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I have had 3 buick regal gs white All have lost their paint Anyone have a suggestion or the same problem
Reliable car at least. I had this car since late 90s has served me well over the years. Never will I get rid get of it a very reliable car. Nickels and dime put in car would be only just the normal (wear and tear) oil pan, gasket, complete valve job, distributor cap, starter, camshafts, 02 Pulley sensors, water pumps and struts etc. The Buick is not in the best of condition but heck its still I'll call a strong running car reliable and runs like a champ. It's my energizer old Regal my car roughly got 203,785 miles no bad oil leaks or stalling ever experienced from car. I will be driving this car until the original engine finally gives out, even drivetrain is original as well too car never smoked or overheated. Think GM should go back in time on what they had done when making these older cars my is best ever had besides got it used with 68,000 miles running on same orig. engine/tranny gets 23mpg so okay with that just need my car to last me for a while.
Car is running OK. I've had 10 accidents but at least my poor little Buick is ticking. Had minimal issues after car has been damaged several times. Under acceleration it smokes bad from rear of exhaust plus engine burns 1quart of oil but still runs like new. Replaced pinions and brakes four times now my rack is leaking very dependable car though looks like someone got mad took their frustration out on my poor car she is a sweetheart to drive. Hate the fact she has been injured so many times some kind of way wish their was a car makeover as with fashion models are giving my car an extreme makeover making look like a brand new car all over again. So far it hasn't stalled though goes through heavier snow I even myself crashed in couple of things after driving around neighborhoods in heavier snow and sleek roads. My driver side window doesn't work anymore or cruise control switched plus my ''ENGINE SOON LIGHT'' is on don't know what the problem could be haven't noticed rough idling or bad acceleration from the car but will have it checked out sooner. I am surprised that my Buick is running flawless to say been demolished lots of times must have been a great dependable car ever assemble in Flint MI won't die yet being in bad shape.
Other than manifold head gasket it is a pretty well good car love it to death. Thank u Jesus I have 200,000 miles on the odometer has not shown any significant problems of quitting yet. Will drive until run it through ground no costly repairs but only minor thing having out vehicle be headlight bulbs doesn't last long have to get some so keep whenever one of the lights go out. Regal is a flawless car gets 24 miles per gallon round trips around city looks beautiful in and out absolutely love this car. Engine runs well replaced oil and change fluids making it last I believe u want find a clean '95 Regal around Lexington in good running condition its the best car I have ever had.
I brought my 1998 Regal GS from a used car lot. In 2011 I haven't had any major problems until now 2014. The engine light kept coming on after having all the maintence done on the car. I wouldn't pass emission until I took it to a mechanice and it finally passed emission. After getting the car out the shop 1 week later the engine light come back on so I parked it. Three hours later I went to put the key in the ignition and the car shut down dead and I can't get the key out of the ignition. I have been trying to two days. So I have the car parked with the key in the ignition and I called the mechanic to see what he thinks. I think it may be the antitheft feature because I just brought a new battery 4 months ago. Can anyone tell me what may be the problem for the car to die no life in it. I believe I may try by giving it a jump. any suggestions.
driving down road almost like u put brake on now no reverse what is wrong
Think my 3.8 jumped timing, when I go to start it I get spark and fuel but after cranking for only a few seconds it feels like the engine jumps then it stops cranking
I like the smooth running of the engine and the confortable interior.It is a nice car, but has bad electrical system an lighting, back brake lights keep burning up, also signal lights went bad. Now the intake manifold is leaking at 142,500 miles.
Good car, know what to expect. This is a 15 year old GM product. To put it in perspective, my previous car was a 45 year old GM with higher mileage and LESS problems than this. Mechanically it's very sound. The three big issues tend to be gaskets, grounding issues and interior quality. If you buy one of these, expect to find a few interior parts (dirt cheap as regals are common enough to pop up in junkyards almost daily), expect to change window motors.

A previous review cited $1600 for window motors. That reviewer was scammed, the motor and regulator assembly can be found for about 30 dollars a window, and the repair is not difficult to do yourself. I did all four in an hour never having disassembled a window before. Get a few GM clips ($5 for 50 of them) and feel free to put dynamat or peel-'n-seal on the inside of the door panel-it reduces road noise substantially. An hour and 130 dollars for brand new window movement. My Toyota's are 120-150 APIECE-and yes, they to have died.

