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BMW 323is owners review and rate their BMW 323is.

BMW 323is (6 Reviews)
I loved this car. I kept it for 16 years and just traded it. It only had 153 thousand miles. The cost for repairs had gotten to expensive for the value of the car. The engine was still powerful and it is going to be a very good car for someone who does not mind putting some work into it. I am still emotionally attached to her but she served me well. I will miss her. LOL
i just got this car from a friend it has 200.thousand miles ... i need a transmision to keep it going for another 200.000 miles. where can i fund agood one? joey
This is the funnest car I have ever owned! It's smooth, peppy, comfortable (except for long trips). The only thing I don't like is the cup holders don't work to well. That's a small complaint for a vehicle with alot of options. I have kept this car longer than any other vehicle. Guess I just can't get rid of it.
I have an 98 323is and this is the best car ever. Id buy another one I could afford it. Did the Breaks myself and it was sinch!
I just bought this car and it has 140000 miles. It still drives and handles like a brand new car. I love this ride,
excellet car i've had it for 12 years and it still drives like a charm, it still a beautiful car. no real problem other than the up keep. great car