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BMW 545i (7 Reviews)
To everybody that owns a 2004-2010 bmw e60 5 series.To start with with I own a 2004 bmw 545i M-sport cold weather Ac Schnitzer sedan alpine white with 160,000 kms second owner dealer serviced since day one by brain jessel bmw in Vancouver b.c. I bought the car few months back and im shocked to see all the repair records on this bmw. the prevous owner started having oil leak problems at 34,000 kms and the list goes from there iol leaks,coolant leaks,abs sensors,transmission leaks etc etc to make a long story short $29,000 in repairs upto today he spent.I luv the feel of this car drives amazing both hwy and city very smooth powerfull car handles great gd fuel milage.i have a lot of friends that have or have owned bmw and are not happy with the amount of repair they require at such low kms,all the oil seals have to be repolaced before 100,000 kms and coolant seals otherwise it will blow blue smoke after 1 minute of idle .valve stem seals are a very big issue with these cars aswell and alternater bracket seal and timing cover seals. basicly you better have a good job or lots of money put away for un expected repairs that are not cheap to own and drive a bmw 5 series or any bmw in that term.long story short great cars to look at and very comfortable to drive great features but the non stop repair will kill your bank account,bmw should have done a recall for all seals on these cars and valve stem seals. hope this helps you guys make sure you have a bmw dealer look over your car before you buy one. cheers!!
I recently had a car door ding on the passager side and had a BBB A+ body shop fix it. Did a great job color match but that is where the great job ended...In order to fix the door properly the door had to come off. Once the door was put back on the collison shop took it to the BMW dealer to reset the airbag senor. When I got the car back the radio dash lights would not stay on. It was cutting out.Took it back to dealer and they said that when they got the car there was standing water in the battery compartment and the terminals had corrosion on the them. They cleaned it off and sucked ont the water but it did not fix it. The battery has a good charge and it is not the original battery. The car had 80,000 when we bought it and it now has 97,000. Any suggestions would be great!!
I have a 2004 545i.... I have had many of the problems listed here. Transmission leaking, thought I was going to have to replace trans. but put new pan and seal on. I am just being easy with it till I trade it in.. it really needs a new transmission but the mechanic advised me to trade it instead of spending $7500 plus on a transmission. Had to replace the cooling fan, have a significant oil leak on the front of the engine. Coolant is leaking from somewhere. Tail light bulbs continuously burn out. I hate that because it runs and drives great. I am going to try to hide the problems and unload it on a BMW dealer and see how they like being stuck with a piece of junk. I also have a 2006 650i convertible with no problems so far, it is under warranty but I haven't needed to use it. The one I need a warranty on doesn't have one.
I have a 545I, It is one the finest driving cars I have ever driven. The car also has the looks. But when it comes to reliability, I would have to rate this car at the bottom. Since I have owned this car, I have had to replace the trany pan, rear struts, alternator, now the check engine light is on, the car has a loud screaching noise when you make a turn at a low speed. The car leaks oil like a thirty year pile of junk. I don't understand how a car manufacturer such as BMW can be proud of making something this bad, It blows me away how they have the balls to charge what they do. I have an old 95 Chevy truck with 240000 miles and I would trust it more then my BMW. Sad, Will not buy another BMW again nor would I recommend to anyone to buy one.
I love my car. Looks just like the front picture, sport suspension and 6 speed stick shift. I purchased my car at 43,000 miles and within 19 months and have 104,000miles. Oil change at BMW every 15,000 miles. Replaced air pump ,check for oil leak at left front in front of head. Had a new clutch and presure plate replaced at 104,000, also starter bendex was cleaned and greesed while transmision was out. Cluch dust cuases bendex on starter to squeel after starting. Airbag sensor in passenger seat, replaced under wanrentee. New battery at 63,000. New tires, Front at 60,000 (michelin Pilot AS) and 104,000(Continetal Extream -DWS), Back at 60,000, 80,000 and 104,000. Wheel alignment at 60,000, 80,000 and 98,000 miles. Still rides like a new car.
The window squeel that owners experience can be eliminated by a cleaner from NAPA.
I love my 545i, had to replace the alternator but nothing out of the ordinary in the first 67k miles.
Replaced automatic transmission