Acura Vigor Repair and Maintenance

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Acura Vigor
$342 to $979
Acura Vigor
$83 to $106
Acura Vigor
$335 to $537
Acura Vigor
$960 to $1,371
Acura Vigor
$367 to $485

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The exhaust manifold commonly fails on the 5 cylinder engine and may develop an exhaust leak that is especially noticeable when the car is cold.

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My 1994 Vigor air conditioning works perfectly AS LONG AS THE TEMP. IS BELOW 75 DEGREES! If it's warmer than that-- I get nothing! The fan won't even turn on to recirculate any air at all! The past couple of weeks it's been in the 90's and a couple of times my air conditioning suddenly started up and working perfectly! Oh! And if I hit a speed bump on a downhill street-- then it usually ki...

Purchased my vigor 1993 used in july 1997 and have had it to date. Love it. No car comes close in my eyes. Minimal problems, love the car. reliable, sporty yet runs terrific. Its my baby.

bought car seven months ago looks great inside and out runs just as great as it looks everything original

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