Automotive Service Council of California

The Automotive Service Council of California (ASCCA) represents thousands of automotive service professionals in California. Its purpose is to elevate and unite automotive professionals, and give them voice in a way that promotes integrity, compassion, individuality, and continuous self-improvement.

Why We Think ASSCA Membership Is Important

AASCA has a strong code of ethics and works hard for its members so they can focus on delivering quality service to their customers.

ASSCA Code of Ethics

  • Promote good will between the motorist and the industry
  • Have a sense of personal obligation to each individual customer
  • Perform high quality repair service at a fair price
  • Employ the best skilled people
  • Use only proven high quality merchandise
  • Itemize all parts, adjustments, and labor in the price charged for the service rendered
  • Retain all replaced parts for customer inspection
  • Uphold the highest standards of our profession and always seek to correct any abuses within the automotive industry
  • Uphold the integrity of the members
  • Refrain from any false or misleading advertisement that may confuse the customer

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Many automotive vendors offer discounts to ASCCA members
  • ASCCA has a 365 day per year lobbying presence in Sacramento that looks out for the interests of the independent automotive repair shop industry by monitoring and lobbying any and all bills that may affect the automotive and smog inspection industry in CA
  • ASSCA works with the CAT (California Teacher's Association) to promote the best interests of automotive education and offers scholarship programs to various automotive training programs

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