The steering rack and pump will need replacement. If you can do the windows, you can do the power steering pump. Disconnect battery, take belt off (30 seconds with a wrench for tensioner) detach two PS lines, unbolt pump, bolt new pump on, reattach lines, add fluid and open bleed screw while turning wheel. No reason to pay hundreds. The rack is worth a mechanic. Expect to pay 5-600 with alignment.

The thing that kills the 4t60-4t65 transmissions is heat (or abuse, like any transmission). Keep fluid topped off, and don't blame the company when you failed to respect proper maintenance.

Change ignition lock cylinder. 30 minutes, 70 dollars. Most electrical problems in this vehicle stem from this. The turn signal stalk CAN go bad, but that is rare, the lock cylinder is common.

These cars brake fine, but if you want to knock 15ft of your 60-0mph braking distance, upgrade to firebird/camaro 12" front discs is available. The calipers bolt right on. Pump that old brake fluid out at the same time. Only works on 16" wheels or larger. Another upgrade would be sway bars ($150 with end links) which improve handling significantly. Strut tower braces and trailing arms (about $100 total) will make the car handle respectably, the Regal GS models have too tight a steering ratio for their soft luxury springs and thin sway bars. Improved anti sway bars are easy and a vast improvement

The valve cover gaskets suck, but not a problem if you keep it topped off. Changing them takes 2-3 hours and 50 dollars. 15 year old domestics leak more than not. If you want bulletproof, pay twice as much for a similar toyota or honda. I bought my regal gs to modify, not with the expectation of reliability.

-Proper maintenance.
-$130 in windows
-$50 in gaskets
-$70 in lock cylinder
-$500 in eventual steering rack
-$60 in power steering pump
-A weekend with basic hand tools.
Result? A car that's good to 200k or beyond. It's that simple. I hope I've helped.
I own a 2000 gs with the supercharged 3.8.

this car is the biggest POS I have ever owned. It is an electrical system nightmare. sometimes when you turn it on all the dash lights flash rapidly and it wont start. Do not buy one of these GM pieces of CRAP. almost everyone has electrical issues. GM JUNKER
This is the most expensive car I have ever owned. All the window motors broke and needed to be replaced, ($1600) I had to get a new catalytic converter ($800..?) the gas gauge is broken, the dash board lights went out and had to be completely replaced($400 used)I have had to get new break pads (300)Most of the warning lights come on and off daily and the car randomly shuts off (not fixed yet $1500..?)There is a coolant leak ($300)The heater goes in and out, I haven't even gone in to see how much that is going to cost me. GM used a coolant, Dex Cool; and I had to get a full flush(150)I also need a new transmission. There are many other problems with the car. In one year I have spent more to fix it than I paid to buy the car. Not worth the money. The look and interior are the only things I like. Gas mileage is average. Nothing great. (ALL BEFORE 130,000 MILES)
i own a 2001 buick regal LS i am the 2nd owner since aug. 2010. By 2011 i started having problems with the ignition it used to lock on me then went away. After that problem it was the gear shift when u press it down to shift it was hard to press down to shift, so i banged the hell out of it one day and it went away. Now its jan. 2013 and i found a gad leak under the hood hopefully it wont cost as much but we will see tomorrow. Honestly i think the car is good as long as u treat it right, nice and comfy to drive and love the body shape.
I have owned since new Iam 74 years old with 366000 miles on it after leplacing the rear brakes the dealers say the cost to change the control for the abs to make the back brakes work cost more then 1100 dollars is this a scam? a visitor benzonia mi
Im on my 3 rd BUICK REGAL GS From what i've heard,most electrical issues leads back to the ignition.So even though there is no code stored in the computer, these cars automatically store the codes and I believe that after 15 ignitions (key turns) the codes store and the check engine light goes off Another thing is that the fuel sending unit and pump will stop working I found out AFTER I put a full tank of gas in it The fuse for the fuel pump will blow out So if this ever happens check the fuse for the fuel pump and prepare to replace the pump so you dont get stranded again
My first Buick Regal have owned other Buick models before. Had 68,000 miles on it when I bought it. Other than regular maintenance, there have been few major issues. Have replaced tires, battery, serpentine belt. Major issues I've had - the air conditioner failed due to refrigerant leaking out and no one has been able to find the leak to fix it yet. Possible wheel bearing failure I am dealing with now. I let another family member take the car because I am 6' tall and even though there is good leg room once inside, I hit my head almost every time I try to get in. If I had it to do over, I would not have bought this car for me. A real headache...
may car ran hot today. the temp gadge went up to 260 and the check gadges light came on. what should i do and where should i start by fixing it?
Iam writing in asking how to get my millage control light back on just noticed today it whent out is there a bulb for it or does it need to go to the shop for that i hope not just spent 1200 on replaceing the tire rods and sway bar due to normal wear and tear only has 123000 miles so can someone please help me on this?
I love my Buick and it operates great. I had to have the catalytic convertor replaced about 3 years ago and it's been okay. Now for no reason it cuts off and I have to put it in neutral and recrank. It cranks fine, but it's very scary when I'm traveling alone. Computer shows nothing is wrong and naturally it won't do it when my mechanic drives it. Unpredictable! Help.
worse car i have ever owned replaced the transmisson at 96000 miles then the engine ran hot now it needs a a computer and a new engine it only has 126000 miles on it i will never buy a buick again
I have a 96 regal it is a good car wrecked in front

