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Audi S4 (11 Reviews)
I have owned my 01 S4 Avant 6 speed for 5 years now. I bought it form the original owner with 120K miles on it with service records. My wife drives it daily and has 205K on it. The car still has original clutch, head gaskets, and turbos. Most repairs have been general maintance, but some repairs are costly. Some parts such as EGT sensors, O2 sensors and center driveshaft carrier bearing failure cost massive amounts of money. Although the timing belt kit wasn't to expensive, it still required 5.5 hrs of my time to install. I have owned every german car from vw to Porsche and our S4 is a top 3 favorite of mine. It is second to none in the snow. The downfalls of the car are keeping tread on the tires (3rd set now), expensive parts, and cluster display window not fully lit. Over all, I'm impressed with the S4 function and reliability and I would by another.

Bought my 2001 S4 new in March 2002. It has 149,000 miles now. It has been an excellent car. It is a 6 speed manual with the original clutch. Wondering how much longer the clutch will last. It does not slip but am thinking it must be getting close to the end of its useful life. Am wondering if I should sell it while it runs well or keep it and eventually replace the clutch. Any advice on this would be helpful.
I had a 2005.5 Audi S4. I really enjoyed driving it until 104,000 miles when the timing chain tensioner went out and audi wanted to replace the engine for $18,000. It was our 4th audi. Never again. Will always drive american from here on out. Could not work with the dealer or Audi. The vehicle was well maintained and even the Audi tech said the motor was in great shape. I returned the audi back to Audi even though I owed $14,000 and paid the dealer $2,300 to remove the motor. Now Audi Financial wants their money.
I purchased my first amazing Audi S4 new in July of 2006. My S4 came with the tiptronic automatic transmission. I drove this excellent car for 148,844 miles. Other than normal maintenance, I had to replace the headlights because of flickering problems at about 100,000 miles, and had to replace all coils at about 95,000 miles. These were the only two major repairs the car sustained. Today, I drove a new white, (the front end looks like a Stormtrooper), 2011 S4 home! I would highly recommend Audi!
Fab friends call it my rocket! Brake dust accumulates fast on rims...but brakes and handling have already saved me from one sure accident. Engine eats oil (normal!) like gas (1 quart/1000 miles). Strut bearings need a check for wear...hearing noises after 100K mi...
love my s4
Love my S4. I got it used and it is much better than my other two vehicles which are newer. A few minor repairs had to be made but no problems otherwise.
love my s4
Love the car! Has been proud owner for a year now, had some problems, but thankfully had them taken care of by extended warranty. The most major one was the replacement of the steering rack. So highly recommend getting one from a trusted provider as any labor is expensive on that car. Recently (after 35K miles) replaced brake pads/rotors for front. Came up to $460 (parts, labor and taxes), not too bad. Sine the engine is heavy, the front brakes go out much sooner than rear. I still have 70% left on them.

awesome car...
Great car been very happy with it since purchased Dec 2001. Audi's are built great and other than the big services that can get costly (timing belt) I continue to enjoy it.