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Audi A6 (11 Reviews)
Just an absolutely fantastic car. The technology is superior to Mercedes and Infiniti (both I have owned). Fun to drive. The V-6 engine has a supercharger which puts out an exhilarating ride without any turbo lag.
This has by far been the best car I have ever owned. It is extremely smooth to drive and hardly makes any noise even at highway speeds. Not only this, but the A6 has been a very reliable car. It is now 4 years old but it still runs and looks like new. So far. the only issue was I needed to have a bulb replaced in one of my daytime running lights. It ended up only costing $35 and took 30 minutes. Overall, after owning and Audi, I can't picture myself wanting to buy any other car.
Bought my 02 Audi from a lady who lived South of Denver. Got a great deal for the car. I love the 6 speed manual transmission. Excellent purchase of 150. for the extended warranty for 3 years. I saved me $$$. The only major problem that I have had is the clutch went out last year(a piece was broken inside) ouch!! 3400. to replace it. Other than that it has been a dream car to own
I leased this car brand new at the end of January 2010. I immediatley started having problems. The 2nd day I had the car, the driver's side door would not close. The latch was not working. I had it towed to the dealership and they fixed it in about an hour. A month after I got it, the radio/computer system died. They had my car for a week and gave me a Nissan Altima to drive in the mean time. They had to completely take my dashboard apart to install a new computer system (MMI). In July my windshield cracked from the edge not from something hitting it. I think this might have something to do with them taking my dahboard apart. A week before Christmas I was driving to work on a highway at night and my car started to overheat and the coolant light went on. I had to pull off the highway and call my husband. I called Audi roadside assistence. They sent a tow truck and took my car to the dealership (so I thought). The next day, my car was nowhere to be found. The car was never towed to the dealership. I called Audi Roadside assistence and they didn't even know who picked up my car. They wanted to know why I didn't know who picked up my car. I assumed Audi picked up my car. This went on for hours until finally someone found my car in a tow yard somewhere. This is the service you get when you lease a $50000.00 car and pay $640 a month. When my car gets to the dealer I'm told this is a common problem with my model car. A week later my engine light goes on and the car is back in the shop right now! Just don't buy an Audi! I am extremly disappointed!! 2 more years left on my lease. I'll let you know what else happens!
The upkeep on this car is way over priced. No one can change the oil except the dealership because it requires a special computer to reset the system, same thing w/ the tires so everytime you rotate the tires guess what no on one can reset the sensor. Here in DC it is about $200 for oil change and rotate the tires.

Then we move on to the brakes, when the light came on for the pads being worn. No problem right, wrong this car has special pads with a sensor and the rotors need to be changed every time you change the pads. To my amazement the dealership wanted over $600 for just front end brakes.

Then one of the day time running lights went out, simple right just change the bulb, wrong again. Long story short ended up being some control box and cost over $400.
All this in 18 months.
Never again
Just had it for a little over a week and the 02 sensor is bad and needs replacing. Car still runs great and it is fun to drive. I like the styling on the outside as well as attention to detail in the interior. Overall I like this car.
My 1995 A6 has served me for 15 years and although its showing some signs of age, the paint is a bit scratched, the transmission is a little slow to shift from 2nd to 3rd, and there are some minor creaks and squeaks here and there, but aside from that it has logged 174,000 miles and still insists on getting a move on every day.. Best $35,000 i have ever spent. Minimal maintenance, brake pads, tires, wiper blades, oil changes, etc, only major repair was a head gasket that was leaking a little oil, an painful $2,500
the trany is REALLY BAD!!! this car backs up my hatered for auto tranies! its i can double clutch my other audi(100s 5 speed) and be a thoused times smoother! it only had 80,000 miles and it had to be serviced! my other audi has 292,000 and counting and i have never had anything done to the trany. the CV boot need to be replaced and the car doesnt even have 100,000. my 100s made it to 250,000 before it need a new CV boot. the over all qulaity of this car isnt as good as the 100s. audi feels like it has gotten cheap! the car is 8 years newer then the 100s and and only cost about $3,000 newer. the engine is very good though! the climate control is to confusing to use while driving. overall dont buy this car. get a later year with a better trany. or older like the 100s.(thats a great car)
Overall good reliability. At 5 yrs, some small parts of the interior start to deteriorate like small knob on sun visor, 12V lighter receptacle has no power, ashtray cover get loose.
Purchased: July '07
History: 2nd owner
Like: Manual transmission when power needed for highway passing.
Dislike: Sluggish acceleration when on automatic transmission and turbo threshold not yet reached.
Purchased: June '08

History: (unknown) probably I'm 3rd owner.

Subjective: This is a reliable car that handles well, and has good highway passing power. I turn car off in line-ups and long (2 minute) waits.

Diagnostics: I have certified Audi shop diagnostic workup (for suggested work)

LIKE: Reliability. Power. Handling.

DON'T LIKE: Not my style. Prefer 4WD.