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Audi A4 (20 Reviews)
i have had so many problems with m car but i love it and will pay for whaever reapairs t needs
have an audi 2000 a4 the rain water is pooling in the battery housing and then leaking into the drivers side floor area. the water then goes into the rear floor board. have had the car for several years and have had minimal problems but this new one is frustrating the crap out of me. where is the drain for this area??? any ideas??
have a 2000 a4, have been having trouble with the rain water pooling in the battery housing and leaking into the interior of the car. the drivers floor is soaked and then the water goes into the rear seat floor board. any ideas on how to fix problem? where is the drain for this area?? sooo very frustrating
great car minimum of repair issues, but when needed they are pricey. recently used repairpal recommended shop great service fair price
I have a love/hate relationship with Audi -- love Audi performance; hate the dealership staff for their arrogance and attitude towards older Audi model drivers. That's why I prefer Asian models over Audi. Audi acts like you're walking into a Saks 5th Ave. store and you'd better look ultra-professional or else you won't get fair treatment. For the fist time in my life, I had to take a service Audi shop to court for crappy work. I lost the small clams suit against them. The repair was rare an unheard of. Presently, I'm in debt with Audi repairs and I don't even have the car anymore. I've never had debt problems after owning any car. NEVER! I'm not the only one that's had problems with this auto maker. Beware of those German cars, though as they can break like crystal.

2008 A4 Convertible had many issue with the ignition coils since new. Replaced same one twice in the first 2 years. now with 26000 miles the convertible top motors going bad, replaced one today. The are not recalled, but they should be since the dealer says they have been having problems with them. Funny they are putting in a different kind of motor, go figure.
I got this car with 50,000 miles on it,it drives like new only thing went out is the fuel pump,
catalytic converter nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My 2012 A4 has a problem with the all 4 doors unlocking when the key is pulled out of ignition when it is set for only the drivers side opening. During the winter there would be an occasional gas smell in the car upon starting it after being off about 45 min after at least a 30 min trip. It is not happening so far in the warmer weather.
have audi a4 1.8t cimate control module not working cant get any a\c
Tested drive on this car. Feel good on AWD.
great untill you cross100,000 km
i bought my A4 less then 2 years ago and haven't had to many problems - except a new timing belt at 60,000 a new coolent system and sensors - water tank - and fuel pump - also had some electrical problems a random wire was running from a 10amp fuse to a 15amp fuse - really???? It accelerates on its on.. and it is very exspensive to fix.. i love the car - but will probably never buy one again..
just got this car approximately 3 months ago. apparently the TCM is bad. the transmission is very weak and driving at 30 mph the damn car is already on 6th gear. very weak on take off ynless i hit the gas pedle all the way. and even then the transmission is confused. durinig automatic down shift the car transmission kinda bumbs as it goes into first gear. sounds like the TCM (transmission control module) very annoying. the repair is very pricy. only 90 thousand miles. Audi should take resonsibility for this cause this problem happens to alot of their vehicles. especialy the A4
This car has been nothing but a nightmare. First the cooling system broke and it required a new temp sensor and thermostat ($500). Then two weeks later, the check engine light appears and the car now needs a new catalytic converter ($1000). I only purchased the vehicle 4 months ago. It's a fun car to drive but all of the expensive repairs take all the fun out of the experience.
I have a 200 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. I love it minus the repairs. But I can't thing of buying anything else but Audi in future. May I'll look for 2003-2005 Audi A4.
This car is great. I have had it for two years and I love it. The maintenance its expensive but thats why bought the pre-paid maintenance. Handling while @ 130mph is great, the car sits low as the speed increases. Brakes work great with those four discs you feel you are in control. The suspension its very comfortable and way better than BMW (which was my other car choice when shopping for a car). Very elegant and sporty.
Love the 02 A4. The best part is the control and balance, I can comfortably take sharp curves on the freeway at 70 mph. Maintenance is expensive, the only downside. Highly recommend this car!
Works great under warranty, but very expensive to repair. Mine is 8 years old and I am no longer seeing value in repairing it as I could buy a new car for what it has cost me to repair it recently. Mostly wear and tear items. But for several years I was having to repair cam engine valves (?maybe?) where the engine was leaking oil. Not a cheap repair and it happened 4 times (twice was under the 1 yr parts/labor warranty from the previous repair).
It's a beautiful car that when it works, works verry well. Unfortunatley when it doesn't, it's not the easiest to get fixed... A great car for someone with money to fix it.