Alliance of Automotive Service Providers

Founded in 1999, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) is a national association that represents the automotive service industry. The AASP works to strengthen its regional affiliates by promoting common business interests, forging alliances, and monitoring federal legislation and regulations.

Why We Think AASP Membership Is Important

The AASP promises to uphold the highest standards in the automotive industry, to attempt to correct any abuses, and to be aware of and proactive in responding to changing technology and legislation. AASP members are encouraged to receive continuous training, provide a quality work environment, and to manage their businesses in a professional and sensitive manner. 

Benefits to the Consumer

  • AASP member shops are committed to providing high-quality service with trained personnel, using fairly priced products that are appropriate for the repair
  • AASP member shops offer valid written estimates and keep customers informed of significant changes in the service process
  • AASP member shops conform to all state and federal laws, maintaining a personal obligation to their customers
  • If customer expectations are not met, AASP members offer resolutions to make sure the customer’s issue is resolved

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