but still runs great
MY rack and pinion is leaking on the right side
I have a 1996 buick regal, 4 doors, gray. bought it brand new and now I have 267,000 miles. engine run great, regular maintenance kept it this long. working on a/c and other interior issues but its been a great car.. paint job looks good..
I have owned 2 Buick Regals in my driving history. The first, a 2 door, coupe was totaled in a MVA. The second, a 4 door sedan, I bought certified used. I have absolutely no complaints of any kind with either of the Regals I have owned. My experience is the Buick Regal is an extremely reliable, dependable, comfortable, stylish car. Yes, I keep up all the recommended maintainance and don't cut corners. I hope one day to purchase a brand new Regal.
I have own other GM products. I have also own a Buick. Quit driving GM products 20 years ago. Try another GM Poduct. A 1999 Buick Regal. It is the poorest example of a car I have ever seen! It had overheated. Found out this was a known problem for this car! I did not do enough homework I would have never bought this car. Replace know bad parts. Car would not start. Mechanic stated this is also a know problem when they get hot. Lost $1600 in repair! Possibly will put a engin in myself then sell the car at a lost. Tranmission was also having a problem. Tech bullentin stated solenoids. There was no recall on overheating problem and GM was aware of this problem. So base on that stay away from these 3.8 & GM products.
keeps going
I have had this car since new. It's a great car, I put it through quite a bit and it just keeps going. The best thing you can do is make sure the transmission fluid is flushed regularity. Also the struts should be replaced, you won't even believe the difference.
I LOVE my 91 Buick Regal. I would say it's the best, most reliable vehicle I've owned. My biggest gripe is the bad GM paint job. All the paint has worn off the hood. Right now I'm dealing with a worn rack and pinion but I figure it's worth fixing for all the peace of mind I've had with this car.
Love the Regal Sport .... a "Daddy's" car, not cool, but dependable & great cross-country cruiser - Took R-66 from L.A. to Mich, back to L.A., back to Ohio.

MPG was 24 - only big problem, Rear Brakes.
I enjoy my Buick a lot. Only gave the engine a "4" since a modern 3900 gets more power with a few extra MPG, it's very good though. Runs smooth at all times, shift smooth while still being pretty fast. Nice low cruising RPMs, like 2000 at 75, it'll do 1100RPM at 25 and about 1250 at 45. Ride is smooth, handling is decent for a vehicle it's size; however it is rather large and heavy, I just drove a Paseo for instance and it could probably take a corner at double the speed. (However a car like that is cramped, the Buick is definitely not.)

Funny you guys mention the cup holders -- my rear ones are fine (and can be reached from the front seat..) but the fronts ones, we had a cold snap where it was about 10 below or so, I get in the car and the cupholders just spontaneously disintegrated, chunks of plastic and springs just flew out of the spot where it used to be. It's out of character for this car, the rest of the interior is quite nice and not disintegrating at all 8-)