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Buick LaCrosse (32 Reviews)
I have 2014 Lacrosse with 43,000 miles. Just recently I had the left front wheel bearing replaced under warranty. Otherwise the car is perfect. My question is every once in awhile, when I first .start the car I see two different displays on my instrument cluster. They are an oil temp in the left area and a brake & accel on the right. They both go off in a matter of seconds. Should they be displayed continuously or are they for a different model. My car is a Premium 1SP with 3.6L FWD. Thanks.
i drive a lot of cars
i only like the real american car
and the Lacrosse cxl is one of the best !
from my opinion i need more cold from the AC unit
i would like more Indicators like oil level and oil temp' +vacuum indicator for save gas !!!
but this what i bought !!!
a lot of power and you can trust the car !!!4.5 star from 5 star
Love my car. It is stylish, spacious, quiet and smooth. I have the premium 1 model superb performance gets good gas mileage and love the options. This was the 1st Buick I have purchased love everything on this car.
worst car i have owned. engine surging problems which the dealership claims to not be able to find. replaced both rear bearrings, rack and pinion leaking, rotors and pads. hard idle, car almost wants to die. again dealership not able to detect since no codes set off by it. idle sensor already replaced.
sharp looking car but dont let that deceive all the problems. ugh...
I bought this car 2 years ago with 29k miles. It now has 44k. It has climate control and the AC is on constantly even when I turn it off manually it comes back on when restarted. Had to replace hood struts and rear window regulator. The headlights stay on an hour after sunrise so I cant read the digital display. The outside air temp can take up to 45 min before it registers correctly. The top of the dash cracked in 3 spots on three occasions. When power seems weak, I pull off the road and restart and all is fine. The side view mirror only moves in 3 directions. The center brake light is out and both sections of the back seat need removed to get at it. Something new goes wrong every time I try to sell it. And now I have an ignition recall.
I bought this car from my grandmother before she died. it a 2007 Lacrosse. it only had 22000 miles on it. it has always had a musty, mildew smell. especially after it rained. I started going through the trunk looking for this smell and found out that the trunk leaks water in right above the tail lights. I've made appointment with the dealership. This is defiantly a poor design. Hopefully they fix it. Also clunking when I true the steering wheel.
I have had my 2013 LaCrosse almost a year and it drives like a dream...overall I love it. My biggest complaint is the satellite radio - it CONSTANTLY cuts in and out! Local dealership has said (twice) that it's 'normal'. We purchased a 2014 Hyundai SUV recently and it doesn't cut out at all! Second, the accessory plugs are inside and at the bottom of the armrest. Anything needing to be charged results in wires protruding from the armrest and having to leave the armrest slightly open (which makes it useless as an armrest)...not well thought out. Lastly, even after two updates from local dealership the voice command navigation system does not work. I have given up on this, as the touch screen navigation system works just fine.
Very comfortable and very quiet, limited trunk space, V6 has big time power when you hit it (hang onto the wheel) fuel economy pretty good if you drive with a very light foot. If you don't watch it you'll not be happy with the fuel economy. Highway 34 Canadian mpg (20 %) less U>S> with cruise on 70 mph, city can get as low as 9 or 10 with a heavy foot or 20 watching it.
Bought my Buick LaCrosse in 2010 and loved it, until I realized how poor the visibility was while in the driver seat with the front headrest so large and the windows so small makes it really hard to see out in back and on the sides, and I do try and use the mirrors, but sometimes you just want to look out the window, I feel that if the headrest were smaller and the windows a little larger it would help this style of car and be a lot safer and not really take away from the style either. Even if the front headrest were smaller or the size of the ones in the back would help a lot too. Sorry but have had one small accident and several close call both because of poor visibility.
Replaced valve at 68000 miles, using one qt. of oil every 2000 miles. Valve seals were wore out!
I bought a 2010 Lacrosse with 56k miles on it and it has been nothing but problems. New console with the electronics replacing radio, nav, clock etc. It had a memory problem and couldn't be fixed without replacing the whole middle console. Issue with it not recognizing when its in park, acceleration, and now the drivers side floor board is falling apart. Its a good looking car and has a ton of options, I got the CXL and was excited about it. Now I hate it and its one of the worse cars i have owned. I have only made 2 payments and will get out of this car as soon as I can.
Drivers side door handle problem also does not want to stay together or on car!!! bought new one now lets pay to have installed oh wow here i go again buick using my wallet for shotie work or material why i always used to brag on buick unless its just this good looking car that i like so much that just falls apart for such a beutiful car. needs company ujustment or heres a trick pay your emplyees good wages rather then min. wage you might not have this problem .
