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Audi A3 (6 Reviews)
My commuter car, great in the winter, decent mileage. I have recently run into the 110k maintenance and the check engine light is coming on and having trouble diagnosing it. 1500 in and still comes on.
Fantastic car, the best looking hatchback out there. Body style is not for everyone, but very functional.

The transmission, as many have noted, can be jerky when starting, or during heavy traffic, but boy can it move when opened up. The sport mode holds high RPMs and engages neutral for cornering, quite a thrill on highways.

Fantastic lighting package, the dynamic HID's with foglight combo light up the night, and provide a wall of visibility. The car is sharp as a tack, and reacts with each twitch of your fingers. It seems to be wired into my neurons. The climate control system is fantastic, coupled with heated seats, chicago cold is no equal.

As stated by many, the car burns oil. This appears to be due to the VW AG 2.0T engine. This condition also exists with the GTI (Same engine) and most know about this.

This car is the total package, nimble, sharp, with a fantastic engine at high rpms. Interior fit and finish is at the top of it's class. Overall this car is functional, yet sporty. Perfect for those looking for a luxury car for urban environments.
Love the performance and total package, but the warning lights just keep coming and cost $$$. Also had major problems with transmission early on and the car has never been right.
I love this car. I too, had the check engine light go on and off for a while, but the car burns a little oil, which probably affected the emissions causing this. I'm told that the oil burning is normal and since I've put 65k on the car, it's run fine the entire time. I like the DSG auto transmission when driving hard, but in traffic I'd prefer either a hydraulic automatic transmission or a standard. The DSG can't handle the traffic shifting smoothly.
Myriad of small problems, but one big one: Check engine light goes on constantly. Dealer has tried three times to fix, but can't seem to figure it out. Fun to drive, but major pain to maintain. Doubt I'd buy another.
Great car and so far no major problems