ABS Control Module Replacement

The antilock brake control module counts the number of revolutions each wheel makes to determine whether the brake at each wheel is operating correctly or if it has locked up. If the brakes lock up, the antilock brake control unit releases the brake pressure applied to each wheel until the unit determines whether each wheel is contributing the correct amount of braking effort.

The ABS control module is located either in the passenger compartment of the vehicle behind the dashboard or in the engine compartment. To replace the control module, a technician unplugs and removes the old one and replaces it with the new control module. On newer vehicles, the module may need to be "programmed" before the vehicle is driven.

Antilock brakes (ABS) are a safety feature that prevent the wheels from locking up while braking. If a wheel locks up during braking, it no longer helps to stop the vehicle.

Brake fluid naturally absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. Moisture is the enemy of any hydraulic system; it lowers the operating efficiency of the brake system and may result in costly repairs if not periodically replaced.

Mechanics Corner: More Technical Detail

The ABS control unit only releases the brake pressure to the particular wheel that is locking up; wheels that are not locking up will not be affected.

The first step in replacing any onboard computer like an ABS module is to disconnect the battery. If you replace any control unit with the battery connected, there is a real possibility that the control unit will be damaged from an electrical surge or "spike."

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i have similar head-ache on my 2001 lesabre exept for the speedo...abs n tc light stay's on, replaced both front hub's , wheel sensors and the " mechanic" suggested it was the " vehical speed sensor, so i replaced that too, and still lights r on after clearimg codes during scan
DO NOT use PartsonNet to get a replacement part. I got an ABS Module from them and it still coded after it was installed. So, it was a bad part. Got another rebuilt one from another place, all is well. WHen I returned their part, I was charged a 25% restocking fee for a bad part that they brokered thru another parts house. They never saw it, touched it or shipped it. My refund was actualy 66% of the cost, not 75%, I have filed a complaint with the Nevada BBB. They already have a "F" rating. I should have checked there first.
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