I am having a misfire problem, got a tune up at 86,000 and now at 100,000 having the same problem not very happy about it. Anyone else having these problems?
really nice car. but having problems with my odometer reading the miles on car, just rebuilt the transmission. very costly,
2009 LaCrose CXL, car rides like a dream - but the power lock on passenger front and rear door doesn't work half the time. Check engine light and traction control light comes on at least once a week. The problem as near as I can tell is the accelerator pedal sensors. As I understand it there are two sensors that must be 100 percent in unison while reading how much the pedal is depressed. When one comes a little out, the engine goes into a limp mode and the warning lights come on. The power is so little that entering a busy street is very dangerous as the car "limps in motion". Turning the car off a couple of times usually clears the problem. Also the rear tires wear on the inside very fast. I was told that the "toe" was out and to correct it a kit was required....approx $350 expense to correct the problem. All in all the car is a great car with a few problems.
I had to replace the passenger inner tie rod at 40,000 miles. Had to replace rack and pinion at 45,000 miles cost me $655.00 and had to change right rear wheel bearing at 55,000 miles cost me $105.00. Steering shaft makes noise and needs replacing a common factory defect.

What a poor quality car from Buick. These problems should have been recalls. What a sorry irresponsible company Buick is. We will never buy one again. I could see these repairs at 150,000 miles or so but not at these low miles. Are you listening Buick ? I didn't think so !!!
I have a 2008 buick lacrosse with 40 thousand miles,the check engine light came on code 411,the problem was the secondary injection valve was stuck open,changed the part,(which was expensive) and the problem was solved.
has anyone had a problem with the drivers side door handle? Mine still works but the handle is just loose around the key hole.can this be fixed without taking off inside door panel?
|I have a 2006 Buick Lacrosse. The front brakes chatter excessively with prolonged braking as with going down a mountain. I pump the brakes but they chatter and shake the front end with each application. Brakes and rotors have been replaced.
Engine emits a loud "whistle" around 2000 rpm. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong, checked with factory, was told that the whistle was caused by the fuel mixture flowing thru the manifold.
Anyone else experience this.
Ooops, LaCrosse is built in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Though I only have 30k on my CXS, it has been a dependable car. Handles well, looks great and has some power with the 3.6. I have experienced the common gas cap and steering "clunk" problems which were addressed by the dealer as well as a faulty speed sensor, all within the last 5k miles. This is my third Buick since a 1984 Regal and they all have been comfortable, reliable, low maintenance vehicles.
I have 42,000 miles on my 2005 LaCrosse. With the exception of an ABS sensor that needed to be replaced and some clunking going on now with the steering, I am really satisfied so far with this beautiful, AMERICAN made car!
I also love my 2010 Buick Lacrosse. I wanted to comment on the trunk raising problem. I too have come across this but I think I solved my problem- it seems the trunk button on the key is very sensitive- if I kept the keys in my pocket or they rub against something in my pocketbook- the trunk opens.
we have had our 2008 La Crosse for5 months, we have had it back to the dealer at least 8 times, for the locks twice, power steering problems twice, and now the evap valve, and then we are now told something about an air pump in the emmissions part of the car. we love this car but I'm beginning to think we got a lemon, and we bought the extened warranty which some of this work is not covered.
I have been driving my 2007 LaCrosse for over 3 and a half years and the only issue I have is when I roll down the window the car gets a mildew smell, especially after a rain storm. Other tha that it has driven me through Western Ny weather like a champ.
I like the car a lot. Unfortunately, after owning the car for three months, I am having problems with trunk raising automatically as it did when I first brought it home. The Service Department at Ed Morse in Sunrise, Florida said they would order a new part for it. It has been a week since I heard from them. I don't particular like this department because they don't seem to know anything or can tell why it doesn't work. They don't seem to care or follow-up with their customers. Which really sucks!
I just bought this car last week, traded a 2000 Buick LeSabre for this 2007 Buick LaCross, I wish I had my other Buick back! I'm not happy with this car, with the air on it has no power, it keeps hesitating , I keep thinking it is going to die any minute. If I can get rid of this car, I will!!
I inherited a 2005 LaCrosse, and it isn't the car I would have chosen for myself. The 3800 engine provides barely adequate power for a car of this weight, however the handling is better than average. The steering is fairly precise, but the car feels ponderous, yet smooth on the highway. I rated the HVAC low because, as we speak, the automatic temperature controls are blowing hot air into the driver's side of the car, and cold air into the passenger side, while both sides are set at the same temperature. If the car didn't have 12,760 miles on it, I'd trade it tomorrow.
Absolutely love my 2006 LaCrosse! I have a 2005 LaSabre that I love also! Smooth smooth cars... Buicks are the BEST!