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Buick Rainier (26 Reviews)
I bought the 2004 rainier 4.2 cxl new off the showroom floor. This has been the best suv I have ever owned. It has 173,000 miles. Repairs have been normal. 1 water pump and thermostat. 1 set of sparkplugs. Replaced air filter, fuel filter and had tranny fluid changed every year. Replaced coolant every 2 years. Replaced belt at 100k miles. Recently the speedometer started sticking. Dealer wanted $650 to replace the instrument cluster. With a little research I found that the servo motor was bad for the speedometer. I found on ebay the kit to replace it with. It came with 4 servo motors, solder iron and sucker plus all new light bulbs for the circuit board for $24. It only took me 1 and a half hours to do the job. It is not difficult at all. Tire wear has been good, around 55k miles on a set. everything on the suv still works. I just bought a 2012 Cadillac srx with 20k miles on it . I can only hope it is as good as the Rainier has been. Still have the Rainier and running great. Dealer wanted me to trade it in on the caddy. Haha, no flipping way.
For the most part, I love my 2005 Buick Ranier but have been having issues with the drive train. I replaced a motor that shifts it in to AWD about 6-8 months ago and am having trouble with it again. It seems to be locked in 4WD. As long as I am driving forward, no turns, it is fine; however, when I make a turn L or R, especially a sharp turn, it jurks on the front wheel. The rear suspension is another issue. It won't hold air unless the vehicle is running.
Overall I really like my SUV. Has 140,200 miles. I am second owner with 27,000 miles. Spent money on the brakes. But now my problem is the lights. The automatic running lights will not turn off at times. Some time the dome lights will stay on and sometimes the lights won't come on. The Repair I use said that they can fix it but this problem has to be done at the Dealership. So, I am trying to find out the cost. I hope to drive it a few more years.
I just brought a used 2004 with 180000 miles on it....I have had a few small problems with it..but I love it and it a great driving suv..
Bought this car 3 mos. ago because my last vehicle developed problems that no one seemed able to fix. HA! I should have saved myself the anguish and the repair bills. First there were the shocks and the swaybar bushings, then the headlights were misaligned (far too low, but the dealership said they were fine), then one of the taillights went out, then one of the turn signals, and now one of the headlights. OMG, what's next? I've NEVER had a vehicle that had these kinds of problems one after the other. The Rainier looks great and is fun to drive, but you'll go broke trying to keep up with the failures. I'm starting to wonder if this is just a coincidence, or will I be facing at least one repair every month for as long as I hang on to this lemon. Oh, I forgot to mention how the engine fluctuates and the HVAC system roars. I think Buick stopped making Rainiers because they couldn't keep coming up with good excuses for their design flaws.
I bough mine in 2009, it had 51000 miles on it. I was so happy with this vehicle, but 60000 miles came and it started falling apart, in one year I replaced the awd motor twice. the third year was a starter and both rear air suspension bags,on the fourth year I am putting in another starter oh and I forgot the water pump that was in the 2nd year also and two thermostats befor that, two headlight harness pieces and my odometer hasn't worked in two years, I use my garmin to whatch my speed. I now only have 91000 miles on it, and owe 18 more months on it. I love the ride, I love the stero and the heated seats, but besides paying 17000.00 for it I have spent an additional 2995.00 in repairs in 4 years, and that dosnt include brakes and wheelbearing in which I would consider maintenance items.
I bought this vehicle in 2007 with 17,000 miles on it for half the original sticker. I remember the salesman telling me when I asked him why the big depreciation "this is the best SUV no one has ever heard of". And I would agree. I now have 83,000 hard miles and have had to fix a few things, rear air suspension failed at 80,000 miles, and I am now replacing front wheel bearings. I fiqure that and regular maintence is not unusal and I have been very satisfied with comfort and drivability of this vehicle. I have the V8 AWD and am very happy with power, ride quality and solid feel.
I have a 2004 Rainier. Purchased with 50K miles. I had no major issues until last year. The air suspension that causes the vehicle to adjust failed. This cost was around 600.00. This past weekend my shifter cable broke. I'm unable to shift into any gear. Cost quoted: 235.00 with labor.
have dtc po410 code 4.2 engine any answers
I have had suspension problems, gas gauge problems and now thermostat problems. I have replaced the temperature sensor which caused temperature to jump all over the place. Started out stuck at 50 degrees, now climbs to 120 degrees. Problem is the air conditioner stops working when reading changes radically, up and down. I am a cardiac patient with asthma and emphysema and cannot ride in the extreme heat without a reliable source of cooling. When it works, it cools beautifully, but doesn't last. It is so sporadic, I can not rely on it. What can I do? Seems electronics are a big problem.
