires, still haven't had brake work done on it yet, no suspension issues, no electrical issues, hell no issues at all other than the couple of recalls that I took my RDVU back to the dealer for and didn't cost me anything. The cloth seats are a pain in the butt to keep clean but other than that, I love this XUV. I wanted something more stylish than a mini-van but more room than a car and this did it for me. 3rd row is plenty comfortable for anybody that I have had back there. I am just now having to replace my O2 sensor and thats after having driven this vehicle for 3 years in CA and 4 years in MD. Different climates and changing seasons means something too ya'll! My kids are about out of the house so I'll be downsizing my wife's vehicle next year, otherwise I would buy another. Maybe not a RDVU but definitely the ENCLAVE! (better looking)
This car is horrible!! Had to replace head gasket, engine, fuel sensor, water pump, thermostat never buy this CAR!!!
I love my car. I spent YEARS choosing it. I bought it new. I was looking for a vehicle that drove like a car, had seating like a van and sat up a little higher like an SUV.
The only real problem I've had was during the first 30 days I owned it I discovered there was a faulty fuel sensor. The dealership was a nightmare getting it fixed but I don't blame that on Buick or the Rendevous. Following that and 5 years of dealing with the dealer on routine items, I know its a problem on the local level.
I did have to replace the clips on one of my windows. The original design was plastic and that is inferior. The new ones were $25 and are steel. In my opinion, Buick should have covered that little cost.
I absolutely hate this car! We purchased this vehicle because we believed it was going to be good for our family! Less than 6 months after we purchased it we had to replace the header gasket, we are having problems with the abs and have had to replace all four window regulators, the rear hatch, I can't count the number of fuses just so the ctimes we have replaced the ar charger plugs will work, and now the belt keeps getting ate up by the our vehicle. I would just like to give it to a salvage yard because that's about what it's worth to me and we are still paying on this horrible vehicle. I really wish there was something we could do because we have put more money into this vehicle than it was really worth.
luv the car the only problem i have is the service traction system light comes on every now and then