I have had this vehicle for 2 + yrs it had 101,592 miles on it when I first got stuck with it. Since then I had to have the valve cover gasket replaced ($378) (intake manifold also had to be replaced), at 103,692 miles the transmission failed, it had to be rebuilt ($3012.80)it was determined that when assembled by GM they assembled it was not aligned properly at factory, then the thermostst went out (cost $239), when thermostat went the gauge in instrument panel stoped working it had to be sent to location to be fixed. Since I've had this vehicle it has done nothing but fail. Iwill not buy or reommend a Buick to anyone!
bought a 2004 with 53,000 miles on it did'nt have any major issues until 90,000 miles.waterpump,belts,air suspenson, nice vehicle, Iwould get it again if I needed a vehicle.
I need a repair on the rear air springs, the air compressor has failed causing the rear suspension to sit low. I also need to get the front Differential rebuilt. Has anyone had any of these repairs done and at what cost???
I love my Buick Rainer CXL! Only problem I have is I can't find a Chilton's manual!!
I started having problems with my 2005 buick rainier shortly after purchasing the car. When you press the brakes sometimes the car will fish tail and have failed twice. The Buick dealership I purchased the car from fixed the issue and pretended it was never a problem because the insurance company called after I had an accident and the brakes failed. The other problems started after reaching 100,000 miles. It has been a complete mess that Buick seems to ignore. It started with the gas needle fluctuating. I fixed it last year. Buick recalled it this year. Next, the oil needle fluctuates, the check engine light is on majority of the time due to the fuel cap. The hvac blower got stuck on high, repaired that. Now the heat comes on by itself sometimes. Let's not forget the rear air springs issue. I will replace that next. Several of the controls went out but the fuse is not blown. Complete mess of a car.
In August, 2011 a clicking sound was heard in the area of the rear passenger wheel. Restarting the car seemed to solve it. However, in a few minutes the clicking sound could be heard again. Suddenly, the problem seemed to disappear, until this past weekend when it started up again. When I tried to start the car Sunday morning, the battery was dead. The Buick dealer said they don't know what causes the clicking sound. Does anyone? Help?
2004 Rainier was a great car until about 85000 miles then everything seemed to hit, air ride failed, sensor problems, air blower fan, cd player, power seats, great gas mileage though. about 21 on the highway
I purchased my Rainier new in 2006. I now have over 195,000 miles on the vehicle. It's been an incredible vehicle. The best vehicle I've owned. The only reason I'm at this site is because I can't find the low pressure port to charge my AC.
Bought my 2004 Rainier used with 28,000 miles on it, in 2006. I strive to take care of my vehicle with routine preventive maintenance however, despite my efforts I've had major issues with this lemon since shortly after purchasing it. I've had to replace every major component of the front suspension, the catalytic converter failed at 84,000 miles, causing an issue with the exhaust manifold, and now the head gasket leaks. Not to mention the speedometer doesn't work and passenger window motor died.

This is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I will never buy another Buick product!
A real car and truck , low noise inside really pretty car nice ride has no problems at all.
It has been a great car except for the rear suspension system! No standard shocks. It has and air bag system in the place of shocks. You can hear it pumping up occasionally.
When it fails it is costly to fix as the whole rear end sinks to within a couple of feet off the road surface. Standard shocks are a much better/cheaper system!
Love the Ranier. Only problem is recent. The air conditioner and heater has intermittent blower issues.
bought with 2000 miles on it in 2005, have not had any major problems. Syill has original tires, original brakes. Modell is ccl with all wheel drive. Would buy again,
I love my Rainier. I have purchased it new in 2006 and have 30,000 miles. It has never had any repairs. I change the oil and rotate the tires regularly. It is very comfortable and it get about 21.6 mpg on the highway.
I have owned since 04 and i love it. i do lots of camping and has space for 3 with regular maint. i havn't had any problems
I sometimes borrow my brothers ranier when i need to take the kids to basketball tournaments. the design is good and holds 6 comfortable. I had a problem with the engines fuel pump fuse on a trip. they found a problem with the pump too and replaced it under warranty. i think the engine has given him other problems. I told him not to buy a Buick.